Glob of Gobbledy-Gook

Felt worse today.

Felt like a GLOB OF GOBBLEDY-GOOK. Can’t explain it any other way.

It’s agreed I’m going through an MS/lupus flare.


Prescribed 3 days of Solumedrol IV steroids to be given at home. Thank goodness for that–the home part. I HATE THE IV PART! As for the steroids: I have a love/hate relationship with them.

Not sure when it will start since no one has agreed to start them tomorrow. Too many logistics I guess. Trying to go with the flow. Yuck.

Feelings of all kinds are swirling around. Good, bad, indifferent, peaceful, awful and it goes on…

DISEASES are full of such DIS-EASE…

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2 thoughts on “Glob of Gobbledy-Gook

  1. Bonnie Blake

    Is there no Visiting Nurse in the area? Or could you go to the ER and have them at least put a lock in? Times like that I sure wish I lived somewhere close by. I give solumedrol IV to lots of patients all the time at the clinic. Does your MD know you’re still waiting to get the solumedrol? Might help if you call them to let them know your still waiting or maybe they would give it to you in the office, to at least get it started.. Just my thoughts. Don’t like to see you in a flare up without treatment being started. You know what I mean?
    love and miss you bunches,

  2. Bless your little heart! I have MS… and solu-medrol can be worse than the actual relapse! Every time I take it I get horrid chest pains, sometimes my heart rate dips low (that’s not to scare you – I’m weird and this isn’t common), sometimes I have to get potassium… and after the last day feel like I’m coming off the tilt a whirl! It can also make you feel like you’ve been hit by the bread truck. That all sounds totally normal. Do you have MS and Lupus? Bless your heart again!

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