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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 23!

Rad!  I’m totally back with my ’80s Blog!  That is so wicked cool!

Since it’s been awhile, I’m only going to start out slow again.  I’ll be featuring just one this time.  Feel free to post more if you’d like.


1. Like a Surgeon By: Weird Al Yankovic

OK so who doesn’t LOVE Weird Al Yankovic?  I know I do.  How can we ever forget this masterpiece?  We ALLLL knew he was mocking Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and it became a classic ’80s hit!  Must be awesome to make a career out of mocking other famous singers, their music and videos.  I remember going to see him in concert in my 20s at the Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire with a group of friends just for fun.  I thought, sure why not.  HILARIOUS AND AWESOME!  The guy is a true genius and an absolutely talented performer.  Talk about knowing how to entertain.  I had sooooo much fun at that concert and I was so surprised and pleasantly taken off guard by how great his show was.  I highly recommend seeing one of his concerts if you ever get the chance.

So we start off with nice red Ked-like sneakers.  Oh there he is.  The funny looking guy with lots of curly hair, dorky mustache and glasses.  Doesn’t even look like a surgeon really even though he supposedly has a doctor’s white coat on and a stethoscope.  Nicely made “I.C.U.” sign probably made by a Production Assistant because all ICU signs look that way.  I love how all kinds of doctors are being called all at once.  And this “surgeon” just looks annoyed that he had to attend to someone who sounds like he died.  Poor guy.  No one’s attending to him but Weird Al.  Great.  And he looks pretty dead.  Nice “dead” make up.  What the heck?  He doesn’t know what to do?  So he bangs the machine to get it to work?  Awesome.  Sure that will make the guy undead.  HA!  So then he bangs on the guy and the machine stops the alarm…WHAT THE?!  Oh if only it were that easy.  He got the guy living again.  So then we hear the beat of his heart with the beat of the song as it starts…

I LOVE IT!  Even his voice has a high pitch a bit like Madonna’s.  Nice.  RANDOM!  Why is there a lion walking through????  EEEWWWW!  That guy’s washing his foot in the sink!  And now someone’s washing pans too????  So silly.  Love it.  AAACCKKK!  Scary knives!  What if that’s what surgeons really use????  Now there’s a blow torch?  HELP!  SCARY!  Why does he look like a Muppet with that face mask on?  And now the lion again?  Yeah it’s so normal to see lions in hospitals.  Absolutely.  Always.  Um.  He’s not taking a saw to me…Fakest looking heart ever.  And we even hear the heart’s sloppy slimy noise as it slips out of his grasp.  And this is his first time?  Is that what he’s singing?  OH NO!  What the?  A yucky looking sandwich in the operating room he’s gonna eat?  Great.  Now someone’s blowing on an eye.  No germs there.  And the guy’s AWAKE??!!!  Scary drill!  Cracking up!  There’s a bullseye on his chest.  I’ve always wondered how surgeons really do it.  This must be the way.

I don’t know that I ever really listened to the words of this song.  Very funny.  Ha!  There’s a fake Madonna in the corner.  Nice.  Love the most fake looking brain EVER.  And the patient’s reading a paper.  Riiiight.  Who wants to bet it’d be an IPad now or something?  And he’s TAKING NUMBERS like a deli.  Ha ha!  This is too much.  WHAT THE?!  Why is there a football player in the operating room????  ACK!  Look at what he’s taking out of this guy’s body?  Maybe that’s the issue with all of our bodies.  We have all these items in our bodies.  Would make a lot of sense.  Love how creative this is.  A LIVE BUNNY?!  Poor bunny!  Great line, “My patients die before they can pay”…so he takes money out of his body.  Nice.  Good point.  Nice video effects…love those ’80s effects.  And now he’s playing all sexy.  This is too much.  Sooo funny and so silly.  And of course his waving arms whack someone he’s walking by.  And of course I laughed.  Oldest joke in the book and I still laughed.  Is it me or is it just wrong to see Weird Al be “all sexy-like”????  Kinda gets me all creepy crawly…NICE.  The beep is back in the song as it’s ending.  Nice little detail.

OK now this is too much.  Now we’re not even in the hospital and we’re in some studio against all white, he’s wearing some black netted thing and dancing with two others trying to be all sexy.  OH dear.  I’m scared to keep watching…  And of course the “guy” I’m guessing flatlines again…

Silly silly Weird Al.  Love that guy.  Love that he’s still working too.

Anyone wanna post some fun ’80s of their own?  I’d love to see them!  So happy to be back!

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 22!

I need me some ’80s Silliness!  I’m back for more!

