I Have an Appointment With Me Today

I don’t know who this Me person is but I hope they’re nice. I know how “Me”s can be. They can give us lots of pressure and push us to do things we might not be up to. They can say mean things to us and somehow get into our heads. They can be indecisive and moody. I mean moody. I hear this Me person has been quite moody all week.

Then again, “Me”s can be loving and nice and fun. They can be a good companion and give us love. I’ve heard this Me person puts fun colors in her hair and can be pretty cool. Word around town is that she giggles a lot too. You know what? I bet it’ll work out okay.

I KNOW it’ll be okay. Why do I know this? Because that Me person is, well, me. I am me. I talk about myself in third person because it is very easy to forget me, to sometimes get separated from me and leave me out of things. That leaves me very unhappy, feeling lost and disconnected. I’ve found that if I don’t give myself some time to just be with me and love me for who I am then I suffer. Sometimes that takes me actually making the effort to make an appointment with me so that I can commit. I don’t feel like a whole person if I don’t at least try. I feel like someone who spends all of her time dealing with multiple sclerosis and lupus. And along with that comes a crazy amount of doctor appointments, endless medical business phone calls, endless administrative medical business, regular life things, exercise and resting for recovery.

There is a whole other part of me. I like movies a lot and would love to produce more of them. I read lots of books like Game of Thrones and Hunger Games. I like to get out and be with nature while gazing at the sky. I love the color purple. I love my Cleo Kitty, my husband Corey, my family, friends, connections with others, and the list goes on and on. To me there’s nothing like being artsy and exploring a new area. Or how about live music shows? And that’s all just the beginning.

And you know what’s also awesome? Sure, I feel tired today. It’s been a long crazy week filled with emotions and lots of activity (Physical Therapy is an example) and of course I’d be tired. For the past two weeks I haven’t been able to get out. Sure there’s been some time with me but it’s the getting out with me that brings it to a whole new level. This time it gives me a chance to escape from my crazy head. There is a whole other world out there. I get to be more of a part of it.

So what am I gonna do today? I’m gonna get off this computer, pull myself together and FINALLY (as if it’s been out forever) go see the movie The Hunger Games! Yep. So here I go!

NEXT UP: An Appointment With Me!

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