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I’ve been reflecting a lot about my Blog post yesterday, “Diagnosis Part 5: MRI”.

It helped so much to write that. I needed to really get that out. I needed to tell the whole world about my experience. It freed me a lot. I felt lighter after I wrote it and I’ve been breathing easier ever since.

And what I’ve become aware of even more today is something so enlightening and positive.


I, Nahleen Virginia Blake (yes that’s my Middle Name), am OK. Oh my goodness! I’m OK. If you had told me that night of my first MRI that over 10 years from that whole experience I’d say I was OK I’d have pushed you away. I’d have ignored you. I wouldn’t have believed you. I probably would’ve gotten sick to my stomach.

No Way! I was so terrified about my life, about my future, about my body and everything that I had no control over. I “HAD CONTROL” of my life back then…I thought. I was on my path. Full speed ahead! Get out of my way. I’m following my dream. Actually…I’m chasing my dream. It can’t get away. My grip is so tight and I won’t let go. Keep on going and going and going and going. Well, guess what Energizer Bunny? You can’t keep going either no matter what those commercials say. Sorry but you run out of Oomph too!

Throughout these 10 plus years since I have been told by so many people older than me that I am too young to think the way I do. That I am too young to go through what I’ve gone through. That I should be going through all of this illness and crap when I’m older. Well, let me tell you all, I HAVE NO CONTROL AND I NEVER HAVE. I was powerless over what was happening in my body and my mind was bound to change. My life was bound to change! My outlook was bound to change! Change change change! Life is about change!

How could all of that not change?

I couldn’t work 2 jobs anymore. That was crazy to start with. I couldn’t be a Production Assistant for 12 hour days on my precious weekends anymore.  I couldn’t couldn’t with the couldn’ts. Suddenly my life came to a halt.


I had to rest more.


What is REST? Well, that means I STOP all I’m doing to the best of my ability and sit my butt down. I can lay down on the bed. I get some quiet. I learn how to meditate. If I can’t stop I at least SLOW DOWN. Yes, slower is OK. Really. There are so many ways to rest. Forcing everything to a point of a racing heart is NOT RESTING. Nope. Everything in Fast Forward is not resting.

Actually, my life is usually better than OK but I didn’t know that until 8 years later when I was diagnosed with a second disease of lupus. A…SECOND…DISEASE……..OF…LUPUS….Now THAT ONE KICKED ME OFF MY FEET AND STRAIGHT ONTO MY BUTT and there was no getting up.

No question.

I hit a wall so hard it’s a wonder I even survived and I am NOT EXAGGERATING.

And my choices were simple yet so complicated for someone like me to understand. You see, simple is not simple. It can’t just be that pretty much everything in my life has to STOP AND SLOW DOWN and not just a few things here and there. This affected EVERYTHING.




See, I used to say I had no choice. I had to stop working…for now…until further notice…maybe…no really…I still wasn’t feeling up to it months later…symptoms just kept kicking my butt…I needed Tender Loving Care from everyone but especially from ME. I could’ve gone back to work. Right. OK. And run around and been in an environment that was so toxic for me that I would’ve ended up in the hospital the next time. Sounds like a great quality of life.

It was ME. I had to change MY LIFE.

I had to take care of ME.

Why was that so hard? Why IS that so hard?

I know it’s worth it. I know I’m worth it. And it’s a work in progress…It really is about Quality of Life, not Quantity.

But when I focus on TLC and turning the attention of my TLC to me my life gets better. My life looks different, feels different, and even smells different. There are flowers to smell and see everywhere here in LA. There are trees with leaves that blow in the breeze. That is one of the most lovely sounds I have ever heard. There are clouds. Oh I have always loved clouds ever since I was a little kid. Give me a cloud to look at and I am thrilled. Everything else goes away. There is an ocean that keeps me Present when I can see it. Even driving by it changes my mood if I can see it. I am in the moment. Do you know how beautiful the moment is? Have you been able to feel your breath as you look at the vastness and the colors of the ocean as the sky and the light of the sun reflect on the ocean? Have you watched a seagull float along in the sea breeze? Even watching other people in the water puts a smile on my face.

Smiling. I do that so much more than I used to. I used to be told all the time to smile when I was in my 20s before the MS diagnosis. I had no idea I wasn’t smiling. I was so dang busy pushing and pulling and forcing and going that I forgot to smile. I had a frown on my face I was so intense. It’s a wonder I had any friends, family, work colleagues or anyone else who wanted to be in my life.

