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Victory: 2 Weeks Without Doctor Appointments!


That’s kinda what it feels like.  The only other time in the past 2 years that I have gone 2 weeks in a row without doctor appointments, I was on a trip/vacation back east to visit family and friends and I was still DOING something.  This is 2 WHOLE WEEKS WITHOUT A SINGLE DOCTOR APPOINTMENT OF ANY KIND!

Not kidding.  I think there have been a total of 4 weeks during this 2 year period when I didn’t have an appointment and these weeks were not in a row.  They were scheduled free single weeks here and there.  I had to make it a point not to have an appointment and to schedule it that way.


Yeah that’s what the 2 years have been since right before my lupus diagnosis.  I’m grateful to have such wonderfully proactive doctors (including a Primary, numerous specialists and those in eastern medicine) because they have REALLY REALLY helped me get better.  They have been on me and I have been on them.  We have worked as a team.  We have done the work.  And there’s still more work to do.  The best part–it is working.


I’m free!  I scheduled it that way of course.  And to be honest, I really don’t know what to do with myself.  I feel like there’s something I HAVE TO BE DOING.  I don’t know how to just BE.  It was my idea (ha ha ha–me and my fantasies) that I would still be on “IT” all and get a bunch of stuff taken care of.  There’s been a lot of medical business that has been left hanging.  There’s been a lot that’s had to be put aside so I could focus on these doctor appointments.  There are things in my personal life to take care of and do.  There’s a bunch of people I want to be in contact with–you know, friends and people I actually LIKE talking to.

AND YET…of course that’s not really happening according to MY PLAN.

It’s like my mind crashed when I finally realized I was a bit more free.  It couldn’t “DO” anything else.  It couldn’t handle making a call to order a new prescription for a medication and I dragged myself the entire way (this is usually one of the easier procedures for me).  IT WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RELATED TO DOCTORS.

SOOOO…things are a bit different than I’ve anticipated.  Go figure.

I’m recovering from my 2 years of very active recovery mode.  I’m sleeping more.  That’s a MIRACLE.  Trying to give myself credit for that.  I’m resting more and even RELAXING at times.  I’m learning how to take care of me.  I’m learning how to be with just me.  I’m learning to ACCEPT me (why is that so hard?).  I’m learning how to not have anything that ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO BE DONE.  I’m committing to things like a daily guided imagery for sleep, eating salads every day, walking every day, resting more, adding more creative activities (this Blog for one), being gentle with me, etc.  That’s A LOT of work and it takes up a lot of time.

I’m back to the old doctor grind in July but for now, IN JUNE, I will do my best to stay in the moment and be present to my world free of doctors.  It’s really very lovely and peaceful.  The word NURTURING comes to mind.


I could get used to this…



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I have to come clean.  I have a crush on acupuncture.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!  I can’t get enough of it!  I had an appointment today and my body is thanking me for taking the time to help.

It all started a little over 5 years ago when I finally took that long awaited leap into the well of Eastern Medicine.  I had heard rumors since I’d been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the time that acupuncture really helped.  To be honest with you I was scared.  I also had been taking an injectable  medication for my MS every other day for those 5 years and the last thing I wanted to do was add more needles to the mix.

Then a co-worker of mine just wouldn’t STOP talking about this acupuncture treatment she was getting from this really nice lady in Beverly Hills, CA and how I should try it sometime.  Well my goodness, I think I kinda went just to shush her up about it and it was absolutely THE BEST decision I have ever made about anything having to do with my overall health and well-being and it changed my life!!!

Not only is the acupuncture amazing but the acupuncturist is one of the nicest, most compassionate people I have ever met.  She sat there with me for two hours that first night and helped me learn all about me.  I was blown away.  She knew more about me than I did about myself.  She was able to pull diagnoses out of my mouth that I hadn’t even brought up to her yet.  I was thoroughly baffled.  And you know, to this day, she is able to pick up on things about my body that my other doctors haven’t even come close to considering.  She was the one who wondered if I had lupus, or what else could be going on besides MS.  She was the one who wanted to know what was going on with my digestion and thought it should get examined and the answer was a small intestine bacterial infection.  The list of her conclusions about me are endless.

That night I had my first treatment and there is no turning back.  She said my prominent issue was that I carried heat and have too much dampness in me.  I knew about the heat.  I didn’t tell her that I was always hot.  She could tell.  She said my skin felt like it was burning.  I didn’t know about the dampness but it explained why I have a hard time with the rain and with humidity.  So after she put the needles in my body she asked me how I was, put on some relaxing music, gave me an eye pillow and left the room.

I had the most profound experience.  I thought I was always going to have to be stiflingly boiling hot.  Within minutes it was like the dam broke and my walls started breaking down within me and the flood gates of cold started rushing through my body and I specifically remember the cold feeling started on my lower right leg and worked its way toward my head and over to the other side.  I thought someone had turned on the air conditioner or put a fan on me.  Nope.  That was acupuncture and that was only the beginning.  The feeling of RELIEF was an absolute miracle.  I didn’t know I could feel “better” like that.  I’m getting emotional just thinking about it still.

The other symptoms she has been able to help are fatigue, stress, hormonal, allergies, asthmatic issues, pain, stiffness, weakness, digestion, sore throat, sinus issues, upper respiratory infections and she has helped me find relief with my overall feeling of malaise.  The only time we hit a wall with my treatment was almost 2 years ago when I had my major lupus flare and we didn’t know I had lupus at the time and she really needed my doctors to help find the diagnosis in order to give me the best benefits.  She told me she thought she was flying blind.  Once she found out the diagnosis (lupus is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose) the treatments greatly improved again and I have been feeling even better ever since.

I have had a crush on acupuncture from then on.  After she and I agreed that I would benefit from acupuncture, she asked me if I wanted try acupressure and I took the next leap of faith.  Sure why not?  WOW.  That was amazing too.  My main flame of love starts with acupuncture and then follows to acupressure because for me I don’t get as much benefit with just the acupressure.  My treatment really needs to start with acupuncture and then go right to acupressure.

It is AMAZING!  I really feel like I have a crush.  I get all giddy thinking about having the appointments/treatments and I can’t wait to feel some relief.  My body is always active with some sort of autoimmune disease running rampant and it needs a “Pause and Calm Down” outlet.

Acupuncture has been the answer for me and I plan on continuing for as long as possible.

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