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175th Blog Post!: Doing My Best to Focus On the Positive

175 Blog posts I’ve written!!!!!


I am blown away that I keep on writing.  It’s been helping me so much.  You’ve been helping me so much.  All of you who Follow me, stop on by to read a few posts, comment on my Blog, email me personally (I know I still owe some of you responses) and who support me help me stay positive.

I was told by my Chiropractor last week that I needed to start adding EVEN MORE positive thoughts, elements, stuff, things–whatever it is for me to be positive–at least twice more a week.  He told me how some of his patients have done that.  As he’s been treating me, some emotions have been coming up like FEAR, anger and just being really frustrated.  Some of the emotions have been good too.  But in order to cushion the impact of the hard emotions (trying not to say negative because perhaps IT REALLY ISN’T NEGATIVE TO HAVE THESE HARD EMOTIONS), he’s highly suggested I add more “up” things to my life.

So yesterday while I was getting my apartment cleaned (one of the best things I have ever decided to let SOMEONE ELSE DO because there’s no way it would get done any other way), I found myself wandering a mall for awhile before sitting down, eating lunch and hanging out.

Here’s what I found in a store:


HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!  I mean it is SOOOOO ME!  It’s a hue of purple, it’s a “Keep Calm” saying, it says “Sparkle” and I love sparkly things, and it’s on a plaque thingie that I can put up on my wall to remind me to keep calm and sparkle.  It really helps me to remember that it’s all gonna be OK and I can get through anything because if I can deal with having MS and lupus I can deal with a lot of other crap…EVEN IF IT FEELS LIKE I JUST CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE…and believe me it feels like that often.

So this was one of my first attempts at finding more positive things to focus on.  Today I had PLENTY to get my nerves all in an uproar and then I saw that in my bedroom sitting on my bookshelf at eye level and it reminded me to BREATHE and remember what’s more important.


It’s not this other crapola that keeps getting in my way.


So after dealing with some tough stuff, I made sure to go walk on the treadmill in the “new” (I say it in quotes because it’s been in the apartment building now for probably a year but it’s “new” to me) for a bit and then head up to the sun deck, look at the sky and the world around me and remember what really matters.  It’s also incredibly humbling to see that I am a little thing compared to the rest of the world.  My problems aren’t AS BIG as the world so it helps to put them in perspective.

And then to think I’m well on my way to 200 BLOG POSTS!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being a part of my life.

I can’t wait to see what else is in store…well maybe I can…but to know I’m not alone helps a lot!

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CVS: Today’s Neighborhood Drug Store

Ha! I don’t have regular TV anymore but when I did I used to be nauseated by how sweet and wonderful everyone was on those terrible commercials. Those Pharmacists reminded me of the Stepford Wives (is that even how you spell it?) with how sweet and sappy their smiles were to their supposed “Patients” or “customers” or whatever you want to call them.

Here’s the coolest part. I have lived next to my CVS Pharmacy for a very long time and have used that Pharmacy to get my medications the entire time. They have always been nice. However, about a year ago the entire staff was changed over. Not sure what happened. There was gossip amongst the people in line about what had happened. One day there was one group of people. The next day there was a WHOLE different group of people as if nothing had changed. There was no announcement and then that was it. It was this new group. So weird.

And I can remember being upset and thinking that EVERYTHING WAS OVER.


There’s no way it could be any better. Trouble would ensue and I’d have to change Pharmacies. Life would be ruined.


And it turns out that this new group of people is FABULOUS and I might even have some friends there. They are faster, more efficient, are nice people and guess what? They don’t have to be nauseating Stepford Wives (why is that spelling bothering me?) or Cylons like in Battlestar Galactica with smiles painted on their faces. They can actually be good people AND…..

—PERHAPS EVEN FRIENDS. There are 2 gals I’ve become friendly with and I feel like we could even be friends. It felt lame at first to bring this up to one of the gals (I judge myself in a not nice way) but guess what? I had brought up hanging for coffee at some point with one of the Pharmacy Technicians a few months ago and I think I freaked her out a bit. It’s not every day someone is nice who comes to pick up medications and could ACTUALLY BE A FRIEND. I bet they spend most of their time dealing with upset and angry people (understandably, considering what I go through with Medical Insurance) and the last thing they expect is to really get to know people and hang out with them. I’m guessing she was also wondering just what I meant by “getting coffee” too…

And how cool is this? I bumped into the Pharmacy Technician I had talked to about going to coffee at some point (it’s in basically the same parking lot next door) and she and I chatted a bit today. You know, small talk stuff. Then she asked what I was doing and I said I was looking to cool off with something cold from Coffee Bean and she said she was on lunch and asked if she could come hang out with me. She also even offered to buy me coffee “so that way we can be real buddies” is what she said I believe. I politely declined and hope she knows she doesn’t have to buy my friendship. She was very sweet and that was a nice gesture.

We had a lovely chat for about a half hour while she was still on lunch. Actually I think she talked more than I did which I’m sure Corey and the rest of my peeps would be surprised to hear since once I get going I’m a real talker.

SO YEAH. That happened. It was a lovely break to my day and a great way to procrastinate and not do what I was supposed to do which was find paperwork for my new Appeals Attorney for my next Disability Appeal…but that’s a whole story for another day and I don’t want to ruin this post or my good feeling right now.

I hope you all get a chance to deal with nice people at Pharmacies too. It is my experience that they are hard to find (I mean I couldn’t deal with it all the time–BLECH!) but it looks like I’ve found me a Keeper..

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