1. You Can Call Me Al  By: Paul Simon

OK.  Who doesn’t remember this one?  How could you forget?  MTV not only played it constantly, but then VH1 did.  All ages would find themselves singing along with the little diddy.  Perhaps you even bebopped around to it.  For some reason, my biggest memory of this is my mother going around the house singing, “And you can call me Al”…Nice pink room right off.  Oh hey look!  It’s Chevy Chase!  That was the other part.  Wow!  Paul Simon and Chevy Chase together!  I mean, what were the odds??  Such a basic set and it didn’t matter this time.  And there’s a saxophone and trumpet.  Wonder if they’ll play them?  Ha!  Let’s all laugh.  They’re trying to come in the doorway at the same time and it’s funny because Paul Simon is so much shorter than Chevy Chase.  And of course I still find myself chuckling because Chevy Chase is singing Paul Simon’s part.  Yep, I fell for it.  What is with Chevy’s hair flips?  OK it is kinda funny…Paul walking by the doorway with a big red drum.  Nice jacket Chevy.  Paul looked so thrilled to sing backup.  Chevy’s having too much fun.  Where’d Paul go?  That little toy instrument Paul’s playing reminds me of my first instrument I got as a kid that I think was supposed to be a Sesame Street toy or something and I got to learn how to play “Three Blind Mice” and I think even Grover taught me.  Love Grover.  Anyway, silly boys playing saxophone and trumpet and dancing while supposedly playing.  And then there was all this “talk” about them being (GASP!) High…on life…yeah…that’s it.  Wow.  Chevy is like a foot taller than Paul.  I can’t believe I still chuckle over Paul trying to get the big red drum in the doorway while wearing his guitar and getting it caught.  Silly.  Ha!  I don’t think I realized how funny Paul Simon is in this.  With twiddling thumbs and everything.

2. I Want Candy  By: Bow Wow Wow

What kind of a name is that?  Bow Wow Wow.  Silly don’tcha think?  And sure.  I want candy.  Don’t you?  Oh wait, what are they talking about?  Nice ’80s graphics right at the start.  Ha!  Hello blue/green screen!  Wow, the saturation is awful isn’t it?  And yes, guy, your sunglasses are so cool with the reflection.  Actually, I always wanted a pair like that.  We were so cool in the ’80s weren’t we?  This is kinda trippy isn’t it?  Nice mohawk.  Of course there are candy canes in the sand.  I know that’s where I always find them.  What is that she’s wearing?  She has cool hair.  Yep.  That’s really the sun rising over the ocean.  Uh huh.  I could never bury myself in the sand like that.  Scary!  Who knows what’s in there?  Ha!  She’s wearing hightops in the sand.  Nice!  Random shot of her licking an ice cream cone.  I don’t get it.  That drummer guy is bugging me.  I don’t know why.  Yeah!  Let’s all have fun!  Yep.  That’s a big candy cane.  I don’t know.  That water looks pretty radioactive to me…

3. Sister Christian  By: Night Ranger

I remember singing this song a lot with my sister growing up.  And I apparently had no idea about what I was singing.  Oh how often that’s happened to me lately.  It just had a cool beat and it was oh so deep.  Is someone tapping a tin can in the beginning?  OK.  There’s a bunch of gals in the shot in graduation garb.  I get the “Sister” part.  What is with the white gloves they’re wearing?  Are we supposed to get the idea they’re all so innocent?  Hmm.  Not sure I believe that.  What is with graduation caps?  They are so awkward!  I remember wearing mine and it didn’t get easier to wear when I graduated college.  Just sayin’.  Of course there is a red curtain behind them.  Are curtains on a stage ever any other color on camera?  Nice slow motion of them all walking with their diplomas down the stares as their hair bounces.  I wonder–did my hair ever bounce when it was long like that and I went down the stairs?  I thought it was about the blonde.  Of course it is.  Those blondes are always getting into trouble.  And the big buildup…ready?  Feels like I should start headbanging or something but it is SO not the song.  Hit those drums!  And we see the band.  Nice big hair they all have.  What the?!  They all have music stands?  Did they just learn the music???  Ah yes.  Let’s go back in time and give a deep blue effect.  Is she Rapunzel?  Is she going to open the window and grow really long hair to reach down through the window so her Prince can come?  Wow.  The band has some pretty rad outfits on.  What is with the purple filter now?  Colorful video.  Uh oh.  I sense some trouble coming…Let’s show all the rainbows of filters we can use.  Now it’s orange.  Hmm.  So she decides to break free and go with the rest of the gals to hang out in a cool car with guys from a band who are much older than they are????  Tsk tsk.  Bad message…

