I and We.

I read something about I and We and Illness and Wellness today that I thought was really cool. Can I remember it? Nope. Will I get the words right? Probably not.

It stuck though. It reminded me I’m not alone.


I seem to need three word phrase reminders lately. Interesting.

Huh. Guess what? I’m not alone. You’re not alone. We’re not alone. We are all in this together. We can’t do this alone. Life is friggin hard. Lately I keep asking the Universe to just let up on me already. Seems like a lot of people I know feel the same way. How about you? How’s your life going? And I don’t know about you but all those positive saying BLAH BLAHS do not help. Perhaps that’s one way we all try to help each other but I gotta tell ya that they don’t help me at all.

-WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER. Whatevs. I’m now stronger than Wonder Woman. What’s your point?

-GOD DOESN’T GIVE YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE. Whatevs. I think the person who came up with that had like THE worst day ever and just couldn’t take it anymore and the only way they thought they could make it is to come up with that nonsense. I mean really. I have my own feelings about GOD and Spirituality and I’ll let us all have our own feelings and opinions and what I believe is that I would not be punished by what I believe. How awful would that be? NO THANK YOU.

-THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I will not even bother with Whatevs. Come on now. I AM STILL WAITING FOR MS, LUPUS, MIGRAINES, IBS, DEPRESSION, ASTHMA, ANXIETY, ALL THE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT TO PASS……………………………………………………………………………………..


So I think you get my point. However, we can help each other. When I was first diagnosed with MS, (multiple sclerosis) in December of 2002, I took so much of it on my own. With the help of therapy and A LOT of time and learning the hard way, I have started chipping away at my armor around myself and reached out to others and asked for help and also found that the more I reach out and don’t keep it all to myself, the better off I am. I can’t keep it all in. I’ll burst!


So I am trudging through my own experience and it appears to me that I do better with at least a few others by my side and together we all support each other. It’s really cool. To know we’re not alone is the best. My illnesses are very isolating and lonely even when I have people in my life. And I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and and a great Support System! I get stuck in my own body. It’s so hard to be social. I’m so distracted by my symptoms and the discomfort and I can’t be social very often, especially during the summer. The heat is terrible for all of my illnesses and the sun just sucks the life out of me with the lupus. So it does take effort to have people around.

To survive, I must not be alone for too long. I can be alone and regroup and have my quiet and get back to myself. That is it. Otherwise, being alone in my head and upset body is a dangerous place to be.

So it all comes back to what I said in the beginning and what started these thoughts. I and We. Illness and Wellness. So let’s see.

I and We.

Illness and Wellness.

I’ll try it with my own words. I betcha it’ll be just so much better. It’ll be a rough draft. Maybe you can help me out in the Comment section and we can play with it. I’d love for you to brainstorm with me. “with my Illness cannot get better alone. We can help me find Wellness if I let you help me.” Hmm. Not too bad. Seems convoluted but you know, if it was the first time anyone had ever seen a play on these words or I had ever seen it I’d probably be like Hey! that’s not too shabby.

The one I saw was so much simpler. OK here’s this one. I think I’m onto something.

“Replace the in Illness with We and I am closer to Wellness. I cannot get better alone.”

OOOHHHH. I like that one. For me anyway. I don’t think it’s what I read but this one is MINE. I like it. I’m keeping it.

OK. I’m satisfied. How about you? How would you have played with the words? Do you know the quote I’m talking about? By the way, any time you want to Comment please do. I really like to Interact with people on my Blog.

Oh my goodness. It’s not the middle of the night. Cool. I should go and rest. Today was a hard day. I DID NOT FEEL GOOD. Writing helped though.

Love you.



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