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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 20!


Jumping right in!

1. Super Freak  By: Rick James

Hee hee!  Who doesn’t love Rick James?!  Crazy guy.  And noooo, this is not the OTHER guy from the ’90s who stole his music and wore ridiculous pants.  This is the original music guy.  SHE’S SUPER FREAK-AY YEOW!  Love the sparkly wig in the first shot.  Gotta be crazy right away.  Hey, stop making eyes at me Rick James.  What the heck?  Now we’re in a white studio.  Cheap budget I guess.  And we have crazy dancing women.  I’m sensing a crazy theme here.  Whoa!  That woman has long hair!  Nice sparkly shirt he’s wearing that’s wide open.  He is too much!  I wonder how much of the glitter from his wig got in his eyes.  I don’t think I’d take him home to my motha either.  Wait, is that a body suit he’s wearing?  And boots???  Scary!  LOVE the door in the middle of nowhere.  Is that a portal or something?  Yeah okay he’s playing that guitar.  Of course he is.  Will someone wipe off his face already???  That mustache doesn’t fit his style AT ALL.  Someone shave it off please.  I wanna be an Extra in his video who just dances around.  Looks like fun.  Ha!  I love that part: “Temptations Sing!” and then we see them for a few seconds.

2. Vacation  By: The Go-Go’s

I’m thinkin’ Belinda Carlisle should’ve stayed in the Go-Go’s.  Definitely fits her more than when she went solo but that’s just me.  She’s such a youngun in this.  And an awful lip syncer.  This one’s a true ’80s classic.  Who doesn’t know this song?  Vacation is all I really want right now too!  What a coincidence!  Nice cab and hair.  I wanna just sing in a terminal of some sort that’s actually an obvious studio, with some other gals.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to break out into song in an airport?  Awesome yo-yo.  They all have some pretty rad hair in this.  How long do you think it took that gal to get the bubble gum bubble right in the shot???  Ha!  Those popcorn boxes still exist now!  Guess those may never change.  That’s it.  I’m gonna make a band and we’re all gonna meet in a travel terminal and start jammin’.  I think I’m missing out on all the fun.  And of course we’ve “clearly” time traveled in this video too.  And look at them water ski so perfectly…and what an awful shot of them in the studio fakely water skiing up close.  AWKWARD!  What’s with the random sailboat on one of the travel trunks?  What does the guy with the broom have to do with ANYTHING at the end????

3. Always Something There  By: Naked Eyes

OK.  Who DOESN’T know this song???  Another ’80s classic for sure.  This song is STILL played into the ground.  I think I’ve bebopped to this forever at this point.  It’s a part of my being even when I don’t want it to be.  And I’ve always thought the beginning music was a mess.  I think they were trying to be cool but it doesn’t work.  Huh.  I sorta get it now.  That’s wedding bells in the beginning.  Interesting.  Didn’t pick up on that till the video.  See what I’ve missed?  Wait, is the groom Scott Baio????  Oh and I’m seeing a love triangle of sorts here.  Trouble.  Uh oh.  I see a stalker again.  The ’80s and their stalkers.  The singer’s kinda weird looking.  Not what I pictured at all.  That woman doesn’t look that great to pine over.  What’s with the storming off?  Gotta love the gritty film look.  What the???  He goes into a restaurant where the happy couple is dancing and sits down right next to them and starts singing.  And she’s totally flaunting it all.  So weird!  Wow she hates the paparazzi huh?  Scott Baio sure is on the phone a lot in this.  Phone phone phone.  I hate to tell the singer, but she’s got too much drama.  He can do better.  Oh and look at that.  The 2 guys work together.  And…he was probably NEVER with her in the first place.

4. Back On the Chain Gang  By: The Pretenders

Fun group.  Can’t help but get caught up in the song.  Hey what’s that in the beginning?  Is that a VHS tape?  Ancient.  Fun!  I wanna jump up into the air and have the sky surrounding me.  She has cool hair.  Yep.  Lots of people walking by on the streets in the city while she sings at the water with the wind blowing in her hair.  So I THINK the guy she’s singing about is the first business guy we saw in the beginning who’s blonde because he keeps showing up.  Not really clear.  And let’s all sing, “Hoo Haw” over and over again in the background.  She looks like she’s trying to be Joan Jett.  Hurry!  Run up those stairs!  She’s following that guy…hmm…great social statement here.  Who’s doing what work here????  It’s all in the images.  Anyone getting the idea that it’s cold where they’re shooting this?  She looks kinda chilly.  Kind of a boring video image-wise.  Don’tcha think?  Not a lot to look at.  Look at those herds of people walking back into the rat race.

5. Sunglasses At Night  By: Corey Hart

I think we’re all pretty clear right from the beginning of the song that he wears his sunglasses at night.  My husband, Corey, jokes about how his mother must’ve named him after Corey Hart because his 2 other sisters have ’80s singers names too.  And then ha ha.  Not really…I think.  Someone needs to straighten up this guy’s room.  And whoa.  Getting motion sickness as we zoom in on him right away.  Reaching for the sunglasses of course…Was he supposed to be cute?  What’s with the hair and poochy lips?  I swear he’s pooching them extra.  Aaahh.  He’s looking at me with those poochies!  I’m cracking up over here.  Nice shoulder pads.  Yep.  They’re all wearing sunglasses–those shady uniformed peeps.  Ha!  Phone booth.  And why is he belting the song into the phone?  Gotta love how every time he’s wearing his shades there are equal reflections in each lens.  He looks like he’s limping.  I hope he’s OK.  Poor guy.  Yes.  We’re all shady, undercover, hiding individuals.  EVEN that mysterious woman.  Cool lighting through the grates as he runs up those dark stairs.  Scary police state might I add.  Extra scary cuz it’s so ’80s.  What is with his weird writhing in the bed?  Such a strange angle of the shot too.  Looks like she finally fell for those poochy lips of his afterall.

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