1 Whole Year!

I had a gynecologist appointment yesterday and I’ll spare you all the details BUT I’ll share the really good DETAIL with you. Get this! If all continues to go well she doesn’t want to see me for:


“That seems like a long time for you doesn’t it?”, she quipped.


I don’t remember the last time a doctor said they didn’t need to see me for a year. It has to have been before my lupus diagnosis which was almost exactly 2 years ago. That is crazy. If I’m lucky now and things are improving I get told to see one of my gazillion doctors every 2 months, 3 months, and I was excited to be told 6 months the other day.

I mean who knows? I might get stuck with something that brings me back sooner BUT JUST THE IDEA OF ALL THAT TIME IS SO EXCITING!

And what’s so cool is that this doctor I saw yesterday seems to connect with compassion and have the understanding of what kind of good news that is.

IT’S PRETTY DANG AWESOME! I’ll take it for now and not let my head get ahead of myself with the “What ifs” crapola it always wants to come up with.


Thought I’d share this with you since I wanted to talk about something good. Otherwise, yes I know it’s summer blah blah blah, BUT this heat is KICKING MY BUTTINSKY and everything is extra work, extra effort, my symptoms are flaring with the heat and sun and it’s not fun. It’s very easy for my head to get into fear and doom and gloom and think that the heat will never stop and I’m getting worse and THAT I JUST CAN’T DO IT…BUT somehow I do. I’m stubborn like that. Sometimes it’s an asset to be as stubborn as I am.

Also sending love, prayers and hugs to my sister and her husband who lost their baby kitty very unexpectedly today so as you can guess any wind I had in my sails has been blown out of me and I’ll need to take it easy today. Hopefully things can pick back up tomorrow but I gotta process this. He was such a sweet little boy kitty with such a face and I am very sad.

Love to all! Gotta get back to resting…

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