But somewhere along the way I forgot me. I still do sometimes and I am constantly working on bringing ME back.

And bringing my focus back to me, I see the shining emerald green glimpse of hummingbird. I see the butterfly off in the distance. I find myself sitting in my car listening to my favorite song and not getting out until I’ve finished belting it out to myself. And back to smiling because I find it so powerful. Smiling at others? Smiling at others and watching them smile back. It is so rare now for me not to connect with others with a smile. I have met some of the best people in the grocery store. We are all just people living our lives trying to get by. I have had lovely conversations in hospital building elevators with others about colors and clothing and my Muppet bag/purse.

I have sat next to some wonderful people while sitting in doctor waiting rooms. See doctor waiting rooms are tricky for me. I still can’t stand going to the doctor. In fact, I think in some ways it’s worse now because I have so much chronic illness doctor’s office visit fatigue if that makes any sense. I am sooooo done seeing so many doctors even though the appointments are currently usually further apart. Usually. But those waiting rooms can be so grueling and talking to others helps. If I don’t I feel closed off and not grounded. I find myself more nervous about the appointment than I was before. I find myself noticing that so many people are not feeling well, that they’re older and looking at me wondering why I’m there at whatever Specialist Doctor I happen to be at. It’s rough.

I have gotten to know the office staff at almost every doctor. I now have at least 2 friends at the Pharmacy I go to and I’ve had coffee with one of them. They are people too. Great gals actually. I have learned that it’s really not a problem usually to stand in line at a store. Why not look around? Why not watch a little girl or boy with their Mom and see what they see as they look around? Getting annoyed and irritated is probably going to make me feel worse. Life does not have to be lived so fast.

And what about finding myself through writing? I think I’ve always been a writer. I have written off and on all my life. This Blog has helped me get through what was a huge writer’s block for too many years. I need to write. It is part of my Being. Even if I write the hardest and deepest thoughts and words I still come out of it smiling. I wrote! I expressed myself!

And then there’s meditation, guided imagery, spiritual support groups, coffee groups, texts with friends, Facebook, Twitter, the online community in general, the longer conversations I get to have with people on the phone if I feel up to it (this one is still hard for me because being social is one of my favorite things but it also tires me out very quickly and as I get better I am more able to talk and maybe even visit but it’s still a one day at a time thing), the exploring of neighborhoods as I walk every day (by the way it’s been over 450 days since I started taking a walk every day!) I never know where I’ll end up. I have found the greatest local businesses that way. Some of the best coffee shops are in Santa Monica. I wouldn’t have known that before.

And sitting on my balcony especially at night is one of my favoritest things to do ever. I sit back in my lounge chair and look at the sky, look at my iPad (feel so fortunate and lucky to have such a supportive husband who bought me an iPad even before my lupus diagnosis and it has changed my life–the online world is a much more accessible place because sitting at the computer with the big screen can be hard for me for so many reasons), talk to my plants, and I can even have plants that I love and adore! And let me tell you, they respond so much better when I talk to them and give them love.

I have found faith and hope during these slower times. During these quiet times it has not all been fabulous. As they say every rose has its thorns and that is so true. There is beauty in life everywhere. There is also struggling, and excruciating feelings, and trudging, and crying, and anger, and memories, and reliving traumas, and temper tantrums, and grieving, and missing the old days when I thought my life was something else, and when I was younger before my MS diagnosis, and wanting to punch things and having very very hard times and hard days. I find I’m also having an identity crisis. Who am I? Who is Nahleen with MS and lupus? Will I ever work again? What will I do? Which idea am I going to pursue? Where is my life leading? Is this my life? I can’t live my life as someone who is identified only as my illnesses but it is a major challenge to break away from that when my life is lived in doctor’s offices talking about everything that’s still wrong with me, even talking about those few things that are getting better is still on the subject, just being there reminds me too much about my reality, having to prove my Disability to other entities who are trying to not help me, dealing with insurance issues, reliving the past for new doctors, taking over 4 hours to get going before I feel human in the morning, taking my medications, keeping up with my medications, keeping track of symptoms and the severity of them and watching for patterns, exercising so I can keep functioning and I could go on. Please let my life be more than that.



