WHOA! Chiropractic Treatment is CRAZY…but good…I Think?!

Gonna keep this short because I’m supposed to be resting and finishing up here but I wanted to share with you all that I had my first Chiropractic treatment today!  Oh…and I SURVIVED!

CRAZY STUFF that mode of therapy.  My body was twisted, stretched, beaten, shoved, poked, vibrated and manipulated into numerous positions I DIDN’T KNOW existed.  And the awesome part is that there was some RELIEF.


That’s a nice word isn’t it?

And there was some pain and strangeness to it.  My mind more than anything was trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK I had gotten myself into next…It was almost like it was saying THANK YOU at one moment and then WHAT THE?! the next and then it was like it started speaking to me and the therapist.  He said, “Your body knows what it wants.  It’s thanking me right now.  It wants help getting the walls down and opening the doors”…

CRAZY.  Like I said.

For years I have said that I want to be SOOOO STRETCHED in ways that no one could understand I was talking about.  Perhaps this may be what I’m liking for right now.  I was told I may feel some emotional fits and strangeness as the tightness and toxicity gets cleaned out and that I may feel some popping and cracking and pain and tingling here and there and perhaps a bit dizzy and strange.  Yes the dizzy and strange comes and goes since the first treatment.  That’s for sure.

Before the treatment he was going over a whole work up report he had made up for me and showed me which parts of my vertebrae were in trouble and damaged and were also out of alignment and then he showed me all the symptoms that show up from these trouble areas and it was BAFFLING TO SEE some of the symptoms I have brought up to EVERY singe medical professional I can come up with and NONE of them have ever been able to really help me.

It was as if my body had found a TRANSLATOR for some of my major perplexing issues…


And it helps that he’s nice, normal and he wants to heal.  I can feel that.  He also must be incredibly strong with the work he was doing on me.  WOW!

So I’ve made a 6 month commitment to see him for intense treatment and he said he could guarantee me I could feel 40-50% better at least than I do now with how I am.  HE ACTUALLY GAVE ME A DEADLINE!


I have to do what he’s asked me to do for exercises and other devices he gives me to help me out too so we’ll be working as a team.


So yeah I’m scared because it’s a whole new road but you know what?  It’s almost like I’m thinking I should be scared because it’s new but I really am not.


That’s a wonderful thing.  It’s the first time I’ve felt positive all week to be honest.  It’s been one of those weeks…

Goodnight all.

May you all find some hope in your next day.  It’s out there.

I learned a new saying that helps me a lot:





I believe this.  I hope you do too.

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