WOW! I have walked every day for 150 days!

AMAZING! I would never have guessed that I could do that before Physical Therapy almost 5 months ago. NEVER. And how does that saying go? “Never say never.”

Hey, if that’s true, I’ll say I’ll never lose the weight I want to lose ever. Do you think that’ll work? So I’ll be losing weight from now on right? Ha! If only. But you never know.

I am so proud of myself. I think it’s really paying off. I make it a point to take a walk. It may be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It all depends on what I’m doing. It may be outside, inside, a walking dance meditation or I march in place. The point is, I’m doing it. That’s almost 5 months of moving my legs.

How cool is that? I have multiple sclerosis and lupus and I have been walking EVERY DAY now for months. I have walked even during this crazy hot summer, through hard times, better times, illnesses and you name it. I have WALKED.

One day at a time!

And I don’t plan on taking a day off from walking any day soon…

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6 thoughts on “150 DAYS OF WALKING!

  1. Bonnie

    HARAY!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT job!!! Keep up the hard work!! Sounds like it’s all paying off too, so just when you thought you couldn’t keep going, well you then up and kept going.. Sounds a little like the energizer bunny, now doesn’t it!! Well just keep it going and going and going…………….. YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    love and miss you boat loads,

    • Nahleen

      Thank you lovely Bonnie Mommy-in-Law. And it can be hard work but now you’re right, I just can’t stop. It’s kinda just the way it is. I think the key is NO PRESSURE.
      love and miss you boat loads too,

  2. N: You might really enjoy a new book I read a few momths ago. The publishers raved about it before it was released to the book reviewers, and book reviewer I know passed it on to me. Very good read. Hmmmm… a book to read while walking. Check out the reviewer’s blog and my second guest review of this book, “The Uncommon Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.” The author is an acclaimed playright, and I believe it is her first book. LA

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