I’m better than I was 10 years ago even before my MS diagnosis. I see the world in front of me more. I see the world. I am in the world. I am not on the outside looking in. I am NOT living the life I want to live on a whole just yet but isn’t that normal? I want to live a life WITHOUT MS and lupus but that is a lot to ask right now and to be honest it pisses me off and I can feel the rage right now even as I write this. But right now I’m in a better wave. I don’t know how long it will last or if it’s the new norm. Life is always happening and it is always in session. I have learned that time and time again. And I don’t know how I’m going to feel the next moment from when I write this sentence but for now I’ll take the feeling that life is a bit easier. How cool is that? I’m a bit more at ease. What a gift.

But it is not a life to be rushed through. Time goes by too fast. I was a tied up ball of knots rushing around plowing my way to the next goal in my mid-20s thinking I would someday rule the world, but it was never good enough. And in the past few days, life is good enough. Sure, I want more money, I want a bigger place to live in, I want that dent out of my car that someone so nicely put in there at a time I wasn’t around to see it happen, I want to be thinner, I want to feel so good that I am frolicking and skipping down the street and I don’t ever want bad things or hard things ever to happen again.

But that’s not real.

And I’M OK.

And the best part is there are parts of my life that are so very happy. I am happy with my husband and my Cleo Kitty. Corey keeps me laughing and on my toes. He is so incredibly supportive and always by my side. We are the best team I know. Cleo Kitty and I are best friends. We have been there for each other during each of our health problems for the past 3 years. She cuddles and plays and needs to eat and she demands her pets.

I also have a roof over my head, wonderful people in my life who don’t let me isolate even for one minute and they are from all parts of my life, 2 cars that run well, air conditioning that usually works, clothes to wear, food to eat, a bed to sleep on even if the mattress is so old there are hills and valleys in it and the list is endless.

I have a full life. A pretty darn good life. It can be very hard. And sometimes it can be easy but those times seem rare. Perhaps that will change. I don’t know. What I do know is that I breathe easier. I’m not nearly as tense. I feel much better than I did last year in July 2012 (and it doesn’t mean I am all better but I will take whatever I can get), I smile and giggle more than I frown and grumble. My bad days aren’t nearly as bad and intense and I recover quicker. And this is all just for today.

That is all I have. That is all WE have.

And that is OK.

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Victory!: Cambria!

We’re home.  We’re back from Cambria, CA!

We had a wonderful, peaceful, soothing, gentle and adventurous time!  It was so good to get away for a couple of days with Corey and spend some time together–just us.  It has been years since we have been able to do that and I am sooooo happy we did it.


My lupus and multiple sclerosis behaved for the most part.  I had some weird symptoms showing up here and there but for the most part I think I felt better because I was so relaxed and distracted.  My walking every day has really helped in the long run when it comes to my ability to walk around and explore new places and my ability to stand for long periods of time.  I do still get store fatigue but I could stand quite a bit and what was interesting was that the sun didn’t bother me too much until the later afternoon.  The temperature was definitely cooler than LA especially at night but even during the day the temperature might have gone to 60.  Glad I was given a chance to be in cooler temperatures because it sounds like LA is going to get hot over this next week or so.  Blech.  But first things first and one day at a time I’ll make it there.

There was a jacuzzi spa jet tub in the room so that helped my body immensely.  I think if I had one of these I could get into every day my MS and lupus would be very happy.  I’d be getting that massage I needed daily.  Oh well.  One day.  I can dream.  We were also able to get massages before we left to drive home which were lovely.  There was a boarded walkway from our hotel, through the trees and towards the beach.  Wow!  What an amazing walk and sunset that was.  I tell ya.  There’s nothing like hearing frogs and ocean waves at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that.  And the sunset was magical.

The people there seem happy and are incredibly friendly.  We had a conversation with each local we met.  They were so welcoming.  I think perhaps it may have been partly because the economy has been way down since last November but I also really believe that this is how they are in general.

I have lots and lots of pictures to share with you soon once I get them loaded.  This trip came at THE PERFECT time…as my life is hitting the next turning point…there is no mistake we took this trip when we did.

And to finish, I’ll say that years ago we headed north from LA to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle and that was neat.  Hearst Castle is quite an experience.  What a view from up there.  That night we traveled a bit south to see what was going on in Cambria since it seemed like there was nothing happening in San Simeon.  It was dark and the businesses were only open for a few more hours.  Those few hours made a great impact on our lives and we knew we had to come back someday.  Well that someday came this past weekend and after being there for less than 48 hours I can honestly say it has now made an imprint on my soul.  May sound hokey but I believe it’s true.  Actually, I know it’s true.  What a beautiful, spiritual and peaceful place.


