How do you Loosen Up and Lighten Up?–It’s Your Turn!

Looking for suggestions!

How do you loosen up and lighten up?  My visits to the Chiropractor have really shown that I need some major help when it comes to mentally loosening up and lightening up!  Enough already.  I’ve really worked so hard on myself lately and over the past years to help loosen and lighten up more but I still have a long way to go!

So please!  Have at it!  Would love to see your comments below about how you loosen up and lighten up!  I am still so tightly wound it’s going to take more than purple hair, a Spiritual Path, physical recovery, nature, white puffy clouds, my Cleo Kitty, laughter and quality time with my husband, all the awesome people in my life, all the wonderful support in my life, dancing, walking, stretching, reading positive things, listening to positive music and speeches, affirmations, watching positive shows (what are those?), etc.?


Thank you all.  Hope you have a great week.  I’m acting as if it’s going to be a great week and you know, it helped A LOT and today (Monday) was actually a lot better and much more positive and even NICE at times compared to ANY DAY last week.


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One thought on “How do you Loosen Up and Lighten Up?–It’s Your Turn!

  1. Shelley

    Hi Nahleen! Well, I can easily find a lot of reasons to be heavy and dark and not loose and light. I could tell myself, I am a sad sad single all alone overworked mother undergoing cancer treatments and surgeries. So many people would take out the violins just for me!! I could get easily sucked in to the undertow of blackness. And have been even when I was doing all the things I was supposed to do. But since my diagnosis I have become a lot lighter. I will try answer your question to the best of my ability.

    I laugh at myself. A lot. I let the light of God get in through the cracks. I see my dark dirty hideous patterns and instead of shaming myself for their humiliating ugliness, I laugh at it. I tell on myself. And I tell my secrets.

    When I am sad, I cry and if I can’t I just tell people, “I am really sad but can’t cry.” If I am angry, I just acknowledge it. And I keep a light and loving relationship with myself. I say I love you to everything. Myself, my son, my cat, the trees, the food I eat, even people I don’t want to like. I just say it in my head. I say I love you to my hurt back, my surgery site, the doctors, my medication, my hair, my cells, my car, my crazy head, my perception of the world that is most times off. I just keep saying I love you.
    And telling on myself.

    I love you Nahleen. Thanks for your blog and giving me the opportunity to connect with you. You are beautiful.


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