Moments of Peace Part 18

Hey all.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my Moments of Peace.  Life’s certainly been happening and it’s been hard to focus.  Hope you’re all well.  Happy Friday!  Welcome to my new followers!  You are all neato!  By the way, I’m happy to report that I’m getting better and better with the help of heavy duty antibiotics to treat the small intestine bacterial infection that was taking over my torso.  Hopefully it stays that way.  I take my last antibiotic pill for it tomorrow morning.  Crossing my fingers for sure!

09/14/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. ‘Tis the time of year for golden sunsets…and fires… It was mighty hot last Friday and some fires started a few miles north of us. The dark stuff you see along the horizon is smoke. Can’t help it. Smoke always makes for pretty sunsets.  Thankfully, the awesome firefighters were able to contain the fire.

09/15/12 My view on my walk in West LA as day turns to mostly night. Went on a pretty late walk and it was barely light out. I like these lamp posts.

09/15/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Love this glowing sunset. The colors were so deep and vivid. There’s still some lingering smoke from the nearby fire. And I always love to see the sparkling city lights.  Oh and might I add, it was 104 in West LA that day.  Quite a scorcher!

09/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA. It was still quite hot but not nearly as boiling as the day before. Corey “kicked” me out (nicely) because I was going crazy about whether Cleo Kitty was really ill or having a bad reaction to her meds or what and I had just had enough with the heat and my own health. Taking a walk DID help. I’ll admit it. Love these bottle brush trees. It’s cool to see the detail in this.

09/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA. This was another one I took on my walk to escape for a bit. Loving the pinks and just look at the intensity of the sun!

09/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA. Really like this one. Love catching the sun “peaking” through a palm tree. Again, the sun was so intense. It’s a wonder I didn’t melt while I was outside.

09/16/12 My view on my walk in West LA. I love these trees. They are really flourishing right now. It’s been more humid than usual and I’m guessing that’s the reason. Something about the way the light hits these trees really caught my eye and helped me calm down from all the stress. Plus I could hear the breeze through the leaves and that is one of my favorite things.

09/17/12 And then there’s my Cleo Kitty. She was so ill on Sunday. By Monday she was sooooooooo much better. It is a true miracle! She’s had a really great week and seems so happy to be alive! I almost forget about Sunday…

09/17/12 I love this little girl so much. Ignore my hair. I’m soooooo not ready for pictures in these. But what matters is my Cleo Kitty!

09/17/12 And just one more of her. I think the picture says it all. She is so special and a gift.

09/17/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Took this in a Whole Foods parking lot of all places. Thought I’d change the angle to put a new view on things. Love those glowing clouds.

09/17/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. The sun’s peeking between the trees.

09/17/12 Here our Cleo Kitty is joining us for dinner. We try every night to make sure to pull up her chair so she can join us and she does quite often. She’d really like to eat what we’re eating too. It’s so good to see her back out in the world.

09/18/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Liking how the blues are blending with the golds.  Oh yeah.  And there’s a little sliver of a moon.  Can you find it?

09/19/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Why yes that’s a plane. I get to see planes fly by quite a bit when I’m on the sun deck as they fly in off the water from their U-turn to land at LAX. And can you find the moon again? It’s neat to get them both in the shot.

09/20/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. WELL HELLO there beautiful sky. Thank you for the gift.

09/20/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Love how the sky has a darkened hue around the moon as it takes over the sunset.

09/20/12 This one was so weird. Such an odd beauty. I thought I’d take a look inland from the sun deck as day turns to night (toward Hollywood) and I saw that the west side was covered in a very very light haze/fog.   The east side, however, wasn’t.  What we see here is the result of that.  See that bright building reflection to the left? The sun appears to be reflecting off the building and the haze/fog as if the building has a force field of some kind. Really neat. Never seen anything like it before.

And that wraps up a long awaited Moments of Peace!  I hope you all have a peaceful weekend!

Much love.

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