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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 23!

Rad!  I’m totally back with my ’80s Blog!  That is so wicked cool!

Since it’s been awhile, I’m only going to start out slow again.  I’ll be featuring just one this time.  Feel free to post more if you’d like.


1. Like a Surgeon By: Weird Al Yankovic

OK so who doesn’t LOVE Weird Al Yankovic?  I know I do.  How can we ever forget this masterpiece?  We ALLLL knew he was mocking Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and it became a classic ’80s hit!  Must be awesome to make a career out of mocking other famous singers, their music and videos.  I remember going to see him in concert in my 20s at the Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire with a group of friends just for fun.  I thought, sure why not.  HILARIOUS AND AWESOME!  The guy is a true genius and an absolutely talented performer.  Talk about knowing how to entertain.  I had sooooo much fun at that concert and I was so surprised and pleasantly taken off guard by how great his show was.  I highly recommend seeing one of his concerts if you ever get the chance.

So we start off with nice red Ked-like sneakers.  Oh there he is.  The funny looking guy with lots of curly hair, dorky mustache and glasses.  Doesn’t even look like a surgeon really even though he supposedly has a doctor’s white coat on and a stethoscope.  Nicely made “I.C.U.” sign probably made by a Production Assistant because all ICU signs look that way.  I love how all kinds of doctors are being called all at once.  And this “surgeon” just looks annoyed that he had to attend to someone who sounds like he died.  Poor guy.  No one’s attending to him but Weird Al.  Great.  And he looks pretty dead.  Nice “dead” make up.  What the heck?  He doesn’t know what to do?  So he bangs the machine to get it to work?  Awesome.  Sure that will make the guy undead.  HA!  So then he bangs on the guy and the machine stops the alarm…WHAT THE?!  Oh if only it were that easy.  He got the guy living again.  So then we hear the beat of his heart with the beat of the song as it starts…

I LOVE IT!  Even his voice has a high pitch a bit like Madonna’s.  Nice.  RANDOM!  Why is there a lion walking through????  EEEWWWW!  That guy’s washing his foot in the sink!  And now someone’s washing pans too????  So silly.  Love it.  AAACCKKK!  Scary knives!  What if that’s what surgeons really use????  Now there’s a blow torch?  HELP!  SCARY!  Why does he look like a Muppet with that face mask on?  And now the lion again?  Yeah it’s so normal to see lions in hospitals.  Absolutely.  Always.  Um.  He’s not taking a saw to me…Fakest looking heart ever.  And we even hear the heart’s sloppy slimy noise as it slips out of his grasp.  And this is his first time?  Is that what he’s singing?  OH NO!  What the?  A yucky looking sandwich in the operating room he’s gonna eat?  Great.  Now someone’s blowing on an eye.  No germs there.  And the guy’s AWAKE??!!!  Scary drill!  Cracking up!  There’s a bullseye on his chest.  I’ve always wondered how surgeons really do it.  This must be the way.

I don’t know that I ever really listened to the words of this song.  Very funny.  Ha!  There’s a fake Madonna in the corner.  Nice.  Love the most fake looking brain EVER.  And the patient’s reading a paper.  Riiiight.  Who wants to bet it’d be an IPad now or something?  And he’s TAKING NUMBERS like a deli.  Ha ha!  This is too much.  WHAT THE?!  Why is there a football player in the operating room????  ACK!  Look at what he’s taking out of this guy’s body?  Maybe that’s the issue with all of our bodies.  We have all these items in our bodies.  Would make a lot of sense.  Love how creative this is.  A LIVE BUNNY?!  Poor bunny!  Great line, “My patients die before they can pay”…so he takes money out of his body.  Nice.  Good point.  Nice video effects…love those ’80s effects.  And now he’s playing all sexy.  This is too much.  Sooo funny and so silly.  And of course his waving arms whack someone he’s walking by.  And of course I laughed.  Oldest joke in the book and I still laughed.  Is it me or is it just wrong to see Weird Al be “all sexy-like”????  Kinda gets me all creepy crawly…NICE.  The beep is back in the song as it’s ending.  Nice little detail.

OK now this is too much.  Now we’re not even in the hospital and we’re in some studio against all white, he’s wearing some black netted thing and dancing with two others trying to be all sexy.  OH dear.  I’m scared to keep watching…  And of course the “guy” I’m guessing flatlines again…

Silly silly Weird Al.  Love that guy.  Love that he’s still working too.

