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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 18

OK then.  Let’s get this party started!


1.  Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Movie: Breakfast Club)  By: Simple Minds

LOVE the Breakfast Club!  One of my favorite movies EVER!!!  And with an all star cast it helps even more.  And yes, this song is WAYYYY overplayed and still is now.  And enter random guy I’m guessing is the lead singer.  I have no idea what they look like.  And now he’s doing theatrical dancing.  OK then.  Nice outfit nice hair nice lighting with a huge shadow.  What’s with all the TVs showing random people?  Why do we care about them?  Oh and there’s the band in the back shadow.  Does he think he’s cool with his long arm swishes?  Nice plaid jacket.  WHAT THE?!  Why is there a rocking horse on screen and on set?  HELP!  Now there’s a random scary clown face!  I think I may wanna forget about you if you keep this up.  What is all of that stuff scattered at his feet?  Careful.  Don’t trip.  Whoa.  Just noticed his pants are pulled WAY up.  Too funny.  He may be the WORST LIP SYNCER EVER!  Look at him at the juke box not even keeping up with the “hey hey hey”…Oh phew.  NOW we see scenes from the Breakfast Club on the TV screen.  Was wondering if we’d ever see any of that.  And now I’m getting seasick.  Why is the room messier?  Keep on doing those weird claps.  Well now, that was a weird trip…


2. Looking For a New Love  By: Jody Watley

She was kinda cool way back when.  I remember this song really well.  As a young gal I liked her attitude.  She was telling HIM how it was.  So there.  OK.  Wet feet.  Guy checking watch.  Shot of her.  OH and then an old red phone.  Awesome.  Hmmm.  Where’s the audio?  Is there something wrong with my volume?  No.  There is something there.  Am I supposed to hear it?  Excuse me.  What is she doing with her hands down his back?  Shall I cover my eyes?  HEY there’s the music!  That was really awkward.  Cool spiral staircase.  I think this song was overplayed too.  I think when and if I ever danced to this song (probably in my bedroom behind closed doors and holding a brush as a mic) I tried to walk like she does to the beat.  That seemed cool.  I was rad.  Creepy big shadow hand reaching for her unspeakables.  Who made this?  Nice hair.  Oh OK.  Now she’s singing.  Was wondering…Awesome outfit.  Now that I watch this I’m not sure what I liked about her voice.  Those guys look like they feel silly.  You tell HIM honey.  That’s right.  Cool hat.  What is with these creepy shadow hands trying to grab her?!  Why are there random leaves flying at her?  It’s as if they were trying some new video effects and didn’t care if they fit the song or not.  Hee hee!  He’s tied up.  Get it?  Nice arrow pointing to her cleavage.  Those fireworks look dangerous!  OK.  What just happened?


3. Money For Nothing  By: Dire Straits

My specific memory of this growing up was listening to it on the radio in my parents’ car and it was New Year’s Eve and they were doing one of those BEST OF Countdowns and I think this was Number One.  Wish I could remember the year.  Anyway, I think we all liked the song and my Dad turned it up.  I don’t know why I thought it was so neat that we all liked the song.  Remember how revolutionary this song was with its computer graphics?  Still looks really great!  And yes, we ALL thought MTV was cool back then.  If only it still played music videos ONLY.  Cool.  Digital and analog mesh together!  Gee, did they see the future or what?  That was so long ago.  Awesome animated guitar played by a human hand.  All kinds of things are animated in a human world.  Nice!  You gotta admit, there is something so cool about a computer animated guy watching humans on TV.  Oh yeah.  I forgot all about that.  Is that Sting singing back up at times?  I just like his headband.  We do love our stuff.  Great point in this song.  Look at what’s become of us with all this technology?  I wouldn’t be able to do this Blog right now without it.  Goodness.  That lady is quite scantily clad.  I like the dog.


4. One Night In Bangkok  By: Murray Head

Ha!  I loved the beat of this song!  The ’80s were awesome!  I thought they were so cool.  Fun song.  Nice special effects with the checkerboard.  Aaaahhh!  Isn’t she gonna close her eye so that white square doesn’t go into it?  Love all of this smoke in this overly dramatic scene.  I have no idea what’s happening!  Oh sure.  Yep he’s singing.  Oh and look.  They’re playing chess on a checkerboard floor.  Get it?  She has quite a lot of make up on huh?  I feel disconnected in some way.  I think the whole video is.  Oh my goodness.  Is that the band?  Awesome.  I had no idea that’s what they looked like.  Neat shot looking up through the chessboard.  Funny how I really have no idea what the words are in this song.  Goodness.  Sooooo many stereotypes in this.  Insults galore!  And now we have a lit chessboard.  Nice!  Aren’t we all dancing on a chessboard?  Isn’t life just a game anyway?  How deep are we???  Those women aren’t wearing pants!