I can think of worse things…can’t you?

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My Relationship with the Sun

Posted this on my Facebook Page and thought it was perfect for a Blog post for today.  What came out wasn’t really intended which is why I think it’s worth the Blog post.  It hit a personal spot I didn’t know existed.  I love it when that happens!




“Today is quote day I guess:, “Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.”–Ecclesiastes—this feels really touches my heart because I absolutely love the light and really became friends with the sun especially when I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago…we were best friends. Yet I always wondered why I felt weird in it and I couldn’t place it. I just thought it must be the MS…yet it was the sun that helped keep me sane. I truly believe that. The more I was outside, the more fresh air I got, the better I felt mentally. I wasn’t nearly as claustrophobic. But then I found out I had Lupus 2.5 years ago and EVERYTHING changed. I had to get out of the sun. I had to get away from it. Turns out it was really harming me too and that’s why I felt “weird”. I really grieved the LOSS of my contact with the sun especially that first year after my lupus diagnosis…it really did make me feel worse, especially because my body was so flared up and inflamed…now I wear sunscreen every day, hats as much as I can handle in the sun, sun protective clothing and it really helps…but it still bothers me. Turns out my relationship with the sun had to change and will probably never be the same again and that’s great for my physical health and a lot of my mental health because there is relief when my body is in darkness and I don’t have to mentally fight so hard to deal BUT IT IS SO HARD TO FULLY LET IT GO. So I take it one day at a time. And when I can get time with the sun I take it…even in small increments because I can’t cut it out totally…it is a part of who I am…guess it really teaches me how to deal with any relationship…”

Thank you all for being here.  You’re really helping me figure out who I am!


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Moments of Peace Part 17


Happy Friday!  To those of us in the US, hopefully you have a 3 day weekend coming up with Labor Day on Monday!  I know I’m looking forward to the extra day off.  I have had quite a busy week with 3 doctor appointments and I’ve been a bit more active.  The good news is that I made it through.  Woo hoo!  And before I forget, welcome to my new followers.  You are all rocking my word.  So how about my Moments of Peace for the week?

08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Moody clouds coming in with a cheerful moon peaking through when it could.


08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. There are lots of half circles that form within the clouds as they come rolling in from the coast and they usually happen right above the sun deck. Pretty cool.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little speck of moon in the left corner. Was so happy that day when the sun was going down. It was way too hot.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little white puffies as the moon says “Hi”.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. The sky was quite dramatic. A nice way to start the morning.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. I turned just a bit to the right as I stood in the same place as the last picture and there was this really bright blue sky and happy white puffies! Pretty different huh?


08/26/12 My view in Westchester, CA as day turns to night. Love the symmetry and notice the slight hue of pink. Caught my eye right away.


08/27/12 My view from my doctor’s exam room in Santa Monica, CA. As you can see the sun is soooo intense and it was so bright outside. These windows were tinted too. This office is on the 11th floor which makes the view so much better. Glad for the view because I have to wait so long for this doctor to see me. However, she has been worth it so far.


08/27/12 I sure do love my Cleo Kitty! Sometimes she likes to get really close to me. Looks like a professional posed us huh?  Oh and Hi Donald Duck!  He’s my favorite.  Thanks Lori!


08/27/12 My view in West LA today. Holy crazy bright sun!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today.  I took a walk after acupuncture and came upon these flowers reaching out for me.  Love the bright orange and yellow!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today. Notice the extra pink of the flowers on the tree as the sun shines through them. Not a sight I see often. Had to catch it!


08/28/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. These are supposed to be pre-rain clouds (and the idea of rain in LA in August sounded wonderful) and yet as usual the rain never came. Love when they are in the sky though. They look like they’re in some sort of formation.


08/29/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. This didn’t come out as clear as I wanted it to be BUT as you can tell, the moon’s light is definitely competing with all the man-made lights of LA!! Looked really nice.  Plus, you can see the lights of planes to the left above the horizon as they’re getting ready to land at LAX.  I always find that neat.


08/30/12 I had to share this. This was my treat to myself for lunch after my 3rd doctor (of the week) appointment yesterday. I walked to The Veggie Grill where there is NO MEAT and had me a “Buffalo Chickin’ Salad”. That is NOT real chicken but it sure does taste like it and it even looks meaty inside. SO YUMMY!


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA. Wow! Another crazy bright sun and VERY tall palm trees! Gets me woozy even now if I look at it too long.


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA today. Well hello vibrant magenta flowers. Thanks for making me smile!

