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Picking Up the Pieces

Oh my goodness. What a weekend it was! I am so relieved to get through it.

On Saturday, it was 104 degrees here in West Los Angeles, CA! Crazy ridiculousness! Thank goodness the AC was working. However, it was still hot in the apartment if you ask my MS and lupus. OH yes it was. Yet, at the same time, somehow I got out with Corey to run some errands. I needed to get away from the building. Like in a car get away. I hadn’t been in a car to go anywhere in over a week and my little visits to the sun deck and my walks around the block just weren’t cutting it. Nope. So for sanity’s sake I got out and it was good to do so even though my body was yelling at me.

On Sunday, it was a bit cooler but still too darn hot. And it was an awful day because our Cleo Kitty (who’s been doing quite well since her cancer diagnosis in December 2011) was very very sick and we really weren’t sure what was going on. We think it was a bad reaction to medication but we’re really not sure. It was one of the hardest days I’ve had in a really long time. And the GREAT news today (Monday) is that she’s doing much better and almost seems like herself again. She didn’t eat for 24 hours. Very scary…when she did finally eat a little bit it was so exciting!

Meanwhile, I’ve still been fighting this small intestine bacterial infection. So while it was so hot and then Cleo was sick, my stomach was churning at times. The good news is that the infection seems to be getting better and I’m functioning more in my life. Today I stopped taking 1 of the 2 antibiotics I was on to treat it so hopefully that helps a bit to clear my head. I tend to feel a bit woozy on them.

So needless to say, we’re trying to settle back into a norm here. Thankfully it isn’t AS HOT here and Cleo’s recovering. I feel so blessed and grateful that we are given the gift of more time with our little girl. She is truly very special and definitely a fighter.

And as much as I feel like I SHOULD BE hitting the ground running, there will be no such thing today. I have a few more things that need to be done, one errand to do which will help me get out and otherwise it’s resting with Cleo.

Gotta give myself room to pick up the pieces and recover in all areas. Most of it can wait.

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I have hope.

And it’s in the forefront of my mind, not somewhere in the back being pushed aside by yuckiness.

It’s been a really hard week for me. I’ve been dealing with this small intestine bacterial infection and the antibiotics that are sent there to go to war with it. It’s so not fun when there is a war in my digestive system. Talk about feeling messed up!

And then for it to be hot, humid, have lupus and multiple sclerosis on top of it!

UGH!!!!!!–And that doesn’t even come close to explaining it.

So this morning I woke up with hope. I could feel that it had somehow made its way closer to the front of my mind again. I am feeling a bit better. I feel like I’ve turned that corner and can glimpse the “feeling better” part of it all.

The yuckiness has been coming in waves…so for the moment I’ll do my best to be content with where I am.

I’ll sit with my hope and see what happens.

Thank you all for being there. It helps a lot.

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Moments of Peace Part 17


Happy Friday!  To those of us in the US, hopefully you have a 3 day weekend coming up with Labor Day on Monday!  I know I’m looking forward to the extra day off.  I have had quite a busy week with 3 doctor appointments and I’ve been a bit more active.  The good news is that I made it through.  Woo hoo!  And before I forget, welcome to my new followers.  You are all rocking my word.  So how about my Moments of Peace for the week?

08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Moody clouds coming in with a cheerful moon peaking through when it could.


08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. There are lots of half circles that form within the clouds as they come rolling in from the coast and they usually happen right above the sun deck. Pretty cool.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little speck of moon in the left corner. Was so happy that day when the sun was going down. It was way too hot.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little white puffies as the moon says “Hi”.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. The sky was quite dramatic. A nice way to start the morning.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. I turned just a bit to the right as I stood in the same place as the last picture and there was this really bright blue sky and happy white puffies! Pretty different huh?


08/26/12 My view in Westchester, CA as day turns to night. Love the symmetry and notice the slight hue of pink. Caught my eye right away.


08/27/12 My view from my doctor’s exam room in Santa Monica, CA. As you can see the sun is soooo intense and it was so bright outside. These windows were tinted too. This office is on the 11th floor which makes the view so much better. Glad for the view because I have to wait so long for this doctor to see me. However, she has been worth it so far.


08/27/12 I sure do love my Cleo Kitty! Sometimes she likes to get really close to me. Looks like a professional posed us huh?  Oh and Hi Donald Duck!  He’s my favorite.  Thanks Lori!


08/27/12 My view in West LA today. Holy crazy bright sun!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today.  I took a walk after acupuncture and came upon these flowers reaching out for me.  Love the bright orange and yellow!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today. Notice the extra pink of the flowers on the tree as the sun shines through them. Not a sight I see often. Had to catch it!


08/28/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. These are supposed to be pre-rain clouds (and the idea of rain in LA in August sounded wonderful) and yet as usual the rain never came. Love when they are in the sky though. They look like they’re in some sort of formation.


08/29/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. This didn’t come out as clear as I wanted it to be BUT as you can tell, the moon’s light is definitely competing with all the man-made lights of LA!! Looked really nice.  Plus, you can see the lights of planes to the left above the horizon as they’re getting ready to land at LAX.  I always find that neat.


08/30/12 I had to share this. This was my treat to myself for lunch after my 3rd doctor (of the week) appointment yesterday. I walked to The Veggie Grill where there is NO MEAT and had me a “Buffalo Chickin’ Salad”. That is NOT real chicken but it sure does taste like it and it even looks meaty inside. SO YUMMY!


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA. Wow! Another crazy bright sun and VERY tall palm trees! Gets me woozy even now if I look at it too long.


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA today. Well hello vibrant magenta flowers. Thanks for making me smile!

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Cheesecake Pie Yumminess!

Last Friday I was looking for creative projects to do for my sanity and I decided I was FINALLY up to whipping up this Cheesecake Pie!

Came out pretty darn good!


As someone with multiple sclerosis and lupus, I’m always looking for creative ways to express myself because otherwise I’d explode into little pieces and no one would like to have to clean that up.  Soooo, one of the ways I do that is to bake and make yummy desserts.  And since it’s summer and intensely hot and sunny I really can only handle making desserts that don’t require baking.  I whipped up this cheesecake pie thanks to an already made graham cracker crust, lactose free milk and a Jello Cheesecake mix.  I got out my mixer and mixed away.  I think I need to come up with more things to mix because I really enjoy doing it!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I used lactose free milk and that’s because I found out I’m quite sensitive to dairy.  I have also used soy milk in the past and think I will again next time.  It still comes out with a great consistency and I think it tastes better!  I have also been known to put chocolate chips in the cheesecake part and on top.  I highly recommend doing so.  It adds an even yummier flare!

So there you go!  It was nice to be able to make something and use my hands.  Perhaps soon I’ll actually feel up to making a REAL cheesecake.  Hmmm….

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