4. Kokomo  By: The Beach Boys

And here’s another that we all just DIDN’T get enough of.  It was only played into the ground and out the other side by radios and MTV…over and over again.  And come on Beach Boys.  That’s all you could come up with?  Geez.  Looks pretty there.  And who can forget, “Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama”…Hmm.  And they all wear light colored clothing of course.  They’re cool like that.  Nice half unbuttoned shirt there…and green cap…And well, who didn’t love the movie, “Cocktail”?  I mean, it had Tom Cruise in it and he was cute then.  It didn’t matter what was going on in it.  I have special memories of watching this movie with my best friend and absolutely losing our minds with utter silliness as we drank soda (seriously ONLY SODA) out of our orange plastic New Kids On the Block cups.  We were so inspired by it all that we even made a poem…about New Kids…I still have it somewhere.  Not sure how much of Cocktail we watched…Actually, it’s one of my favorite memories growing up.  And then remember being like, “Oh my Gawd!  Is that John Stamos on the drums?”.  I mean, how cool was that?  Now that was random to see.  OH John Stamos…You were so cute back then…And another Beach Boy is wearing a red cap.  What is with the caps?  Do you think there are enough scantily clad ladies in bikinis in that audience?

5. No One Is To Blame  By: Howard Jones

I thought this song was oh so deep when I was a young gal.  But is NO ONE ever really to blame or is that an excuse???  Deep thoughts…What is that the drumsticks are hitting?  Is that a giant tambourine?  Oh look.  It’s like we get to see the mechanics of a song in a way.  Look at those gears go.  Another dude with cool hair!  I can tell.  Is it orange?  Oh and he’s already thinking so deeply.  See that?  Nice dissolves between shots at least in the beginning and now I just feel confused and dizzy…I think they all thought it was cool but my poor eyes.  Oh yeah.  His hair IS orange and it’s really big on top of his head.  Neat.  A cello.  Let’s all sing, “And you want her” (echo: want her) “And she wants you”  (echo: wants you)…allllll the way through the song.  Kinda cool to see the lyrics on screen pass through but still, it is all just too busy!  What is that contraption he’s sitting at?  Is it me or was it just creepy when these ’80s singers would sing directly to the camera???  And I mean, RIGHT INTO IT.  Who wants to bet he worked really hard to get his hair that way?

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 21!

Phew!  We have Internet back today!  We didn’t yesterday.  I was getting worried I might not be able to do an ’80s Blog this week and that would be sad.  Quality Problems.  So without further ado…

1. Jessie’s Girl  By: Rick Springfield

OK now.  This is probably the most well known ’80s song LIKE EVER.  I mean, it’s Rick Springfield.  And at some point or another we all either wanted to be Jessie’s Girl or that we had Jessie’s Girl right?  He seems a bit obsessed don’tcha think?  Nice.  Writing on a “brick wall”.  Of course they’re using spray paint.  Love that this is OBVIOUSLY in a studio.  Hello fake couple.  And then Rick just happens to show up in the corner and start stalking them OF COURSE.  As usual with the ’80s he’s a stalker.  Gotta love his feathered hair.  I think he’s supposed to be looking straight at the camera lens but if you’ll notice, he’s looking a bit off to the side.  Um, we’re over here!  Nice suit.  What’s the the crazy shadow behind him?  Geez.  Lower the lights people!  Nice creased pants and short sleeve black shirt unbuttoned a bit.  Trying to be sexy are we?  Ha!  Love the star filter effect!  Too funny.  You know, Jessie’s girl doesn’t seem that great.  Boring.  Nice shiny jacket with shoulder pads?  Hee hee.  Nice white tennis shoes with the suit.  What the?  He’s not scared of the woman behind him in the bathroom mirror?  And I know we all play our guitars in the bathroom too.  Smash that mirror!  That’ll show her.  So does he wish he had Jessie’s Girl?  I’m not sure we’re clear about that.