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Cheesecake Pie Yumminess!

Last Friday I was looking for creative projects to do for my sanity and I decided I was FINALLY up to whipping up this Cheesecake Pie!

Came out pretty darn good!


As someone with multiple sclerosis and lupus, I’m always looking for creative ways to express myself because otherwise I’d explode into little pieces and no one would like to have to clean that up.  Soooo, one of the ways I do that is to bake and make yummy desserts.  And since it’s summer and intensely hot and sunny I really can only handle making desserts that don’t require baking.  I whipped up this cheesecake pie thanks to an already made graham cracker crust, lactose free milk and a Jello Cheesecake mix.  I got out my mixer and mixed away.  I think I need to come up with more things to mix because I really enjoy doing it!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I used lactose free milk and that’s because I found out I’m quite sensitive to dairy.  I have also used soy milk in the past and think I will again next time.  It still comes out with a great consistency and I think it tastes better!  I have also been known to put chocolate chips in the cheesecake part and on top.  I highly recommend doing so.  It adds an even yummier flare!

So there you go!  It was nice to be able to make something and use my hands.  Perhaps soon I’ll actually feel up to making a REAL cheesecake.  Hmmm….

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Moments of Peace Part 9


Hmm.  Am I happy it’s Friday or what?  What a week!  Welcome to my new followers.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I am very thankful for my Moments of Peace because they have really helped me get through a very challenging week.  It’s nice to have moments that remind me to BREATHE.

06/15/12 My view on my walk in West LA today. PINK!

06/15/12 My view on my walk in West LA today. HELLO rays of sun!

06/15/12 This is a wonderful wedding quilt my Mommy-In-Law made that we FINALLY put on our bed. It’s wonderful! One day we’ll get rid of our ’80s furniture…

06/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA as day turns to night. MAGENTA!

06/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA as night arrives. Something about the way the lamp post looks against the tree really caught my eye.

06/16/12 It’s always an honor to see Corey perform Improv on the stage with The Magic Meathands. I feel very at peace when I see him up there in his element. I believe he was saying, “They’re eating our cake of doom!”.

06/17/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. I was fascinated by the glow in the night sky.

06/17/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. And again, more of that glow.

06/18/12 A lovely lady gave me this beautiful purple gift from her garden and I’m happy to say it’s still alive!!! Thank you!!!

06/18/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. I am such a sucker for cloud views in the sky. ‘Tis the season for moody skies.

06/18/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night.  More moody skies.  This sun streak appeared in the clouds as I arrived on the sun deck and then quickly went away.  Such a gift.  And I don’t think I noticed that bird flying in the sky till I posted this picture here.  Nice!

06/19/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. You can see sunny skies on the horizon. Gotta love when the marine layer comes in and helps to cool it down and just for me. I just know it!

06/19/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Hints of blue sky here and there.

06/20/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. One of those lovely glowing sunsets.

06/20/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. The sun looks so intense here.

06/21/12 My view on my walk in West LA as day turns to night. My favorite: clouds and sky.

06/21/12 My view on my walk in West LA as day turns to night. The sky was sooooo blue. It was a beautiful night–mainly because I got out for the first time in days!


Alrighty!  I hope you all enjoyed my peaceful moments.  I know I did!!!  Have a wonderfully peaceful weekend!

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It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 10!

10 whole lists of ’80s and they just keep on comin’!

I’m relieved that today is ’80s day because I need some fun, laughs and rest for my arms.  They are feeling very tight today (and for that reason the list will be a bit shorter again).  Hmmm….and on the first day of summer.  A coincidence when it comes to multiple sclerosis, lupus, heat and the sun?  I think not.

Sooooo, what can I find to distract me from my symptomatic woes?:


1. Cruel Summer By: Bananarama

And so to start off the summer right, how about a summer-themed song?  I sure hope the summer isn’t cruel to me (when it comes to my MS and lupus).  And oh my goodness did I love Bananarama back in the day?  Listening to them still gets me going a bit.  Oh yeah.  Their dancing is oh so cool as they walk together.  I gotta admit–I wanted to walk down the street the same way with some gal pals of mine back in the day (and now too) just like they are and they aren’t the first ones to do that strut either.  Did I just see a gas price of $1.48???  Wow, this really is old huh?  Do you think they had as much fun as they look like they’re having?  It’s true.  It was really hard to do any physical work outside in the heat with such big hair.  Wow.  Lucky Mack Truck driver huh?  Bet he thinks he’s gonna get lucky.  Yep.  That’s the Empire State Building in case we forgot.  How many shots of that do we have to see?


