Operation Nahleen New ‘Do!

OK.  So here I am.  I’ll spare you the scary in-between pics (weird foil and other strange things they do to your hair when coloring it and stuff) and show you the results instead.

I decided to go to a totally different hair stylist this time to see what would happen.  Devachan is the name of the place and they specialize in curly hair.  I really had a great experience there the whole way through.  I was pampered as soon as I walked in the door.

I had scheduled a hair appointment just to cut my hair and a hair color consultation (the hair coloring would come another time).  So what I didn’t mention earlier is that I had a VERY different hair style before this final hair style.  I LOVED IT BUT it wasn’t me.  My awesome hair stylist told me that if any adjustments were needed on my hair she’d do them at the coloring appointment.  So I really thought about how my hair was during the 4 days between appointments and came to the conclusion that it was really NOT going to work out.  I was looking for something fun, more out of my face (find that more and more I can’t stand it too much in my face–think it’s sensory thing with health stuff), off my neck (heat reasons due to MS and well probably the lupus too), could handle wearing a hat more (lupus–need to wear one almost all the time if there’s any UV rays or I can FEEL them), handle the curls, a little funky too AND OF COURSE IT HAD TO HAVE PURPLE!  Sooooo, at the coloring appointment I had a heart to heart with my stylist and she took care of it and together we came up with this.  I got to have 2 different hair styles and pamperings in 5 days!  I call it the ME DO.  She’s a Junior Stylist who is working her way up to Senior Stylist and I think she was pretty nervous because she was trying something very new and NOT what she had recommended at first.

However, AT THE FINALE, the Senior Stylist who was there was blown away by the outcome and exclaimed how SUPER CUTE it was!  That it was TOTALLY me and that I was a true artist by telling her what I needed.  So it worked out great because my Junior Stylist got a lot of praise and was also happy with how it came out.  I think we both learned a lot from each other.  She was very funny, sweet and honest.  Meant for me I think.  Turns out the Senior Stylist wanted pictures right away from his phone so that he could include them in their own Hair Style Manual for examples.  Well then.  That’s a pretty neat compliment if you ask me.

And without further ado:


Here’s the Final! Doesn’t really show how good it looked but it shows the purple!

Side view! Needed the cut to be short to be off my neck for health and heat reasons mostly. I love it that short!

The FINAL of the back although I shouldn’t say that because my hair stylist kept fixing it even as I was walking out the door…

And when I got home I kept playing with it so we could see it from all angles. It’s purple, it’s practical, it’s cute and it’s ME! I LOVE IT!

And another angle because I was having fun!

And I just had to show the top!

And I post this one because I feel like it shows my spunkier side. I’m thrilled with this style FOR ME!


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4 thoughts on “Operation Nahleen New ‘Do!

  1. Bonnie

    I TOTTLEY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Great job coming up with the really cute Nahleen look!!! It is just SOOOO completly YOU!!!! Loved the pictures, thanks so much for sending them…

    • Nahleen

      Thanks so much Bonnie!!!!! That means a lot. I needed it. It has helped me so much already!!!!!

  2. Kappa Curran

    Cute! Cute! CUTE!!! 😀

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