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The Crud of Healing

I’ve been sort of MIA lately because I’ve been doing a lot of healing. And man is it hard.

It always seems to me like healing should be something soothing and soft and gentle. Sure that happens sometimes in the process of healing. Then again, there are those skinned knees that scab over again and again and no, that’s not comfy at all is it? Lately it’s been some of the hardest crud I’ve gone through. And I mean crud. Yet deep down I feel like it’s time. This is it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m now seeing a Chiropractor at least once a week. He wants to see me twice a week but so much crud (he uses that word and I’m starting to use it again) has been coming up that it takes me a week to heal from it. Yet, it’s all a good healing. I’m beginning to feel like I can become a whole person. I feel better even though my body gets twisted and contorted in weird ways. And/or he has me working on some emotional healing within the therapy.

Right now his new technique for me is something called NET or Neuro-Emotional Technique and it is fascinating. I can’t really explain it except that he was able to tell just by pushing down on my uplifted arm and putting his finger in the middle of my forehead that I had emotional blockage somewhere in my body and that that was playing a huge part in my physical symptoms and my messed up mind these days. It was crazy. When he didn’t put his finger in the middle of my forehead and pushed down on my arm I was able to push back up. When his finger was on my forehead and he pushed on my arm it went straight down and I had no strength to push back. He had basically disabled my arm. CRAZY AND FREAKY. Apparently it’s sooooo many emotions that are just flying all over the place and I’m not sure what to do with all of them so my body stores them for me and well, let’s think, that’s probably not good huh? So not only am I dragging up feelings and emotions but now they’re all just apparently free to come on up even when I didn’t invite them.


I’m also going to a Therapist now who I believe was sent to work directly with me. She loves the color purple, she’s bright and peppy, her office is close to where I live, and she’s also very compassionate and knows how to reach me in ways no one else seems to be able to–even ME! She’s revealing a part of me I didn’t know existed or just wasn’t ready to know or something. Talk about uncomfortable YET it really is helping. I feel like I’m getting detoxed of yucky poisonous feelings. She’s cracking my shell and the feelings are just flooding out.

Apparently it was time for all of this to come up. Wish I had gotten the memo from me that it was time to really work on all this stuff.

It’s kinda crazy how it happened that I found these 2 very important Specialists on my path right around the same time.

Next thing I know I’m in the Chiropractor’s office at the first appointment and I’m wondering how I got there and how is it that it all happened so fast. I mean my friend had just been raving about him and there I was. Then I end up having 2 doctors arguing (and not even knowing it) over a medication I’m on and telling me I should see a Psychiatrist to see what the actual Specialist says about it all and the next thing I know I’m in a Psychologist/Psychiatrist’s office and again, kinda wondering how I got there.

I’ll repeat, it would’ve been nice had someone informed me this was all gonna happen. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t black out and become another person or my alter ego…at least I think I didn’t…no really. I remember asking about these 2 Specialists but I don’t remember deciding to take the action. Hmmm, could it be that I’m not taking FOREVER to think it all out as much as I used to and perhaps I’m going more with my gut? That I’m following the Path I’m supposed to be on and just doing it?


Just sayin’.

So for now I’m going to try to take the advice of these 2 incredibly valuable Specialists who have already changed my life in less than 6 weeks and try to be patient. They both tell me that crud is going to come up, that things are going to be messy and that it’s okay that things are messy. Really. It’s okay if things aren’t all done my way.

Weird. I mean it’s all supposed to be done and planned in an orderly fashion or at least “Nahleen’s orderly fashion”. Well that’s not happening.

I’m feeling incredibly uncomfortable, exposed, vulnerable and raw and yet I’m feeling the safest I’ve ever felt…whatever that means.

Guess there’s more to find out. I get to find out about who this shiny new Nahleen is I’m becoming. My Therapist encourages the purple hair. She says it’s only the beginning. Now it’s time for more piercings and tattoos according to her…She’s convinced there’s a much more wild and open Spirit in me just desperate to come out and she’s trying to gently tell all of me that it’s okay to come out.