2. Holding Back the Years  By: Simply Red

This song brings back lots of memories as an early teen.  I had the lovely opportunity to stay at the beach with a branch of my family (at least 2 summers in a row) and I hung out quite a bit with a cousin of mine chasing boys and causing trouble.  This is one of those songs that brings me right back.  I think I appreciate this song a lot more now than I did back then.  If I remember right I liked to mock the lead singer and his hair.  Pretty architecture in the first shot.  Oh wait, is that a cemetery?  Well, now I’m not so sure.  Nice scenery.  Ha!  He has cassette tapes piled up.  Ancient for sure.  Wow.  His red curly hair is everywhere!  I’m thinking he’s having deep thoughts here.  Um, anyone else disturbed about what he’s holding in his hand and the placement of it?  Why do I feel like that was a mistake?  Where’s he going?  Why’s he leaving?  Oh no, the little boy fell.  Daddy issues?  Whoa.  She has big hair.  Random.  Nice effect with the huge empty checkerboard floor (yet another one) and the little table with Mom and son.  Will someone please push his hair out of his eyes?  Oh the childhood years.  Feeling really depressed now.  Are they playing in the cemetery?  Not my ideal place to play but OK.  Wait, I’m unclear here.  Who’s making out with that woman?  Again, not an ideal place to make out.  But who am I to say?  Cool train.  Do you think anyone hears him singing on the train?  He seems kinda loud to me.

3. Morning Train (9 to 5)  By: Sheena Easton

And of course we start on train tracks.  Get it?  And then there’s this song right?  We probably all know this song too.  Very catchy beat whether we want to catch on or not.  Who HATES those kinds of alarm clocks?  Um, no thanks.  Don’t need to jump across the room when it goes off.  Nice green body suit thing.  Is it me or does she look really funny on that bike?  Nice hair.  And she doesn’t look too stable on that bike either…what on earth?  I was wondering what was in that basket.  A green flag??  For the train?  What’s going on?  Holy eye makeup.  And he doesn’t really care…Such strange camera angles.  So much of it is her looking down at the camera.  Gets me a little motion sick.  You?  Right.  She’s pulling the gears.  Sure she is.  Oh and of course she’s cleaning it too.  Uh huh.  Sure.  What is with her and that pole?  OH sure.  And she’s riding in the front of the train.  That’s realistic.  Is it me or is that song really long?

4. Life In a Northern Town  By:  Dream Academy

Oh I used to think this song was so deep.  Hearing it does get me kinda nostalgic.  Where is this?  Seems like it might be in a northern town huh?  Oh whoops, don’t fall there guy!  Be careful going down that steep hill.  Nice wind sound by the way.  Why are they carrying instruments?  I’d hate to damage one of those by falling…That doesn’t look like lemonade.  Looks cold and damp there.  Cool building.  Whoa.  He looked like he was gonna run over those two poor children.  Geez.  We can’t see you.  There’s underwear hanging in your face.  Oh there you are.  Wait, there’s a woman in the group?  I don’t think I realized that.  And what is with that very ODD video effect above their heads?  Seems like he’s walking A LOT.  Ha!  Remember those bouncy balls we used to sit on?  Ha!  Nice cameo picture shot of the Beatles with Paul McCartney especially.  I love that every time they sing, “Hey!” they throw their arms up in the air.  OK.  What’s the significance of the balloons?  What am I missing?  Hee hee.  Love how there’s clearly a light in his face to show him on camera as it seems to be getting dark there.  His face has a glowing golden hue.  Notice they all have that golden hue on their faces now.

5. Too Shy  By: Kajagoogoo

What the heck kind of name is that?  Who’s “googooing”???  So weird.  Oh the ’80s.  They were unique.  Did this group even have another hit?  I have no idea.  I don’t remember much about this song as a kid except that now I hear it quite a bit.  It’s lookin’ like some nice hair there.  Can’t really tell yet.  I’m likin’ all the outfits…That gal has nice big hair.  Are they supposed to be at a dance club?  Nice crazy blonde hair with dark hair too.  And is that a skimpy yellow tank top and green pants he’s wearing?  I bet he thinks he’s cool.  Yes, she’s tired.  We get it.  So now we’ve gone back in time?  Welcome back home boys from where?  You know, I’m liking all the outfits in the band.  Very colorful.  He’s gotta be wearing a wig.  Wait, so now we’re supposed to be in the present?  When’d that happen?  Will somebody please fix her tucked in shirt in the back?  It’s all uneven.  OK.  Well that happened.

And that’s that.  Hope you had fun.  Got any you wanna share?  Would love to see them!

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 20!


Jumping right in!