Anyone wanna post some fun ’80s of their own?  I’d love to see them!  So happy to be back!

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I did I did! I got out, had lunch with a friend and I didn’t have to cancel! Yippee!!!!

Yes it was 100 degrees today and yes my MS was still upset with crazy heat fatigue, BUT other symptoms seemed to have calmed down. I was able to get up earlier and stay up, pull myself together, get out into the hot car and hot sun and make it to lunch!

The lunch was yummy at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery (and the tables were freezing–never had that before), the conversation was fun and the friend was so easy to talk to and be with (as usual–you know who you are wink wink). It was lovely! We ate from the lunch specials and got to save some money, we dealt with an overeager and very bored waitress (who hounded us about what we were going to order and did we have any questions and and and and…she was really like that), I had a refreshing berry limeade drink thingie and then we walked around the mall right next to the restaurant. The mall was quiet and relaxed, we overwhelmed our noses with fragrant fall candles at Bath and Body Works (some crappy–I swear a whole table was set up just with crappy ones….some wonderful–I swear a whole table was set up with wonderfully accurate fragrances of fall like “leaves”), looked at shiny things, giggled about gummy bear shaped earrings (totally cute) and about how the ’80s are so back in style with fashion accessories (can you say Madonna gloves from “Like a Virgin”?) and gabbed, gabbed and gabbed.

Then sadly she had to leave. I’m not sure where the time went. I stayed at the mall and walked around some more, poking, looking and trying oh so hard not to buy anything. I was a good girl. I didn’t buy one item. It was hard. Some of the sales were really great. Then again, it was so hot I doubt I’d be able to be comfortable trying on clothes anyway so it worked out. Before I left, I sat for a bit and just took in the ambiance. I haven’t had that much fun in a mall in a long time.

It was so nice to get out, see my friend and to be able to do ANYTHING in this dang heat. Sure, I’ll need to recover now but my mind/soul are happier. And my Neurologist would be thrilled to find out that I had some fun. His orders a couple of months ago were to have more fun. OK. I did.

And now I need to make my Rheumatologist happy and get some rest.

My body will be happy with that idea too.

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 16

Hi all.  I don’t know about you but I need to have some fun.  Jumping right in!


1. The Promise  By: When In Rome

And again we ask, WHO?  This is probably one of my favorite ’80s songs of all time.  I love the rhythm, the beat and the overall sound of it.  I can’t help it.  Don’t remember what I really thought of it when I was younger except that I must’ve liked it because I know most of the lyrics.  Oh and of course we start with a shot on a woman.  Gee how many ’80s videos start with a shot on a mysterious woman?  Don’t think I ever heard the beginning of the song before.  Interesting.  So there’s a piano in her belly?  Confused.  OK is it just me or did that hair flick look like a woman’s hair and then throw you off when you saw it was a guy????  Yessss.  We all know now you have long hair.  Geez.  Odd.  Her hair is very much like his.  I don’t think that camera/picture has stopped moving once.  Getting a bit motion sick.  And then we see random bald guy who sings as back up…just barely.  You know.  They’re just hangin’ out in a white room singin’ songs.  Fancy lighting through the window.  Yes.  The pouty woman he pines after or THEY pine after.  Can’t tell.  It’s so funny seeing how high up their pants are.  Oh and then there’s another guy who never looks at the camera who appears to play piano.  Alrighty then.  OK so the bald guy is not random really and also has a lead in the song.  I don’t know that I knew there were 2 lead voices in this song.  And let’s not forget the doggie.  What the heck?!  Is that a very noticeable hole in his jeans in an unspeakable area?  Get some new jeans!


