Nana’s Easter Jelly Bean Contest 2012

I loved my Nana bunches. She was a really neat lady.

She had this really fun tradition every year at Easter. She’d have a jar of jelly beans we couldn’t eat just because they’re yummy and she’d make us work to get them. And usually only one of us would actually get those jelly beans. If we were lucky, we might be able to get some jelly beans from the charitable winner if we didn’t win them.
What we’d have to do is guess how many jelly beans there were in the jar. And if we guessed closest to the actual number (there was a serious count after all the guesses had been recorded) without going over, then we won not only the jar of jelly beans BUT there was a First Prize. And whomever was furthest away from the number would get the Booby Prize.

Now sometimes the Booby Prize was better then the First Prize so it was hard to decide if you wanted to purposely lose so you could get the Booby Prize. I mean, it was serious. Other times, people were just WAY OFF and had no idea what they were doing. It was fun.

Over 12 years ago when Corey and I moved to Los Angeles, CA from the east coast, I continued that tradition and have been doing so ever since. It’s a little bit challenging since our family isn’t here with me and they are all still on the other side of the country, but I make it work. I do change it up a little at times. Sometimes it isn’t a jar but a different type of container. Most of the time I mix in different types and sizes of the jelly beans so you never know just how many are in that jar.

This year we made a little video (not sure why it’s so pixelated but apparently we aren’t perfect) for our families across the country so they could really see the details this time. Cleo Kitty also gives us her Greeting (hmm–is she really Greeting us?) and my Purple Hair makes an appearance. It’s very exciting!!

What was also cool was that I had a body crash Saturday night. My body and mind decided they were all done. No more. Doesn’t compute. Over-stimulation was running rampant. I felt pretty crappy. And so on Sunday I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling for anything and what’s great is that I was feeling a bit better and putting this Easter Jelly Bean Contest together helped distract me just enough. It was fun! I’m happy to say that today, Monday, I’m feeling even a bit better-er. I hope it continues. I like it when I feel better.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here is the Easter Jelly Bean Contest 2012 video. Thanks Nana for such a neat tradition! I love you and miss you so much.

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