1. Super Freak  By: Rick James

Hee hee!  Who doesn’t love Rick James?!  Crazy guy.  And noooo, this is not the OTHER guy from the ’90s who stole his music and wore ridiculous pants.  This is the original music guy.  SHE’S SUPER FREAK-AY YEOW!  Love the sparkly wig in the first shot.  Gotta be crazy right away.  Hey, stop making eyes at me Rick James.  What the heck?  Now we’re in a white studio.  Cheap budget I guess.  And we have crazy dancing women.  I’m sensing a crazy theme here.  Whoa!  That woman has long hair!  Nice sparkly shirt he’s wearing that’s wide open.  He is too much!  I wonder how much of the glitter from his wig got in his eyes.  I don’t think I’d take him home to my motha either.  Wait, is that a body suit he’s wearing?  And boots???  Scary!  LOVE the door in the middle of nowhere.  Is that a portal or something?  Yeah okay he’s playing that guitar.  Of course he is.  Will someone wipe off his face already???  That mustache doesn’t fit his style AT ALL.  Someone shave it off please.  I wanna be an Extra in his video who just dances around.  Looks like fun.  Ha!  I love that part: “Temptations Sing!” and then we see them for a few seconds.

2. Vacation  By: The Go-Go’s

I’m thinkin’ Belinda Carlisle should’ve stayed in the Go-Go’s.  Definitely fits her more than when she went solo but that’s just me.  She’s such a youngun in this.  And an awful lip syncer.  This one’s a true ’80s classic.  Who doesn’t know this song?  Vacation is all I really want right now too!  What a coincidence!  Nice cab and hair.  I wanna just sing in a terminal of some sort that’s actually an obvious studio, with some other gals.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to break out into song in an airport?  Awesome yo-yo.  They all have some pretty rad hair in this.  How long do you think it took that gal to get the bubble gum bubble right in the shot???  Ha!  Those popcorn boxes still exist now!  Guess those may never change.  That’s it.  I’m gonna make a band and we’re all gonna meet in a travel terminal and start jammin’.  I think I’m missing out on all the fun.  And of course we’ve “clearly” time traveled in this video too.  And look at them water ski so perfectly…and what an awful shot of them in the studio fakely water skiing up close.  AWKWARD!  What’s with the random sailboat on one of the travel trunks?  What does the guy with the broom have to do with ANYTHING at the end????

3. Always Something There  By: Naked Eyes

OK.  Who DOESN’T know this song???  Another ’80s classic for sure.  This song is STILL played into the ground.  I think I’ve bebopped to this forever at this point.  It’s a part of my being even when I don’t want it to be.  And I’ve always thought the beginning music was a mess.  I think they were trying to be cool but it doesn’t work.  Huh.  I sorta get it now.  That’s wedding bells in the beginning.  Interesting.  Didn’t pick up on that till the video.  See what I’ve missed?  Wait, is the groom Scott Baio????  Oh and I’m seeing a love triangle of sorts here.  Trouble.  Uh oh.  I see a stalker again.  The ’80s and their stalkers.  The singer’s kinda weird looking.  Not what I pictured at all.  That woman doesn’t look that great to pine over.  What’s with the storming off?  Gotta love the gritty film look.  What the???  He goes into a restaurant where the happy couple is dancing and sits down right next to them and starts singing.  And she’s totally flaunting it all.  So weird!  Wow she hates the paparazzi huh?  Scott Baio sure is on the phone a lot in this.  Phone phone phone.  I hate to tell the singer, but she’s got too much drama.  He can do better.  Oh and look at that.  The 2 guys work together.  And…he was probably NEVER with her in the first place.

4. Back On the Chain Gang  By: The Pretenders

Fun group.  Can’t help but get caught up in the song.  Hey what’s that in the beginning?  Is that a VHS tape?  Ancient.  Fun!  I wanna jump up into the air and have the sky surrounding me.  She has cool hair.  Yep.  Lots of people walking by on the streets in the city while she sings at the water with the wind blowing in her hair.  So I THINK the guy she’s singing about is the first business guy we saw in the beginning who’s blonde because he keeps showing up.  Not really clear.  And let’s all sing, “Hoo Haw” over and over again in the background.  She looks like she’s trying to be Joan Jett.  Hurry!  Run up those stairs!  She’s following that guy…hmm…great social statement here.  Who’s doing what work here????  It’s all in the images.  Anyone getting the idea that it’s cold where they’re shooting this?  She looks kinda chilly.  Kind of a boring video image-wise.  Don’tcha think?  Not a lot to look at.  Look at those herds of people walking back into the rat race.

