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WHOA! Chiropractic Treatment is CRAZY…but good…I Think?!

Gonna keep this short because I’m supposed to be resting and finishing up here but I wanted to share with you all that I had my first Chiropractic treatment today!  Oh…and I SURVIVED!

CRAZY STUFF that mode of therapy.  My body was twisted, stretched, beaten, shoved, poked, vibrated and manipulated into numerous positions I DIDN’T KNOW existed.  And the awesome part is that there was some RELIEF.


That’s a nice word isn’t it?

And there was some pain and strangeness to it.  My mind more than anything was trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK I had gotten myself into next…It was almost like it was saying THANK YOU at one moment and then WHAT THE?! the next and then it was like it started speaking to me and the therapist.  He said, “Your body knows what it wants.  It’s thanking me right now.  It wants help getting the walls down and opening the doors”…

CRAZY.  Like I said.

For years I have said that I want to be SOOOO STRETCHED in ways that no one could understand I was talking about.  Perhaps this may be what I’m liking for right now.  I was told I may feel some emotional fits and strangeness as the tightness and toxicity gets cleaned out and that I may feel some popping and cracking and pain and tingling here and there and perhaps a bit dizzy and strange.  Yes the dizzy and strange comes and goes since the first treatment.  That’s for sure.

Before the treatment he was going over a whole work up report he had made up for me and showed me which parts of my vertebrae were in trouble and damaged and were also out of alignment and then he showed me all the symptoms that show up from these trouble areas and it was BAFFLING TO SEE some of the symptoms I have brought up to EVERY singe medical professional I can come up with and NONE of them have ever been able to really help me.

It was as if my body had found a TRANSLATOR for some of my major perplexing issues…


And it helps that he’s nice, normal and he wants to heal.  I can feel that.  He also must be incredibly strong with the work he was doing on me.  WOW!

So I’ve made a 6 month commitment to see him for intense treatment and he said he could guarantee me I could feel 40-50% better at least than I do now with how I am.  HE ACTUALLY GAVE ME A DEADLINE!


I have to do what he’s asked me to do for exercises and other devices he gives me to help me out too so we’ll be working as a team.


So yeah I’m scared because it’s a whole new road but you know what?  It’s almost like I’m thinking I should be scared because it’s new but I really am not.


That’s a wonderful thing.  It’s the first time I’ve felt positive all week to be honest.  It’s been one of those weeks…

Goodnight all.

May you all find some hope in your next day.  It’s out there.

I learned a new saying that helps me a lot:





I believe this.  I hope you do too.

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“Your Body Has a Lot to Say…”

–said Dr. “D”, “…Don’t think about it as having problems and limitations.  I like to try to look at this way.  It’s more that your body just really likes to and wants to give out a lot of information about where it wants help.  It’s very open and willing for someone to listen to it.  It NEEDS help.  It’s asking for it.”–that’s pretty much what I remember the Chiropractor saying to me today at my first appointment as he did his first information intake about my body to test EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.  I had physical tests done that I’d never had done before and it showed me I had EVEN MORE “limitations” (or that’s how my perception is about me) and I was commenting about it sarcastically on the side with myself and him.

He really didn’t seem to see it that way.  It was the first time I had EVER been around ANY medical professional of any sort from all sides of medicine whether it be Western or Eastern or any type of medicine in-between, that he didn’t sigh out of distress about what he found out about my body.  He didn’t seem too stressed about it.  He was JUST taking in data…just looking at and observing what my body was COMMUNICATING to him.  That’s what it felt like.  It was DEFINITELY the first time ANYONE looked at my ridiculously crazy long medication list that actually has gotten shorter (but you’d never know it by glancing at it and especially as a new person to my body’s situation) and said “THIS IS AWESOME”!  Not kidding.  He was baffled at what I was on and what I was going through but he didn’t show he was baffled.  Just those words said it all.

