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This is the second time in a row that I have gone to the Dentist and been told that my mouth is doing really well!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!

See with LUPUS and lupus medications, I have had a tendency to have dry mouth syndrome (I know there’s a name for it), swollen gums, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, a sensitive or swollen tongue (TMI I know), cankers and just a whole bunch of IRRITATION!

Well lately I’ve been thinking about my Dentist appointment coming up and have realized that I have not been thinking about my mouth lately.  Now isn’t that a weird sentence for ya!  Funny how that is.  I have been thinking about issues and symptoms in my mouth for years…EVEN BEFORE THE LUPUS DIAGNOSIS IN AUGUST 2010.



That may have been more than you needed to know but I’m happy to share it because right now, any good physical health is a huge VICTORY for me these days!

The ONLY REMINDER I got from my Dentist is to be really careful and pay extra attention to my Wisdom teeth (yes I still have ALL 4 OF THEM!  If only I was more WISE from them…) because that’s where all the problems can really start since they’re so hard to get to.  I get that reminder every time so it wasn’t a big concern.



I was so up from that good news and appointment that I found myself eating lunch at the Veggie Grill using a gift card given to me by an awesome friend, and having my favorite B-Wing Salad (if you haven’t tried you have got to!), then driving to Santa Monica beach so I could pick up some purple hair dye and stock up at a new store (of which I LOVE and had no idea about–thank you SIRI on my IPhone–you may be creepy but you helped a lot today), ended up purchasing some special muscle soak bath salts that are all natural and stopped by a Jamba Juice to try to get some extra nutritional needs taken care of since I’m going on a special diet prep for a special Hydrogen Breathing Test on Thursday.  Needless to say Wednesday will be weird, hence the dying the hair purple to pep me up for Thursday’s “UN-FUNNESS” of no eating and no meds till after the test that may take over 3 hours (YIPPY SKIPPY), and nurturing the body because lupus and MS can get very irritated from being so OUT OF ROUTINE and depleted of all things to take care of it.

I also found myself driving along the coast and parking very easily at a spot along the street with my Handicapped Placard (best part about having one is parking and not having to pay for meters or worry about time constraints unless they’re Street Sweeping–learned that the hard way years ago) and walking down the stairway (COULD NOT HAVE PLANNED THAT BETTER), only to find myself walking out onto a WALKWAY halfway onto the beach and then straight towards the ocean.  It was a cloudy cool day so hardly anyone was there…THAT IS EXCEPT 2 DIFFERENT PHOTO SHOOTS (one of them may have been a music video–so WISH I knew who those 2 different women in different locations were with their whole entourages) and lots of birds taking advantage of the absence of weird human creatures.

Once that was done I dragged my satisfied self (getting tired by then but so happy to be taking care of myself and things just so wonderfully falling into place) to the grocery store to get some regular groceries and other items to help me get through the strange diet menu I need to have tomorrow to Prep for that Thursday test.

SO ALL IN ALL.  A pretty good day even if I do say so myself and I DO!

Was also nice to see that our Cleo Kitty was doing better since this morning because this morning she got sick I think from eating her food too fast and that always worries us with her health issues.  She seems to still be recovering but is much better I think.  Was probably good for me to get away and leave her alone so she could get some REAL rest but BOY was she HAPPY TO SEE ME AND I TO SEE HER.


OK.  Time to unwind…

It’s nice when days fall into place.  They rarely do that with such ease and I’m going to take the time to enjoy that…



That’s even better.

Hope you all have had a good day too!  We all deserve more of those!  Write to you soon!

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Ever Had a Left-Handed Hygienist Clean Your Teeth?

I have.  Today.

She’s bubbly, friendly, funny, gentle and left-handed.  It was so cool.  It doesn’t take much to excite me these days I guess.  She’s the first left-handed hygienist I’ve had.  I thought I had noticed her position in her chair as she cleaned my teeth the last time I was at the Dentist and today I asked her about it.  Not everything she did was the complete opposite of doing it all right-handed.  She said that in school her teachers ONLY knew the right-handed method of cleaning teeth and when she and her 3 other left-handed classmates (she tells me that’s very unusual for one class to have more than one left-handed person in it) got stuck trying to figure out how to do the next part of the exam they were learning with their left hand, the instructors would be stumped and wouldn’t know what to tell them.  She said it was really good in the long run because she had to problem solve each roadblock they hit in the mouth on their own (that seems very strange to articulate in writing) and not everything was completely opposite.  She also was forced to learn the right-handed method too in order to get by.  Pretty interesting actually.  So she then answered the next question I was going to ask her which was why it seemed like she had different methods for cleaning than what I was used to.

And why am I even talking about this?  Well because I had a good dental appointment today for the first time in years!  There are no real issues to report.  I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!  Amazing!  Not only do my wisdom teeth (crazy that I still have them) look good with no areas to watch for cavities, but my gums aren’t as irritated or bleeding (can happen with not only lupus and MS, but also with the medications I take for both–isn’t that just great???), and all the other teeth are good too.  Sure I have a bit of a cracked tooth (have no idea how that happened–guess this it it–I’m getting old…) but the Dentist had no worries about that AT ALL.  Oh and a lot of times my jaw and face muscles in general get really tired of being open for a long period of time (MS and lupus related during the cleaning and I didn’t have much of a problem with that either.

I think it’s the first doctor appointment I’ve had in a long time that was so positive–and get this–NORMAL.  It’s a really nice feeling.  I’ve been kind of a high all day about it because I feel like I rarely ever get a break from any doctor these days.  There’s always this underlying black/grey cloud hanging over my head about something.  I just have to stay very diligent about all the brushing, flossing, etc. that I do to keep up and all should be well.

Considering it was quite hot today it’s been a pretty good day overall.  It’s nice to be able to say that.

Thank you all for being here on the road to recovery with me.  It feels really good to share with you.

Hope you’re having a good week!




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