5. Sunglasses At Night  By: Corey Hart

I think we’re all pretty clear right from the beginning of the song that he wears his sunglasses at night.  My husband, Corey, jokes about how his mother must’ve named him after Corey Hart because his 2 other sisters have ’80s singers names too.  And then ha ha.  Not really…I think.  Someone needs to straighten up this guy’s room.  And whoa.  Getting motion sickness as we zoom in on him right away.  Reaching for the sunglasses of course…Was he supposed to be cute?  What’s with the hair and poochy lips?  I swear he’s pooching them extra.  Aaahh.  He’s looking at me with those poochies!  I’m cracking up over here.  Nice shoulder pads.  Yep.  They’re all wearing sunglasses–those shady uniformed peeps.  Ha!  Phone booth.  And why is he belting the song into the phone?  Gotta love how every time he’s wearing his shades there are equal reflections in each lens.  He looks like he’s limping.  I hope he’s OK.  Poor guy.  Yes.  We’re all shady, undercover, hiding individuals.  EVEN that mysterious woman.  Cool lighting through the grates as he runs up those dark stairs.  Scary police state might I add.  Extra scary cuz it’s so ’80s.  What is with his weird writhing in the bed?  Such a strange angle of the shot too.  Looks like she finally fell for those poochy lips of his afterall.

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 19!

Bring it on!

1.  Down Under  By: Men At Work

This has got to be one of the most well known ’80s songs EVER.  What the heck?  What’s with the one strapped leotard/swimsuit on that guy???  And did he just jump into the shot?  Yes, of course.  Banging bottles with drumsticks makes that specific drum sound.  Uh huh.  What’s up with the guy’s hair in the truck?  Of course.  Kick that truck!  ACK!  Look at all those people hidden away in the van.  Weirdness already.  I think I’d be nervous too if I met up with a strange lady in the desert who had a table set up to eat and invited me over.  Scary mustache!  And you know, we all sit on tree branches playing our flutes.  Duh!  Oh now we’re inside?  Dude that guy in the awful fake blonde wig is tall–or faked to look as such of course.  It took me forever to figure out he was saying “Vegemite Sandwich”.  It doesn’t sound so good to me.  Hilarious!  Their overly theatrical actions are cracking me up!  And you can’t help but love their outfits.  Wait.  Now they’re back in the desert?  What on earth?  3 of them are digging with invisible shovels to the beat and 2 others are dancing?  What’s going on?  And now they’re hopping around like kangaroos…Yes, I’m sure they’re really in Bombay…Nice basic studio set.  Well, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same again.

2. I Can’t Wait  By: Nu Shooz

They were kinda cool.  Liked the beat.  I mean, she couldn’t wait.  Can any of us ever wait for anything?  OK.  Thanks for sharing your pic of your dog with us all.  Tools falling into the shot in slow motion.  Alrighty.  And a banana too???  Can’t tell what that is opening and closing in the scene as we zoom into the dog on the floor.  Yep.  Someone making this video knows special effects.  Bet that dog is just thrilled to be wearing sunglasses.  Oh I had no idea there was a woman in this scene at all it was so dark.  Ha!  She’s looking at slides…nice plastic cactus in the background.  Sure.  A whole fish fits in there.  Not sure what this all has to do with the song but OK.  Nice shoulder pads, of course.  And gotta love those puffy bangs.  Had bunches of them myself.  They were hard work.  So she can’t wait till they’re all alone so she can do what with all those tools EXACTLY?????  I really think the producer wanted to show how much cooler their video was over all the others.  SOOOO RANDOM!!  And she looks bored.  And now that I’m dizzy and nauseous from falling for it and watching that thing go back and forth across the screen…Well that happened.

3. (You’ve Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)  By: The Beastie Boys

Oh dear.  They’re all sitting there lookin’ like “nerds”.  This should be good.  Lovin’ the pulled up pants.  Wag that finger Mom.  You tell ’em!  Of course.  Bring soda and pie.  And duh, “bad” people will show up!  Easiest door (if it even was one) to kick in ever.  And the cool dudes enter.  I mean, if there was ever anything I needed to learn back then, it was that I gotta fight for my right to party.  I mean, seriously.  It was SUCH A DRAG not to.  Except it’s too bad I wasn’t much of a party girl.  When I look back I was so BORING!  Very funny that all the people at the party are kinda dressed the same and almost hush hush.  Ew.  He just spit all that soda in her face.  Yeah sure I’d make out with you if you forced me down on the couch.  Funny that we don’t even see her face at all.  As if he’s really kissing her anyway.  Great.  Now there’s a fire.  What the heck?  Now some other dude is making out with her?  Geez.  Hmm.  Yelling into a phone receiver (ancient with a cord and everything) is gonna do what now?  And now long haired dudes.  I think I’d be pretty scared if the punch bowl was steaming like that.  And it’s always important to write “BATHROOM” in marker on the outside of the door in your own apartment.  I always thought it’d be cool to throw cream pies at people…as long as I don’t have to clean it up.  It’s so funny.  I always thought these Boys were so much older when I was a kid.  Now they look like babies.  I’m getting so old.  Ha!  A pie in the Mom’s face!  I love it!