So for now I just keep on trudging through the crud. I feel like a clam who just lost its shell and now waits to be eaten by the predator who broke that shell. Poor clam. I feel so bad for it. Must be awful. I’m such a softie. Hey that can be my new Activist project. SAVE THE CLAMS!

Perhaps another time…Continuing on this side note, I’m so relieved I don’t like to eat clams or I may have just ruined any chance of ever eating them again.

What’s cool is I’m pretty sure I won’t be eaten and that I’m going to be OK. Crud and all.

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Purple Hair!

Wow!  What can I say Purple Hair?







1 Year Ago today my Purple Hair and I were introduced and it has been quite a journey.  Every day I’d get up in my foggy MS/lupus haze and think about how my day was going to play out.  Sometimes I’d dread the day or feel lost in my symptoms.  Sometimes I’d be sad.  But then I’d look in the mirror and see that I had PURPLE HAIR!  It’s not the cure for everyday frustrations or for my physical problems, but it sure has helped A LOT!

Because of my relationship with my Purple Hair, I have found the courage to be more of the Real Me: The Real Nahleen.  I have more spunk.  I have more confidence.  I smile when I see my purple bangs fall into my eyes.  I am more creative.  It has helped put more skip in my step.  My world has opened up before my eyes.  And everyday is a new day with my Purple Hair.  It seems to change color/shade daily.  Sometimes it’s because it’s washing out (I have to re-purple every 2 to 3 weeks depending on my life, longevity of the color and when I feel up to it), sometimes it’s because it feels like it, sometimes it’s because of the curl in my hair and quite often it’s because I’ve changed the hue of purple I’m using or the brand.  Turns out there are quite a few brands out there that provide all kinds of varieties of purple to wear in your hair.  Sometimes it comes out like a magenta.  Sometimes it comes out almost black with a few lighter streaks due to the bleaching of some of those streaks of hair.  If my hair is straighter the purple doesn’t show up as much.  Oh yeah and then there are the times perhaps I haven’t used as much purple during the next re-purpling or it stays in longer or it just does what it wants to do at the time.

Each purple I LOVE!  And if I’m getting low on purple in my hair I can tell.  I get more down and depressed.  I don’t feel that extra spark.  I don’t have the spunk…you know, that extra umpf!

And to think I was so scared to really go PURPLE!  What was my problem?  What is the world’s problem that they can’t accept more colors such as purple, orange, green, blue, teal, bright yellow or whatever the heck someone wants in their hair BUT they’ll accept the reds, the browns, the blondes that might as well be yellow at times.  Who cares?  It’s a color!  What’s wrong with that?  SERIOUSLY?!  It’s just hair!  Why not be taken as seriously?  Why not be treated as professional?  I never understood that before I actually had the purple hair and NOW I really don’t get it.


That’s my world rant for the day I guess…but I digress…

The point is, I have learned that I needed this purple in my life.  I’m not kidding.  Ever since I was 10 years old I have wanted purple hair.  I tried some magentas here and there as I got older and some maroons BUT never did purple on my hair.  I didn’t want to make a mess.  That was one excuse.  I didn’t want to take the time.  That was another.  To be honest, it doesn’t take that much time.  If you have time to color your hair a brown, blonde, black or even red color than you have time to color it purple.  REALLY.  There are no extras involved.

Sure it can leave a stain.  Sometimes it looks like there was a purple explosion in the bathtub but who cares?  It doesn’t last.  It goes away, just like it leaves my hair.

What I have learned most since I started my relationship with my Purple Hair a year ago in March 2012 is that it’s OK TO BE ME.  And the MORE I brought that PURPLE out the more I was ME.  So here’s my advice to you all who are just chomping at the bit to do something funky with your hair, do it!  What are you waiting for?  I have cut my hair a lot shorter but I want to go even shorter and be more funky.  I’m still a bit nervous about that so I need to follow my own advice don’t I?  I guess that’s the next part of my path huh?

And if you have a color that you feel you really connect with in your life you NEED to bring it out more.  It doesn’t have to be with hair.  It can be with anything.  ANYTHING.


I absolutely believe that it will HELP YOU.


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