So not only did he seem to observe my body on his level (if that makes any sense) as a body that might be able to benefit from his care BUT he also was funny, normal, seemed to have no ego whatsoever yet was quite confident with what he does and what he knows, he had me sit on a table and sat on a stool looking up at me yet I still felt like I wasn’t “below” him in any way or “above” him either, I didn’t feel too self-conscious when he had me stand so he could look at my posture or walk down the hall and back.  Plus when he asked me when I thought I was EVER at my ideal weight (didn’t say anything else about how much I weighed or that he was concerned about it or that I was overweight or that I needed to go on a diet OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT) I laughed and then he saw the perplexed look on my face and said, “When you were born?” and I said, “YES!  I think so.  I think I was at an ideal weight then.” He DIDN’T HAVE TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS WHEN IT WASN’T NECESSARY.

After all the data was gathered he said he’d go over all the information (he actually wanted to take some real time to look at it and not just jump on me at that point with some treatment plan of sorts without knowing what he was getting into) and he’d like to see me within 72 hours to go over the results so that we can decide together if we were a good fit and whether he would accept me as a patient or not.  I asked him what that meant (he even asked me if I had questions which is amazing.  I know to ask anyway but it was nice to be given that opportunity.) and he told me that sometimes it might mean he needs me to do some more diagnostic testing elsewhere, he may need to talk to my doctors first (he wants be a TEAM with them about EVERYTHING!–FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO DO THAT.) or there may be some other reason but he wouldn’t know until he had a plan in place.  And then there was the factor of me agreeing to the treatment plan and then we could go from there.  It’s TEAMWORK on all sides I guess.


We’re all in this together.


So after hearing a dear friend of mine mention this “Dr. D (will call him that for now)” soooooo many times and tell me how great he was and what he’s done to help her and how much better she feels after seeing him I figured it was time to FINALLY check out how a Chiropractor could help me.  I had a Chiropractor on my list as a idea of treatment options to check out and since acupuncture is NOT covered right now by my insurance I thought it was time to try something new and it all fell into place.  Plus his office is NOT far away from my home so that helps A LOT.  BIG PLUS.

I see him Thursday.  My homework is to give him a list of my doctors (Ha!  I wonder if he’ll say “THIS IS AWESOME!” again when he sees how long the list is and what different kinds of specialists I have) with their contact information because he wants to be in contact with ALL of them (no way, crazy thought) and his homework is to assess me and all the information my body was apparently so willing to give out.

So from now on I’m going to try to keep the perspective in mind that it’s not that my body has limitations, it’s that it needs a lot of help and is willing to give out any information anyone needs if they are willing to listen.  It’s also willing to get the help if it can.  I am willing too so that helps.  We can all work together.

Definitely curious to see what happens…

Will do my best to keep you all posted as I can.

Right now it’s time to rest.  Being proactive is tiring…

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Happy Halloween and Health Update!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you’re enjoying the day!  Let the Holidays Begin!

Hi there.  Feels like I’ve been off the Blog Radar for a really long time!

How are all of you?

I have had quite a struggle lately with my health.  I’m currently on what is becoming a long journey to find out what is bothering my digestive system so much.  It is a difficult and draining path right now as I call my doctors and ask for their input, continue to feel intense yuckiness, see new doctors as quickly as possible, try to live my life, take care of Disability Business, take care of life business, take care of other medical business, try to take care of my MS AND LUPUS, have some fun perhaps, spend time with my husband, Corey and my Cleo Kitty and do what I need to do for mental health and stability.  Exhausting.

It is definitely really hard right now but I have hope that with this big group of medical supporters, I will find answers.  I feel like a coin that can flip any time from “full of hope” on one side to “full of dread” without even a second passing.  Right now it feels like I’ll never get answers but I know it’s because when I have discomfort in my torso, that is all I can even manage to process in my mind.  It is the center of my body, the center of my Being.