2. Owner of a Lonely Heart  By: Yes

Another song I vaguely remember from my youth except that I know most of the lyrics and remember thinking that if I had a crush on a boy and that boy didn’t return my crush then I was THE owner of a lonely heart.  Me and my depth.  And we start on the band.  Don’t think I realized they looked like that.  Don’t know what I was expecting…Yep they think they’re cool for sure.  And the guy sings and looks completely AWKWARD and not nearly as cool as the rest.  Hello orange sweaty face.  Someone dry him off!  And another bad lip syncer…He could at least look like he’s singing and not keep swinging away from the microphone.  Why do they all look bored?  WHAT THE?!  This is new.  There’s talking in the middle?  This oughta be good.  A bird, a snake, a lizard, a cat—ARE THEY SHAPESHIFTERS?  What does this have to do with the SONG?  AND THEN they go back to the song and START OVER?  I guess they wanted to be epic, to be different.  And now a fake black and white movie.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON.  Anyone else?  There sure are lots of people being herded around looking unhappy.  Guess I’m getting the idea.  But then what on earth was the beginning?  Ew.  There are all these shots of yucky things–that is EXCEPT the poor black cat who keeps getting thrown on him.  Poor kitty.  And now we’re not in black and white.  So weird.  OK NOW THAT WAS A TRIP.  I’m troubled.


3. Heaven Is a Place On Earth  By: Belinda Carlisle

Ah yes.  A former member of the Go-Go’s is on her own.  How’d she do?  Pretty well if I recall.  She was okay.  Watching her now she sure was pretty sure of herself and woowee did she overdo it or what?  Look at those pretty light globe thingies.  Such a sugary voice.  Who else is troubled that they’re singing about heaven and yet everything else is black and they’re wearing black masks?  Does it feel like heaven to you?  Oh excuse me.  AND they have white socks.  Weird.  Goodness.  She looks like she’s trying be so sexy.  And that clothing is quite low cut.  Sappy sappy sappy.  Anyone wanna bet how often she was blinded by that stream of light in her eyes?  Whoa.  Now they’re spinning.  Apparently we’re on an amusement park ride.  She likes to show her shoulders.  I sure hope no one gets ahold of our earth and swings it around while they’re exercising.  We’ll all fall off!  Oh yeah and I keep forgetting to mention that random guy who is swinging around with her.  YES he is kissing her neck and she is way too happy about it.  And look at that.  She has hair wings!  Wow that brings me wayyyyy back.


4. Broken Wings  By: Mr. Mister

Wasn’t this song played on Silver Spoons or something?  I tell ya.  This guy cared.  Who doesn’t know this song?  I wonder how many times it’s been played on the radio.    One of THE ’80s classics.  And we’re in black and white in a cool car.  I can tell this is gonna be really deep.  OF COURSE we see a bird flying.  Get it?  Wings?  Bird?  Just singin’ and strummin’ his guitar by the window with a weird long blazer and cowboy boots.  You know.  The norm.  And now the band with the keyboard player wearing an awesome outfit with his sleeves rolled up.  Always so ’80s cool.  He needs ME so?  He looks so intensely at the camera.  Creepy.  So reflective.  Looks like quite a road trip he’s taking.  Hey that other guy in his band has cool hair!  Kinda funky.  And he finds a lone purse just hangin’ out…as THE BIRD leads the way.  Get it?  And yes I’ll admit that I wanted a boy to sing this to me at a dance or something.  Yes, I wanted boys to sing a whole concert to me at some point in my youth.  Do I now?  That’s negotiable.  Might freak me out more than anything.  Throw that map!  See if anyone cares!  He looks like he needs a hug.  A big bird in a church.  OK.  He has really white teeth.  Long song.


5. Like a Virgin  By: Madonna

LOVED Madonna as a young gal.  She was my idol.  I knew all of her songs by heart.  And…I had no idea what this song was really about AT ALL.  Oh the innocence of childhood.  Hmm.  Do we think she was a virgin in this video?  Look at that big hair!  And those clothes.  All the females wanted to be just like her.  Is she really in Italy in this video?  I don’t even know.  And we see cat paws.  Nice neon green shirt!  Such a pretty lion.  Nice heavy eye liner.  And she wears white because she’s so pure.  This is a crazy catchy song.  Look at all those ruffles and frills on her dress.  Surprised we can see her.  Always so dramatic even from the beginning.  Quite the production even on this video.  She has good balance in the water.  I would’ve fallen over by now.  Nice blue spandex.  Hope all that jewelry isn’t weighing her down too much.  Ha ha!  So funny to have a shot of the lion’s tongue moving back and forth 3 times to the exact beat of the song.  Never noticed that before.  I wonder if that pretty nice kitty walked that close to her for real or not.  Hard to tell.  THAT IS AN AWFUL LION MASK!!!  Hilarious!

Well now.  That was quite a trip down ’80s lane.  ‘Til next time!

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