4.  What’s Love Got To Do With It  By: Tina Turner

And we’re in black and white.  I never knew what to think of her as a youngster.  I knew her songs.  I thought she was a cool lady but WHAT WAS WITH HER HAIR?  As I’ve gotten older and learned about her I like her more and more.  I have quite a bit of respect for what she’s been through.  Show those nice legs.  She always did have good legs to show off.  Now that I think about it, it was always hair and legs with her.  Hello big hair.  Have you all seen her in the past few years?  She’s still hot stuff out there on the stage!  Ha!  The light reflects through her hair really cool!  Funny that the shot has to fit all of her hair in it.  Did we really have to see that suck face?  Awkward.  And is she naked?  We’re only seeing bare shoulders.  Like the spiral staircase.  Neat car.  Seems like they’re trying to put interesting things in each shot for us to look at.  I applaud the effort.  As a young gal I didn’t understand why she questioned love.  I mean, it was all about that wasn’t it?  I was such a romantic I guess.  Did the car run into that lamp post?  It’s awfully close to it.  Let’s all be serious in each shot when we’re not Tina.  Nice lighting design in this video.  Loving the hair and mustache styles.  Question: How many ’80s videos have checkerboard floors?  That is quite a hat.  Hope she doesn’t hurt someone with it.  I know with my wide brimmed hat it gets in the way of EVERYTHING.  Awesome.  That was so obviously a set at the end!

5. Missing You  By: John Waite

I know.  Who?  But I think once you hear the song you’ll know it.  It was played enough.  I always wondered if he missed the person or not.  As a kid it confused me big time.  Of course now I do believe it was denial.  Any way you look at it, he’s OBSESSED.  Hee hee.  Look at those cars.  MOST BASIC SET EVER.  Black floor and white walls.  He’s sitting by himself and smoking.  Nice hair.  That dangly earring is very distracting.  And another basic set with a bed and a lot of light supposedly coming through the windows.  So she’s unhappy?  It’s just not clear.  Nice sleeveless white shirt.  Did someone hurt his nose?  And another ’80s stalker…There were a lot of them back then.  Kinda creepy with him singing at the camera.  Makes me wanna look away.  And loving the shoulder pads of course.  Nice phone booth.  Slam that phone down!  You know, it’s just not the same anymore with cordless and cell phones.  You just can’t slam them down in the receiver like you used to.  Those were the days.  Nope.  He’s not missin’ her.  He’s just saying it constantly.  Cool blue jacket.  Poor lady is tryin’ to make the eyes at him and he could care less.  I’m insulted.  We’re supposed to not like her because she’s chubby huh?  Uncool for sure.  Is that hanging light supposed to be hypnotizing me?  Easiest shattering of a payphone ever!  Um hello!  She’s knocking on the door!  So the question still remains, is he missing her or not???  Geez.  Get to the point!

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 18

OK then.  Let’s get this party started!


1.  Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Movie: Breakfast Club)  By: Simple Minds

LOVE the Breakfast Club!  One of my favorite movies EVER!!!  And with an all star cast it helps even more.  And yes, this song is WAYYYY overplayed and still is now.  And enter random guy I’m guessing is the lead singer.  I have no idea what they look like.  And now he’s doing theatrical dancing.  OK then.  Nice outfit nice hair nice lighting with a huge shadow.  What’s with all the TVs showing random people?  Why do we care about them?  Oh and there’s the band in the back shadow.  Does he think he’s cool with his long arm swishes?  Nice plaid jacket.  WHAT THE?!  Why is there a rocking horse on screen and on set?  HELP!  Now there’s a random scary clown face!  I think I may wanna forget about you if you keep this up.  What is all of that stuff scattered at his feet?  Careful.  Don’t trip.  Whoa.  Just noticed his pants are pulled WAY up.  Too funny.  He may be the WORST LIP SYNCER EVER!  Look at him at the juke box not even keeping up with the “hey hey hey”…Oh phew.  NOW we see scenes from the Breakfast Club on the TV screen.  Was wondering if we’d ever see any of that.  And now I’m getting seasick.  Why is the room messier?  Keep on doing those weird claps.  Well now, that was a weird trip…


