It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 15!

100TH BLOG POST!!!!!!

Yay!  Time for some ’80s celebrating!  So neat that I could write 100 Blogs.  Wowie Zowie!

So let’s party!


1. Gloria  By: Laura Brannigan

I loved this song as a young gal.  I just belted it out and I had no idea about what I was singing.  All I knew was that this woman named Gloria had a song about her.  OK loving the disco ball right away–oh and the star filter is on so we see sparkles too.  Nice.  So she’s in a studio all by herself and standing on her own circle.  Looks like we’re watching Star Search.  Remember that show?  Hope no one had a hard time with all the sparkley-strobe effects on this.  Otherwise, who designed this set?  The color is SO BORING.  Low budget for sure.  Swing those hips and wear that black sparkley shirt.  Wow she’s an awful lip syncer.  Awesome lightning bolt belt!  Wait are those spandex she’s wearing?  Just noticed that.  She looks like she’s about to fall asleep singing this.  Oh it’s so dramatic in slow motion.  At the end it looks like she has a question to ask her teacher.


2. Every Breath You Take  By: The Police

Who doesn’t like Sting?  He’s really great and talented.  Not sure what happened to the rest of this band when he went solo.  This song’s pretty haunting and as I get older it sounds creepier.  Seems like it might be another stalker song if you ask me.  However, I can’t help but like it.  Gotta love the black and white effect.  Hey that was kinda cool–that effect of the ash tray dissolving into the drum.  Nice.  Sting’s kinda cute here.  One thing I really like about this group is that they aren’t too flashy–VERY not ’80s really.  He kinda pooches his lips out when he sings doesn’t he?  Scary look when he looks at the camera with “I’ll be watchin’ you”…Cool lighting too.  This song has quite a music production doesn’t it?  Love the look of the piano against the window.  Ha!  Don’t think I ever noticed the window washer behind the band. Hmm…who’s hand is that?


3. Won’t Back Down  By: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

I’ll admit it.  I don’t know that I really cared that much about Tom Petty and his peeps way back when but I sure did know their music.  I like him more and more lately.  This is one of my favorites.  Gotta love the way he sings.  He is one unique guy isn’t he?  That’s neat.  He’s bent over a box and he opens the lid and the music video shows in the box basically.  And of course he and his band are performing in a black studio with a bright light with a soft effect.  Ha ha!  I’m loving watching the guy dancing in the back right corner in what I think is a light blue suit.  Awesome.  Oh look at that.  It’s Ringo on drums!  And I just checked my facts on the internet (it KNOWS ALL) and yes, that’s George Harrison too.  So should this be more like Tom Petty and The Beatles???  Oh my goodness.  I’m cracking up now because I’m realizing that the guy I pointed out dancing in the background is George Harrison.  That is so funny!  Whoa.  Didn’t know we’d be taking a Disney ride with the footage playing in the background like that.  Weird angles.  OH look Ringo is pushing a big globe.  Ha!  He’s having a lot of fun with that globe isn’t he?


4. Call Me  By: Blondie

A good ole ’80s classic for ya.  How could I not have an ’80s list without Blondie.  She was pretty cool.  I think what I learned growing up was to call her.  Hey she’s holding a newspaper on the street.  Newspapers are SO ’80s…  Look at her!  She’s having fun on the beach!  She’s quite pretty.  Whoa.  Now she’s stripping–OH, that’s just her bathing suit.  Phew!  OK just realized this.  When I was a little gal I thought she was sooooooo much older and now I see her in this video and she looks sooooooo much younger than me.  ACK!  Wow she has great hair that flies all over the place when she jumps.  Is it me or are these shots of her on the stage just weird and kinda awkward because she keeps looking down or has sunglasses on or something?  Can’t place it.  Oh that’s what she says there?  Thanks for random the text on the screen to clear that up, “Loves Alibi”.  Oh and then “Chamami”.  Thanks clearing that up too.  And there’s 2 more times of this.  OK then.


5. Maneater  By: Hall and Oates

Good ole Hall and Oates.  Or Hall and barely Oates?  Or something like that?  I can remember really not understanding the idea of “Maneater” when I was little.  I mean, she’s a monster who eats a man?  She’s eating man?  What’s all this about?  I did like the beat though and it was a good song to bebop to.  Everybody start snapping your fingers.  You know you wanna.  Took awhile to get to anything worth watching didn’t it?  Oh OK.  Here’s the band.  Strobe lights in a dark studio.  Of course!  Yep.  That’s a saxophone.  Whoa.  Did the song just get lots louder there when he started singing?!  Nice hair.  Another bad lip syncer.  He can’t really dance can he?  Yep there’s Oates.  So the woman’s feet are a black panther’s?  Is that the point here?  I’m confused.  Oh there’s the woman’s face–barely.  Scary eyes!  I love black panthers.  They are so pretty.  Hall is sportin’ some nice shoulder pads there.  You know fellow women, there are worse animals to be compared to than black panthers don’tcha think?  Seems like a compliment to me!

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