Thank You! Yes You!

You are reading this right now and I thank you. I wanted to send a little note along to you all and share my gratitude and appreciation for your support, encouragement, conversation, and anything else connected to a Blog that I know I’m missing.

(My head is not thinking straight. This heat is kicking my butt today. Mega slow motion…UGH.)

For years I was unsure anyone REALLY wanted to know my story. I mean, why me? There were lots of people who tried to tell me I had a story to tell and that people might want to read it. My thinking is that we all have a story to tell and I had this odd idea that since we all had a story to tell that mine wouldn’t be good enough or that you wouldn’t care. But you do care.

It finally clicked at the beginning of this year that it shouldn’t be about whether you all want to read or know my story but whether I want to share it. Then it became a NEED to share it because I was going to burst! I needed to get it out. There has been so much inside me for years…so much I needed to express. I used to write a lot when I was younger and I loved it. Then I lost site of it as I explored other creative paths (and because one college professor didn’t like my writing so woe is me I can’t write ANYMORE–dramatic I know) and built a wall to block my writing as high and tall as I could muster. I wanted to write about my diagnosis story with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago when I was first going through the traumatizing hell of trying to figure out what was wrong with me but I wasn’t ready. And yes, I think it took me nearly 10 years to take down that wall piece by piece.

And so March of this year was the time to TRY. Apparently I was READY. I couldn’t stop once I started. It was all starting to burst out the flood gates because now there was some freedom. It’s hard to get the crap out. It’s hard to be vulnerable and to tell the truth–to be personal and yet I’m learning it’s so important to get it out.

AND you have all been there with me. You responded to my Blog posts about MS, lupus, doctors, appointments, concerts, health, heat, people, ’80s, my moments of peace and the topics really are endless. You liked my posts on Facebook. Yes I’m on Facebook (I mean, who isn’t right?) as “Nahleen Blake”. My page is private so please send me a friend request and feel free to let me know who you are and how you found me. I love to converse on there with all kinds of people. It’s been great to catch up with old class mates from way back to new people and to hear your feedback about what I post and the messages/photos I post. I’m also on Twitter as “nahleenblake”. Feel free to follow me if you like. I would love it too if you responded to my Blogs and we opened up conversation. One of my favorite things is to connect with people. Please talk to me. I’ll be honest. It’s kinda weird putting myself out there to what feels like the “WHOLE WORLD”. You can also send me an email and there’s a link to my email on my “About” page.

THANK YOU. (And Corey–thank you with all my heart. You are my biggest support of all. You have coached me and loved me the whole way through. That means so much to me.)

You are ALL helping me to BE ME.

That matters most.

P.S. Anyone know of a human-sized refrigerator I can go in now to cool off so my MS doesn’t act up anymore in this heat????

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