Looking For People Who Have Both Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus

I’m on the Search.

I’m ready to have more people in my life again. For awhile, I had to really stay extra focused on a small group because it is actually tiring to deal with people, even though one of my biggest passions is connecting with others.

I’m looking to expand my community. My first mission is to find people to connect with on my Blog. I really get so much from all of you. My next mission is to find people who have chronic illness. It really helps to connect with people who are going through similar circumstances. I have had the privilege of connecting with people with chronic diseases already and it has helped immensely. I continue to look forward to finding people dealing with them. I’d also like to dig a little deeper and continue to connect with people who have either multiple sclerosis and lupus. Everyone I have connected with with those specific diseases has helped me in such powerful ways and I thank you all for that. This next part of my mission seems to be the most challenging.

**I’m looking for people who are experiencing both multiple sclerosis and lupus at the same time.**

I have a real need to connect and relate with people lately. I, myself, have been in support groups in the past and am currently a part of a spiritual support group that has had a profound effect on my overall wellbeing and I am forever grateful for that.

I used to be scared to find people who had similar issues because either I didn’t want to admit the truth to myself, I didn’t want to suddenly take on their unique issues, just wasn’t ready to express myself yet or felt like I couldn’t and that it all had to be kept a secret. I have learned over the years that it is a truly powerful experience to connect with others who have similarities with feelings and experiences.

I am really looking for that now. I have yet to find someone who has both MS and lupus and I know these people exist. I have read about them all over the internet, I have heard about them from my doctors but I want to talk to them directly. Oh and I left out one other part of my mission of human connection. I also want to connect with people who have more than one chronic illness. There seems to be a whole other section of issues and similarities with those who have multiple confusing diseases that they are trying to juggle at once.

So please, if you are someone who wants to connect, feel free to comment on my Blogs or email me from a link on my “About Me” Page. If you are someone who has any of these specific layers of human connection please feel free to do the same. I’d love to have a dialogue with you of some sort. And…if you are someone with both lupus and MS–someone like me–I highly look forward to connecting with you in some way. I think I have the case of needing to fill in the blanks and find more of an identity. One of my biggest confusions is deciphering between which symptom belongs to which disease such as fatigue, pain, stiffness, brain fog, etc. It drives me crazy!

That’s what’s been on my mind lately.

I hope this finds you all well and that we can connect soon.

That seems to be the theme. CONNECT CONNECT CONNECT.

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4 thoughts on “Looking For People Who Have Both Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus

  1. Meemeeblj

    , I have been dx with m.s for 13 yrs and now my ana and sma have tested positive. I have had two ultra sounds, that shows liver , gallbladder are looking good. Liver enzymes although very high! So now I’m going for liver biopsy the docs are looking at me possibly having lupus on top of my m.s. my test is next Tuesday . I’m just in a whirl about this ! I forgot to mention that I was born with ichtyosis vulgaris another immune disease .they call it in short, the fish scale disease. I have no known family members who ever suffered from these three diseases ! Any way I wondered if there any others with more then just m.s. now I know that It may be very possible that I will now also soon be dx with lupus .
    But I won’t be alone in this thanks for your blog!


    • Nahleen

      Wow. I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. I’m thinking of you. Yes, you are not alone even if you don’t have the lupus. I hope you can find some relief and answers soon and feel free to keep in touch. Take care of yourself. Thanks so much for responding too!!!

  2. Stephanie

    I have both lupus and MS.. I also have that reynound syndrome, scoliosis, and some other thing with my shoulders.. its cuz of my 2 disorders.. im not sure if you will get this but if so nice to meet you..

    • Nahleen

      Hi Stephanie,
      I’m so sorry I haven’t responded until now. I’m sure you can understand that sometimes it’s hard to pull myself together to respond to comments and to be social. To even find the time to focus on something else is hard when there’s so much going on with my own health. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for reaching out. I’m very sorry you are going through so much. I thank you for letting me know you have MS and lupus. They are no fun huh? And they can be sooo confusing. Which one is doing what? That’s one of the hardest parts of the diseases. I hope you’re doing ok considering. Again, thank you for your patience and for reaching out. It means so much.

      take care of yourself,

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