Just posted this on Facebook as my status and thought it was a GREAT BLOG RANT FOR TODAY!  Look at what I get to do tomorrow…GOOD TIMES!
“So I have to do a strange test first thing tomorrow morning for at least 3 hours called the Hydrogen Breathing Test. They’re going to be giving me things to ingest (great–something tells me it won’t be yummy) and have me blow into a balloon-like thingie to see how my digestive system reacts… Oh goody. Something tells me I may not be feeling too good from this. And I’ve also been doing a strange type of prep diet for it that makes me feel both full and hungry at the same time. Glad to be able to eat but so bizarre. Leave it to me to have to do weird tests and do weird things to see if I can find out what’s going on in my body. Soooo, I’ll be bringing books and music and posting a lot on FB I’m sure with my phone even though they don’t have WiFi–which reminds me to bring a charger… So that means I can’t really watch anything because my IPad doesn’t have WiFi but oh well. I’m told I’ll be doing this test with a small group of people. I hope they’re OK to hang out with that long or it could be even more fun! So yeah. That’s what I’ve been preparing for all week. Please if you can, send along some good vibes. I can’t eat or drink ANYTHING after 8:30pm tonight because I need 12 hours of no ingestion and the tests starts at 8:30am. NO WATER?! BUT I LIKE WATER! I’m ALLOWED to brush my teeth and rinse thoroughly in the morning BUT THAT IS IT. Sooooo, I won’t be able to eat or take any meds (but WHAT THEY GIVE ME–ACK!) till at least 12pm tomorrow if I’m lucky…OY!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, I HAVE NOTHING ELSE PLANNED AFTER THE TEST EXCEPT TRYING TO EAT IF MY BELLY IS NOT TOO MESSED UP FROM WHAT THEY’VE GIVEN ME AND TAKING MY MEDS SO I CAN FEEL MORE LIKE ME AGAIN…OH AND RESTING SHOULD BE GOOD TOO…Will be glad when it’s over that’s for sure.—And this is all happening when my digestive system is starting to settle down again…OF COURSE! TIMING IS EVERYTHING RIGHT!?”
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