And so I’m burned out.  I’m discouraged.  I’m frustrated.  I’m grieving the whole health situation I have found myself in.  I’m also hopeful, I feel loved, I feel very supported by all of you, I feel resolved to get answers and there’s even some faith mixed in there.  I don’t like the other “negative” choices of how to deal, so I’m gonna have to choose to keep on keepin’ on and with any luck I’ll find some answers and start to feel better.

I want my life back.




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Victory: 2 Weeks Without Doctor Appointments!


That’s kinda what it feels like.  The only other time in the past 2 years that I have gone 2 weeks in a row without doctor appointments, I was on a trip/vacation back east to visit family and friends and I was still DOING something.  This is 2 WHOLE WEEKS WITHOUT A SINGLE DOCTOR APPOINTMENT OF ANY KIND!

Not kidding.  I think there have been a total of 4 weeks during this 2 year period when I didn’t have an appointment and these weeks were not in a row.  They were scheduled free single weeks here and there.  I had to make it a point not to have an appointment and to schedule it that way.


Yeah that’s what the 2 years have been since right before my lupus diagnosis.  I’m grateful to have such wonderfully proactive doctors (including a Primary, numerous specialists and those in eastern medicine) because they have REALLY REALLY helped me get better.  They have been on me and I have been on them.  We have worked as a team.  We have done the work.  And there’s still more work to do.  The best part–it is working.


I’m free!  I scheduled it that way of course.  And to be honest, I really don’t know what to do with myself.  I feel like there’s something I HAVE TO BE DOING.  I don’t know how to just BE.  It was my idea (ha ha ha–me and my fantasies) that I would still be on “IT” all and get a bunch of stuff taken care of.  There’s been a lot of medical business that has been left hanging.  There’s been a lot that’s had to be put aside so I could focus on these doctor appointments.  There are things in my personal life to take care of and do.  There’s a bunch of people I want to be in contact with–you know, friends and people I actually LIKE talking to.

AND YET…of course that’s not really happening according to MY PLAN.

It’s like my mind crashed when I finally realized I was a bit more free.  It couldn’t “DO” anything else.  It couldn’t handle making a call to order a new prescription for a medication and I dragged myself the entire way (this is usually one of the easier procedures for me).  IT WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RELATED TO DOCTORS.

SOOOO…things are a bit different than I’ve anticipated.  Go figure.

I’m recovering from my 2 years of very active recovery mode.  I’m sleeping more.  That’s a MIRACLE.  Trying to give myself credit for that.  I’m resting more and even RELAXING at times.  I’m learning how to take care of me.  I’m learning how to be with just me.  I’m learning to ACCEPT me (why is that so hard?).  I’m learning how to not have anything that ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO BE DONE.  I’m committing to things like a daily guided imagery for sleep, eating salads every day, walking every day, resting more, adding more creative activities (this Blog for one), being gentle with me, etc.  That’s A LOT of work and it takes up a lot of time.

I’m back to the old doctor grind in July but for now, IN JUNE, I will do my best to stay in the moment and be present to my world free of doctors.  It’s really very lovely and peaceful.  The word NURTURING comes to mind.


I could get used to this…



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Now Hiring for the Nahleen Blake Medical/Disability Department

I need an assistant.  Actually I need a Department.  I wish.  If only…

This is all too much and I can’t keep up.

I can only do the best I can.

I spent the morning getting sucked up into the vacuum of disability and medical nonsense.  It didn’t take long.  First I called the Private Long Term Disability company I deal with to talk to the Finance Guy about money I need to pay them back from what they say they overpaid me.  He was a very nice guy which always helps the awkwardness and of course wouldn’t you know the UPS guy knocked on the door just as he called and I had to answer the door and be on the phone with this guy at the same time.  Not so professional but oh well.  I am only me.  I am only one person.  So now I need to hire someone to answer the door for me.  And then shortly after the UPS guy came my Cleo Kitty was insisting on getting attention and doing anything she could to get in my way.  AND I need to hire another person to pet my Cleo Kitty or better yet to talk to this Finance guy so I can pet Cleo Kitty instead.  Back to the Finance guy I was on the phone with, he passed off the responsibility of giving me any real answers and told me to talk to my Claim Manager.  Oh great.  Here I go.  Getting sucked into the crazy abyss that is the never ending calls of bottomless pits of not taking responsibility and sending me off to call someone else…and someone else…and someone else.  Perhaps they don’t want their money?  It’s hard to tell.