5. Smooth Operator  By: Sade

We all know this song don’t we?  How can we not?  It was played enough.  I’ll admit, I actually like Sade now more than I did way back when.  I like how soothing her voice can be.  When I was in college and working on television production shoots we’d sing, “Boom Operator” instead and now that’s all I sing instead of the actual words.  Oh the things that stick with you.  Lots of extras were hired for this video looks like.  And we’re in some sort of club.  I think I know where this is going…I bet that guy is a SMOOTH OPERATOR.  What?  Spoilers???  Oh and there she is.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without her hair pulled back like that.  Cool set.  Lots of red.  Whoa.  Her head’s shining at me.  I wonder if this is a real place.  Kinda looks like it.  Is she the only one wearing white?  Is that because she’s innocent or something?  I love how she sings, “Ask”.  Ha!  Look at that old film projector!  Love it.  Wait, what’s all this?  Ohhhh.  The SMOOTH OPERATOR was caught in the act…Uh oh.  There’s a gun.  What???  He has another woman?  Oh and look at Sade.  Her hair’s down a bit.  He’s wearing quite a short robe there.  So she hired a PI?  Is that what’s happening?  I’m confused.  Is Sade supposed to be upset there?  She doesn’t look it.  Oh and he’s married?  To who?  Which one?  Yep.  That’s an ice bucket.  Are those supposed to be tears going down her cheeks?  Perhaps she should just keep singing and not acting.


Did you have fun?  Got any ’80s memories to share?  Would love to see them!!!

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It’s An ’80s Kinda of Day Part 14

The ’80s are back this week!  I know you missed them!  It’s time for some fun.


1. Every Rose Has Its Thorn  By: Poison

Every Hair Band needed their power ballads.  This song keeps coming up on my ’80s station I listen to (yes I’m an ’80s music geek–obviously) so I figure it’s time I post it here.  Oh those Junior High dances I tell ya.  If only the boy I had a crush on would dance with me.  You know, barely touching  each other.  So romantic.  What is with the blue tint of the black and white filter?  Can we say DRAMATIC?!  And yeah OK he’s sexy here in this first dolly shot as the camera rolls around the bed where we see the unhappy big haired woman.  And still no music yet.  My goodness.  Get to it!  And of course there’s a storm outside.  Duh.  HELLO!  He was almost naked there when he got up.  That camera was right there!  I think I should be embarrassed.  I love the leaves on the studio floor.  That’s awesome.  Very natural.  And as with every other Hair Band we have to see the band jammin’ it up in rehearsal and in front of a crowd.  You know, these guys needed some good hair conditioning treatment.  I mean, look at those messes.  Can’t help it though.  This song holds a special place in my nostalgic heart because we all know “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” now don’t we?


2. Words  By: Missing Persons

I know.  Who?  If you listen you’ll know the song I think.  I have found myself bebopping to it over the years.  I don’t know of any other song by them but that’s okay.  Seems to happen a lot.  OH yeah.  Look at that COOL white filter over the picture.  This is going to rock.  Holy moly!  She is hardly wearing anything on top!  And that hair is awesome!  And that caked on make up is something else too.  Oh hey, looks like all of them are wearing a ton of make up.  Oh my!  And now we see she’s really not wearing much at all!  Well alrighty then.  What is that around her waist anyway?  And what is she saying/”singing”?  Do you think there’s a enough white?????  Well, looks like they saved a bunch of money since they’re basically in a studio and that’s it.  And is that guy behind her wearing stirrup tights??


3. You Might Think  By: The Cars

How can there be an ’80s Blog without mentioning The Cars.  I mean really.  So here they are.  Probably my favorite song from them.  We saw the lead singer in Boston while crossing the street and he is so darn tall!  And I’m pretty sure he was wearing sunglasses–of course.  Cool video effect in his sunglasses.  Well of course there’s a woman in lingerie.  And we all sleep in fake bedrooms made from green screen effects.  Uh huh.  And as per the usual in the ’80s we have another creepy stalker whose head pops up out of nowhere and who spies on her in a bathtub.  Apparently ’80s=STALKERs.  I’d be scared too if I saw those big sunglasses like that.  And then the band shows up on her bath sponge??  This is too much!  And then of course in her medicine cabinet.  I’m scared to look in mine now.  You never know who might be in there.  HELP!  He’s showing up everywhere!  And now his huge face is in the window!  And now he’s a giant?!  And then he drops her?  Nice guy.  Geez.  And she likes all the crazy things he does in the end.  HMMMMM….


4. Flashdance  By: Irene Cara

This is my father’s ultimate favorite song.  It always has to be blasted when he listens to it.  I had no choice but to love it growing up.  I also surprised him by playing this song at my wedding as our “Father/Daughter” dance and he had NO IDEA.  Of course, then I paid for it because he had me running all over the dance floor with him for ALL OF IT!  But it was totally worth it to see the look on his face.  Oh and then there’s the movie.  I remember being so inspired by it.  This woman was GOING FOR IT!!!!  She rocked!  And yes I did want to dance like her but that wasn’t possible…  It’s great to see shots of the movie.  Think I’m gonna have to watch it soon.  Brings me way back.  And you know, I don’t think I really understood the meaning of the song for quite a long time and now I get it.  Admit it.  You’re currently moving along to the music as you watch/listen right now.  OH and look at that.  She got the guy in the end…I think.  How sweet.


5. The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades  By: Timbuk 3

I know.  Again, who?  Well, we all know the song if not the group name.  I guess it’s a “shades” kinda list today.  OK, who couldn’t help but go around in school singing this song and even putting on their cool “shades”?  If you say you didn’t I don’t know that I believe you.  That’s what I remember doing with my friends.  We were cool like that.  Our futures were so bright…  What is with the donkey (is that what it is?) in what looks like the desert lugging an old TV around?  Is that what’s happening?  Oh now these are neat graphics for the time.  And the animation too!  Interesting statement about nuclear science and nuclear power I didn’t even realize…Those black and white lips are scaring me.  I’m gettin’ the idea these 2 thought they were so cool.  Anyone else?  Nice boombox.


Gotta love the ’80s!  So full of creativity!  ‘Til next time!!

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