Wait. Wait. Wait.

Feels like that’s all I do. Isn’t that what human nature is about?

Why is that so frustrating?

I am currently on a digestive antibiotic treatment (basically detox) for yet another small intestine bacterial infection. I think this is my 3rd time going through the treatment. Right now I’m trying to get through day 3 of a 15 day mega treatment regimen. Needless to say it is no fun.

I’ll probably always remember the words of my Gastroenterologist, “I hope you get sick. That means it’s working.” Well, that was encouraging. We all want our doctors to hope we get sick right? Yeah, no not really. However, his point was clear. This will make you feel yucky so that you can feel better again. And you know, that first treatment was the hardest because my body had already been through a lot and it was the first time in probably years of carrying this infection (scary creepiness) that it had been told to LEAVE and that it was TRESPASSING and it fought back really hard. I felt big time crappy. Thank goodness I fulfilled my doctor’s wishes of hoping I feel worse to feel better…

And what’s that about too? How come so many of our treatments depend on us not feeling well before we can feel better? Not a great way to encourage anyone to “take care” of themselves if you ask me.

But here I am. Doing the darn treatment again. Why? Well, because I don’t want this infection invading my body. I have enough going on. I can’t help but imagine these little CHOMPERS of meanie bacteria inside my torso with big teeth and eyes of fury CHOMPING on everything they shouldn’t be and wreaking havoc in my system. Scary right?

So I’m gonna take something that doesn’t CHOMP on me but CHOMPS on them. So there. But see when they’re CHOMPED on I in turn feel the next battle and feel the wrath of the purge. Ooooh. I like that. THE WRATH OF THE PURGE.

Yeah, probably TMI but we all go through digestive things…

So that’s what I’m doing right now. Today I’m going through waves of nausea that come on really hard and then go away whenever they like and then I get these glimmers of physical and mental clarity that I didn’t realize had been missing for awhile. So this idea of “better” is there. It’s dim BUT it’s there…

Confusing but it’s time to say “Buh Bye to those Little CHOMPERS”. AGAIN. They are not welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Little CHOMPERS

  1. Hang in there:)

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