2. Ghostbusters By: Ray Parker Jr.

Thanks to a friend online for bringing up this song/movie the other day and saying that she always thought when he sings, “Bustin’ makes me feel good” she thought he said, “Boston makes me feel good” because that’s what I thought too and I haven’t been able to stop chuckling about it ever since.   Fun times!  How could you forget such silliness EVER?!  Ha ha ha!  Hilarious special effects!  Love the people that pop up out of nowhere to yell “Ghostbusters!”.  Tee hee.  Is he supposed to be a ghost?  Get it?!  Love seeing the clips from the movie.  Makes me want to see it again.  It’s been forever.  OK.  Why does he feel more like a stalker than a ghost?  I’m sensing an overall ’80s theme here in my lists of lots of stalkers.  What the heck?  I can’t stop cracking up over this.  Too hokey!  I just have to wonder, is he afraid of ghosts?  I just can’t figure it out.  (Corey–is that Carly Simon in there?–What the?)…So if we don’t know who to call about ghosts then I think we have a problem at this point.


3. She Blinded Me With Science By: Thomas Dolby

Such a unique song.  Awesome.  Had no idea the video had a silent movie feel to it.  Nice.  Oh sure.  She blinded him with science of the “showing some leg kind”.  Funny.  She’s quite the vixen.  I still love to go around and say in the high pitched voice, “Blinded me with science”!  It’s fun.  You should try it.  Oh the randomness is too entertaining.  Loving this!  I tell ya.  It’s pure blasphemy and trouble to be wooed by a woman.  We are trouble.  Oh and I love his eye makeup and glasses.  She’s the violin.  Nice.  Very creative.  Worth the watch for sure!  The doctor gets his “come-uppance!”  I love it!


And thank you to the ’80s for more distracting fun!  My hands and arms are now yelling at me.  Time to rest them!

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Moments of Peace Part 5

Hello!!!  Wow I am so thrilled it’s Friday.  I can’t wait for the weekend!  Welcome to all of my new followers!  I’m so excited you’ve joined me on my journey.  You are all awesome!


Monday–Try to catch up with myself and with all the medical business that I didn’t get to take care of the week before (when I had 4 doctor appointments).  That included writing notes from my doctor appointments, updated my doctor list, updating my medication lists, etc.  It kinda felt neverending.

Tuesday–Had an appointment with my Primary Care Doctor.  He’s an interesting guy.  He kinda bugs me but he does try.  He was unhappy with the state of my blood pressure–I tend to go high–and tried to add another medication to help bring it down.

Wednesday–Had an appointment with me to take care of me.  It still feels like business in some ways when I do this and not exactly relaxing.  I try to schedule in more rest and do a special muscle soak bath.  Tried that new blood pressure medication.

Thursday–Woke up FEELING AWFUL and I was almost sure it was the new blood pressure medication.  Stopped taking it.  Spent the day recovering.  One little pill can feel so poisonous.

Friday–Hey that’s today.  STILL recovering from taking that awful pill on Wednesday.  My body continues to try to purge it out of its system.  Thankfully I am feeling better than yesterday.  Trying to be patient and gentle with myself.

Due to the roller coaster stress of the week I have definitely needed my Moments of Peace.  I can’t wait to share them with you:

05/04/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night.  The sky kept glowing.

05/04/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night.  Quite a big moon there and it is as if the moon is giving off wispy waves of clouds.

05/05/12 My view from Westside Pavilion in West LA as evening begins. We went to see Avengers that night and I had to get the picture from where I was. Loved Avengers by the way and highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. So much fun!  And…it was so nice to get out!

05/06/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Loving the moody sky.

05/07/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. There is something about the sun peaking through the palm tree that I love love love!

05/07/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. The sun is so powerful here.

05/08/12 My view on my walk in Pacific Palisades. I didn’t know at the time that the red/hot pink color would actually show up in the picture. Such a nice gift.

05/08/12 My view on my walk in Pacific Palisades. All I can say is WOW!

05/09/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. The glowing sun.

05/09/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. This time I was peaking around the corner at the sun.

05/10/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. I love me some clouds.

05/10/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. The sky often reflects what I’m feeling when I look at it. This was my worst feeling day this week. I think the picture speaks for itself.

And that was my week.  How was yours?  Have a shnazzy weekend!


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