2. Looking For a New Love  By: Jody Watley

She was kinda cool way back when.  I remember this song really well.  As a young gal I liked her attitude.  She was telling HIM how it was.  So there.  OK.  Wet feet.  Guy checking watch.  Shot of her.  OH and then an old red phone.  Awesome.  Hmmm.  Where’s the audio?  Is there something wrong with my volume?  No.  There is something there.  Am I supposed to hear it?  Excuse me.  What is she doing with her hands down his back?  Shall I cover my eyes?  HEY there’s the music!  That was really awkward.  Cool spiral staircase.  I think this song was overplayed too.  I think when and if I ever danced to this song (probably in my bedroom behind closed doors and holding a brush as a mic) I tried to walk like she does to the beat.  That seemed cool.  I was rad.  Creepy big shadow hand reaching for her unspeakables.  Who made this?  Nice hair.  Oh OK.  Now she’s singing.  Was wondering…Awesome outfit.  Now that I watch this I’m not sure what I liked about her voice.  Those guys look like they feel silly.  You tell HIM honey.  That’s right.  Cool hat.  What is with these creepy shadow hands trying to grab her?!  Why are there random leaves flying at her?  It’s as if they were trying some new video effects and didn’t care if they fit the song or not.  Hee hee!  He’s tied up.  Get it?  Nice arrow pointing to her cleavage.  Those fireworks look dangerous!  OK.  What just happened?


3. Money For Nothing  By: Dire Straits

My specific memory of this growing up was listening to it on the radio in my parents’ car and it was New Year’s Eve and they were doing one of those BEST OF Countdowns and I think this was Number One.  Wish I could remember the year.  Anyway, I think we all liked the song and my Dad turned it up.  I don’t know why I thought it was so neat that we all liked the song.  Remember how revolutionary this song was with its computer graphics?  Still looks really great!  And yes, we ALL thought MTV was cool back then.  If only it still played music videos ONLY.  Cool.  Digital and analog mesh together!  Gee, did they see the future or what?  That was so long ago.  Awesome animated guitar played by a human hand.  All kinds of things are animated in a human world.  Nice!  You gotta admit, there is something so cool about a computer animated guy watching humans on TV.  Oh yeah.  I forgot all about that.  Is that Sting singing back up at times?  I just like his headband.  We do love our stuff.  Great point in this song.  Look at what’s become of us with all this technology?  I wouldn’t be able to do this Blog right now without it.  Goodness.  That lady is quite scantily clad.  I like the dog.


4. One Night In Bangkok  By: Murray Head

Ha!  I loved the beat of this song!  The ’80s were awesome!  I thought they were so cool.  Fun song.  Nice special effects with the checkerboard.  Aaaahhh!  Isn’t she gonna close her eye so that white square doesn’t go into it?  Love all of this smoke in this overly dramatic scene.  I have no idea what’s happening!  Oh sure.  Yep he’s singing.  Oh and look.  They’re playing chess on a checkerboard floor.  Get it?  She has quite a lot of make up on huh?  I feel disconnected in some way.  I think the whole video is.  Oh my goodness.  Is that the band?  Awesome.  I had no idea that’s what they looked like.  Neat shot looking up through the chessboard.  Funny how I really have no idea what the words are in this song.  Goodness.  Sooooo many stereotypes in this.  Insults galore!  And now we have a lit chessboard.  Nice!  Aren’t we all dancing on a chessboard?  Isn’t life just a game anyway?  How deep are we???  Those women aren’t wearing pants!


5. Smooth Operator  By: Sade

We all know this song don’t we?  How can we not?  It was played enough.  I’ll admit, I actually like Sade now more than I did way back when.  I like how soothing her voice can be.  When I was in college and working on television production shoots we’d sing, “Boom Operator” instead and now that’s all I sing instead of the actual words.  Oh the things that stick with you.  Lots of extras were hired for this video looks like.  And we’re in some sort of club.  I think I know where this is going…I bet that guy is a SMOOTH OPERATOR.  What?  Spoilers???  Oh and there she is.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without her hair pulled back like that.  Cool set.  Lots of red.  Whoa.  Her head’s shining at me.  I wonder if this is a real place.  Kinda looks like it.  Is she the only one wearing white?  Is that because she’s innocent or something?  I love how she sings, “Ask”.  Ha!  Look at that old film projector!  Love it.  Wait, what’s all this?  Ohhhh.  The SMOOTH OPERATOR was caught in the act…Uh oh.  There’s a gun.  What???  He has another woman?  Oh and look at Sade.  Her hair’s down a bit.  He’s wearing quite a short robe there.  So she hired a PI?  Is that what’s happening?  I’m confused.  Is Sade supposed to be upset there?  She doesn’t look it.  Oh and he’s married?  To who?  Which one?  Yep.  That’s an ice bucket.  Are those supposed to be tears going down her cheeks?  Perhaps she should just keep singing and not acting.


Did you have fun?  Got any ’80s memories to share?  Would love to see them!!!

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