So I called my current Claim Manager.  You see, she’s the 3rd one I’ve had on my case so far in just over a year with this company.  It’s hard to keep up with who’s next on my file.  Of course she didn’t answer so I left her a message.  Will she call me back today?  I doubt it.  She only works till 3:30pm and has a habit of not calling me right back unless she needs something of course and then she hounds me.  Oh well.  The ball’s in her court now.  I gotta try to let it go.

And then because I’m a glutton for punishment I called the paralegal at my attorney’s office to see if she knew anything about the status of our newest action regarding Social Security Long Term Disability.  It’s only about the 5th time I’ve called her in this round of trying to get a hold of her so I wasn’t sure I’d actually get her in person and was getting ready to leave a message.  I was surprised to hear that I might be able to talk to her but wouldn’t you know she put me on hold for what seemed like forever.  Now I need someone to be on hold for me.  She FINALLY picked up her line and told me she JUST talked to a Supervisor at Social Security who told her NO ACTION had been taken regarding my financial issue and to re-fax the Request For Action to another fax number and they’d see what they could do.  Yeah.  Om.  When is that exactly?  It has been almost 3 months since we sent in the first request for action.  What’s the financial issue I have with Social Security?  Well, they have been underpaying me what I’m entitled to for benefits.  That’s the short and simple version of the story.  It’s too complicated otherwise.

So once I got off the phone with the paralegal I wanted to scream but I kept my composure and put my doctor’s office mentality on and called my Pulmonologist to find out if they had received my Home Sleep Study test results yet since it’s been over 3 weeks since I did the test.  The guy who answered said he saw nothing in my chart and was not going to do anything about it until I asked him to call the company and see where the results were.  He actually did budge a bit and told me he’d try to call sometime today or tomorrow but that Mondays and Tuesdays were their busiest day at the office.  OK.  What’s their point?  It’s not like I had the test done last Friday, I had it done 3 Fridays ago.

And continuing on with my list of phone calls, I called to make what will probably be my last Physical Therapy appointment for this round and was told I should really call by the end of the week to get a better time and that right now I can only get later in the day on the day I want next week.  Sure.  I’ll remember that too.  In fact, I’ll have my assistant make sure to call about that.  OH wait.  I don’t have an assistant.  Hmm.

And lastly of the medical/disability chaos rigamarole today, I called my acupuncturist to set up acupuncture and acupressure for next week and that went really well and yay I got appointments set up!  Phew!

Now I’m exhausted.

You see, that’s not all I have to do today.  I still need to exercise, shower, organize paperwork, pay bills, do some laundry–it’s cool to have clean clothes sometimes.  But what about the Recovery part?  I still need to schedule some time to rest and recover so that perhaps one day I not only feel better but maybe I can get better enough to get out into the world  and not run myself down with this medical/disability business crapola.  I’d like to work again one day.  That’d be cool.

To top it off, I’m STILL RECOVERING from my bad medication episode from last Wednesday.  That is almost a week ago.  I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  Yeah.  It’s a positive thing that I don’t go 3 steps back or something but for goodness sakes, I want to feel better than I do now.  I want to be back where I was physically and mentally before I took that dang pill.  One pill can change everything.  Ugh.

So now I guess I better stop writing so that I can take yet another break and get on with my day.  Here’s hoping the rest of my day is better.  How has your Monday been?

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