So I woke up this morning and I was like, “Hey! I can do this!”. My head was clearer and I felt more positive. I was definitely more relaxed and at ease. My body was even like, “You know, I might be able to do this too.” We agreed we’d try to work together to have a better day.

What changed? Well, yes, after my Blog post from yesterday I received so much neato love to hold me up and I knew my peeps (all of you included) were with me. I also kept letting me have challenging feelings (so hard–darn feelings) like the sadness, turmoil, grief, anger and all the stuff that goes with that and it helped. I also talked about it with some loveys I trust and that helped too.

Can you tell I’m feeling a bit better? I’m using my own words from the Nahleen Dictionary of Language (where all things that come out as words are official words) like neato and loveys. You know. Of course they’re words.

ANYWAY, I also tend to go off on silly tangents when I’m feeling a bit better…

SO YEAH. Back to the subject at hand:


I CANNOT stress it enough. COOLER WEATHER is the answer for relief with my multiple sclerosis and lupus. Seriously. It’s not the answer to the world’s problems and it doesn’t stop me from having my bad times or getting stressed out, but I can function so much better. There is hope. I think I’m gonna make it. In fact, I know I’m gonna make it.

Now Los Angeles, CA folk are probably going to think I’m crazy for saying it’s been oh so much warmer the past few days. What can get frustrating for my health is that I have something called heat fatigue. It is a major MS symptom of mine and it sucks. It takes NOTHING for me to overheat. In fact, this COOLER WEATHER I’m talking about now might not feel like it to me at any moment but right now it does. My MS decides when it’s hot. People could be wearing parkas and I could still be hot. I’ve now learned a lot of that has to do with the sun for me too. When it comes to the lupus part of my body, I’m very very sensitive to the sun and what happens is that the sun makes me hot and makes me extra sensitive and feels double hot acting as a conductor and then the MS says, “I DON’T LIKE THAT! I’M GOING TO ACT UP!” and then MS symptoms like fatigue, pain, tingling, weakness, even more brain fog, and you name it start revving up and I’m in trouble. And then what happens is that I don’t even know it’s happening sometimes because life is happening and I’m in the middle of feeling all of it and I’m like, “What’s wrong? What happened? Why can’t I do more? Why am I so tired? How can I fix this?”. It’s really hard to identify but once I do, it hits me in the head again, “Oh yeah. Here we go again.”. Gotta be careful. Gotta be in the dark a bit more. Gotta get away from the sun (sad…I like the sun sometimes) and gotta get me some water and AC.

AC is my best friend and has been known to make our apartment like a freezer but more on that in another Blog. My husband Corey might even be invited to write his own Blog about how he feels in the crazy AC during the sunny summer season. I think he’s had icicles hanging from his ears at times because it’s been so cold and yet sometimes it’s still not cool enough for me.

So today I’m gonna enjoy the COOLER WEATHER while it lasts outside and while it lasts inside of me. It usually means I have more motivation and I can do more. I feel like a different person. The weight of the heat is not lingering heavily on me or inside of me. There is some relief.

And so to sign off:


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