It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 19!

Bring it on!

1.  Down Under  By: Men At Work

This has got to be one of the most well known ’80s songs EVER.  What the heck?  What’s with the one strapped leotard/swimsuit on that guy???  And did he just jump into the shot?  Yes, of course.  Banging bottles with drumsticks makes that specific drum sound.  Uh huh.  What’s up with the guy’s hair in the truck?  Of course.  Kick that truck!  ACK!  Look at all those people hidden away in the van.  Weirdness already.  I think I’d be nervous too if I met up with a strange lady in the desert who had a table set up to eat and invited me over.  Scary mustache!  And you know, we all sit on tree branches playing our flutes.  Duh!  Oh now we’re inside?  Dude that guy in the awful fake blonde wig is tall–or faked to look as such of course.  It took me forever to figure out he was saying “Vegemite Sandwich”.  It doesn’t sound so good to me.  Hilarious!  Their overly theatrical actions are cracking me up!  And you can’t help but love their outfits.  Wait.  Now they’re back in the desert?  What on earth?  3 of them are digging with invisible shovels to the beat and 2 others are dancing?  What’s going on?  And now they’re hopping around like kangaroos…Yes, I’m sure they’re really in Bombay…Nice basic studio set.  Well, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same again.

2. I Can’t Wait  By: Nu Shooz

They were kinda cool.  Liked the beat.  I mean, she couldn’t wait.  Can any of us ever wait for anything?  OK.  Thanks for sharing your pic of your dog with us all.  Tools falling into the shot in slow motion.  Alrighty.  And a banana too???  Can’t tell what that is opening and closing in the scene as we zoom into the dog on the floor.  Yep.  Someone making this video knows special effects.  Bet that dog is just thrilled to be wearing sunglasses.  Oh I had no idea there was a woman in this scene at all it was so dark.  Ha!  She’s looking at slides…nice plastic cactus in the background.  Sure.  A whole fish fits in there.  Not sure what this all has to do with the song but OK.  Nice shoulder pads, of course.  And gotta love those puffy bangs.  Had bunches of them myself.  They were hard work.  So she can’t wait till they’re all alone so she can do what with all those tools EXACTLY?????  I really think the producer wanted to show how much cooler their video was over all the others.  SOOOO RANDOM!!  And she looks bored.  And now that I’m dizzy and nauseous from falling for it and watching that thing go back and forth across the screen…Well that happened.

3. (You’ve Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)  By: The Beastie Boys

Oh dear.  They’re all sitting there lookin’ like “nerds”.  This should be good.  Lovin’ the pulled up pants.  Wag that finger Mom.  You tell ’em!  Of course.  Bring soda and pie.  And duh, “bad” people will show up!  Easiest door (if it even was one) to kick in ever.  And the cool dudes enter.  I mean, if there was ever anything I needed to learn back then, it was that I gotta fight for my right to party.  I mean, seriously.  It was SUCH A DRAG not to.  Except it’s too bad I wasn’t much of a party girl.  When I look back I was so BORING!  Very funny that all the people at the party are kinda dressed the same and almost hush hush.  Ew.  He just spit all that soda in her face.  Yeah sure I’d make out with you if you forced me down on the couch.  Funny that we don’t even see her face at all.  As if he’s really kissing her anyway.  Great.  Now there’s a fire.  What the heck?  Now some other dude is making out with her?  Geez.  Hmm.  Yelling into a phone receiver (ancient with a cord and everything) is gonna do what now?  And now long haired dudes.  I think I’d be pretty scared if the punch bowl was steaming like that.  And it’s always important to write “BATHROOM” in marker on the outside of the door in your own apartment.  I always thought it’d be cool to throw cream pies at people…as long as I don’t have to clean it up.  It’s so funny.  I always thought these Boys were so much older when I was a kid.  Now they look like babies.  I’m getting so old.  Ha!  A pie in the Mom’s face!  I love it!

4.  What’s Love Got To Do With It  By: Tina Turner

And we’re in black and white.  I never knew what to think of her as a youngster.  I knew her songs.  I thought she was a cool lady but WHAT WAS WITH HER HAIR?  As I’ve gotten older and learned about her I like her more and more.  I have quite a bit of respect for what she’s been through.  Show those nice legs.  She always did have good legs to show off.  Now that I think about it, it was always hair and legs with her.  Hello big hair.  Have you all seen her in the past few years?  She’s still hot stuff out there on the stage!  Ha!  The light reflects through her hair really cool!  Funny that the shot has to fit all of her hair in it.  Did we really have to see that suck face?  Awkward.  And is she naked?  We’re only seeing bare shoulders.  Like the spiral staircase.  Neat car.  Seems like they’re trying to put interesting things in each shot for us to look at.  I applaud the effort.  As a young gal I didn’t understand why she questioned love.  I mean, it was all about that wasn’t it?  I was such a romantic I guess.  Did the car run into that lamp post?  It’s awfully close to it.  Let’s all be serious in each shot when we’re not Tina.  Nice lighting design in this video.  Loving the hair and mustache styles.  Question: How many ’80s videos have checkerboard floors?  That is quite a hat.  Hope she doesn’t hurt someone with it.  I know with my wide brimmed hat it gets in the way of EVERYTHING.  Awesome.  That was so obviously a set at the end!

5. Missing You  By: John Waite

I know.  Who?  But I think once you hear the song you’ll know it.  It was played enough.  I always wondered if he missed the person or not.  As a kid it confused me big time.  Of course now I do believe it was denial.  Any way you look at it, he’s OBSESSED.  Hee hee.  Look at those cars.  MOST BASIC SET EVER.  Black floor and white walls.  He’s sitting by himself and smoking.  Nice hair.  That dangly earring is very distracting.  And another basic set with a bed and a lot of light supposedly coming through the windows.  So she’s unhappy?  It’s just not clear.  Nice sleeveless white shirt.  Did someone hurt his nose?  And another ’80s stalker…There were a lot of them back then.  Kinda creepy with him singing at the camera.  Makes me wanna look away.  And loving the shoulder pads of course.  Nice phone booth.  Slam that phone down!  You know, it’s just not the same anymore with cordless and cell phones.  You just can’t slam them down in the receiver like you used to.  Those were the days.  Nope.  He’s not missin’ her.  He’s just saying it constantly.  Cool blue jacket.  Poor lady is tryin’ to make the eyes at him and he could care less.  I’m insulted.  We’re supposed to not like her because she’s chubby huh?  Uncool for sure.  Is that hanging light supposed to be hypnotizing me?  Easiest shattering of a payphone ever!  Um hello!  She’s knocking on the door!  So the question still remains, is he missing her or not???  Geez.  Get to the point!

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