Hey there!  Happy Friday!

Welcome to all my new followers.  All of you on my Blog journey rock my world.  Thank you so much for being here with me.  Today’s a bit harder for me after a pretty good week because I’m feeling “blech” and my Cleo Kitty isn’t feeling well at all today.  Poor little girl.

I can’t stand feeling “blech”.  At least my body hasn’t totally crashed like it did almost 3 weeks ago but at the same time, I have to rest and yet I’m a bit restless.  Such a weird place to be.  I had quite an active week so I know why I’m feeling this way.  It’s hard not to get too resentful that I’m feeling crappy today because I had more of an active week.  I mean, really?  Why can’t I just be active and then be tired and that’s it?  Nope.  My MS and lupus make me pay more attention to me and my choices and so that’s just the deal.  All shenanigans I had planned for today have to wait and well, so do I, I guess in some ways…

It’s Cleo Kitty feeling yucky that is always hard for me.  At least now we know it’s not cancer so that’s great but it’s probably some sort of immune related IBD of some sort and the hardest part at this point is to get her to eat again.  It hasn’t been a full 24 hours of her not eating but it is getting close.  I try not to freak out but of course I get sad.  She seems happy or at least positive, she’s up on the bed instead of underneath it hiding and isolated and she lets me pet her.  So all of these things are encouraging.  So I have a few other idea up my sleeve that I’ll be implementing soon to see if she’ll eat.  I hope they work.  She puked this morning and hasn’t puked since so that’s a big positive too.  But I’ll admit it’s hard.  She’s my daughter.  She’s my baby girl.  I want her to always feel good…even if that’s not realistic…

So I think in order to combat the “sads” I’m getting, I want to post some Moments of Peace I’ve had in the past few months.  Remember when I used to do those every week?  I gotta try to do those more regularly again because I really like doing them.  The last time I did a Moments of Peace post was in September 2012 I think.  Soooo, without further ado, I’ll post some Moments of Peace I’ve had in this new year of 2013:


Happy New Year 2013! Corey and I made it! Aren’t we cute? Apparently we are because we got a lot of compliments with this picture. I guess my forehead attached to his cheek is cute.

Happy New Year’s Day! Thank you to the first day of 2013 for giving me such a wonderful view from my balcony that morning! Such a gift!


My view on one of my walks in West Los Angeles, CA. It was a glorious sunset of glowing golden oranges and yellows…


I LOVE THESE WHITE PUFFY CLOUDS! White puffies are my favorite! There were white puffies the entire day when I took this picture. And look at that BLUE sky! Love it!


There are still some fall leaves in Los Angeles, CA. Go figure. While the leaves are dying, there are tons of new pine cones everywhere all at the same time. So interesting to really see it all happen this season. These fall leaves really caught my eye and made me nostalgic for my old home in New Hampshire…


The sky is always putting on a show. I watched the clouds and the sun set for about a half hour one evening and the show was mesmerizing as I watched the shadows and pinks dance around the clouds. The clouds were also making all kinds of shapes. It was a wonderful experience!


Soooo happy to see these new blooms on my new Christmas cactus! Soooo pretty.


Aren’t these flowers just luscious! Saw these in an arrangement and was so taken by them!


And these are even more luscious flowers within the same arrangement! I wanted to take the arrangement home with me but I think the people in the restaurant would’ve noticed…


This week I was able to take a day trip away from West Los Angeles, CA and drive about 45 minutes to Rancho Palos Verdes, CA where a friend of mine lives. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a great time! Here’s the Lighthouse at Palos Verdes, CA.


I think the sun and the ocean speak for themselves in this wonderful view in Palos Verdes, CA but to actually catch a pelican in view and in the picture was really great. My Granny loved pelicans and I’d like to think that she was saying “Hi” to me! Hi Granny!


My friend Kendra and I were absolutely belly laughing with hilarity and had completely lost it by the time we finally got this picture of the two of us! We just couldn’t get it to work no matter what! It was so much fun! I think you can see the laughter here in the picture which is why I love it so much. And by the way, she mentioned she thought it looked like there was a candle coming out of her head and well, now I can’t get that out of my mind. Hopefully she’ll read this and laugh again from it all. I’m giggling now just thinking about it.


Hey that’s me at the Lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA! I’m picky about pictures of myself and I think this one isn’t so bad. Soooo, OK. I’ll post it.


On the drive home I was able to take some amazing sunset pictures along the way. I think this one speaks for itself. Breathtaking…


So I changed position of the camera, centered on the sun and zoomed in. This is what I got. Just breathtaking…


So from that same position as the previous picture, I zoomed in more and the result is well…it’s WOW…there are no words to describe…


And that’s how I’d like to end my post for the day.  I hope you all enjoyed my Moments of Peace.  Posting them helped up my mood a bit and feel more positive.  So happy to be able to share them all with you.

Have a wonderful and pleasant weekend all and thank you again for being you!

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One thought on “MOMENTS OF PEACE PART 19!

  1. Kendra

    I love these! And, yes, the pic of you and me is hilarious. It made me laugh all over again. You are welcome any time…

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