I gotta write!

Is it really me? Am I really writing a new blog post after how many years of absence? I sure am. I hope I start to write more, but for now I’ll focus on this first one. I’m feeling pretty rough around the edges with this whole writing thing. What’s a word? Do people even type actual words anymore or is it just emojis?

Anyway, some of you who have returned may have noticed that the name of the Blog is a bit different. I’m playing around with it. More will be revealed about that title as we take this journey together. I have had A LOT of time to think.

And think.

And think.

And I’m going to burst if I don’t start to get some of these thoughts out!

I am a writer in my soul. I feel it in my cells and I have had so many interruptions throughout my life. Some make sense. Some are excuses. Yet I always find myself back in front of a keyboard or with a pen and paper.

And things need to be updated on here too. My picture is old. The About Me Page is old. But piece by piece I will pull it together and I hope to share more of my thoughts with you. So please stick around and keep checking back.

Yay! I wrote a post despite health challenges. I’m so excited. This is a big victory for me!

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