That’s me. I’m a walker.

I feel blessed to have two functioning legs that let me walk and will hopefully continue to do so.

AND thanks to Physical Therapy, a past of walking as a hobby, my journey of self care and my stubbornness:


Crazy. Can’t even believe it! I couldn’t have done it in the past. I definitely can’t plan to walk anymore days than this because when I PLAN it’s suddenly too hard and overwhelming. I would put sooooo much pressure on myself to do it and it wouldn’t happen. I also can’t tell myself how long I have to walk OR that I can only walk outside.

The trick is to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. I have walked EVEN when it’s been hot, sunny, I’ve been sick with infections, I’ve felt crappy–you name it. I still walk. I have to be creative too. I have a walking video I use inside my home. I have a walk that I do around the apartment (boy does that get old but it gets the job done). I have a walking/dancing meditation I do especially when I need to get frustration and extra pent up energy out. When I’m out at doctor appointments, I’ll make sure to take a walk around that area and around a block or two; or to a lunch spot. And of course I still take walks outside anyway. But I gotta change it up.


And my legs thank me for it. My body feels stronger. I’m able to stand in one place for longer periods of time. I’m able to get out a bit more and live my life. Those far away parking spaces don’t seem as far away anymore. The walk through the grocery store isn’t so tiring.

By taking off the pressure I am able to keep going. It’s not always so easy to take off the pressure and have expectations. I find I do EXPECT to walk every day and there have been a few days I’ve heavily considered taking a break and I get upset that I might miss a day. BUT then I find myself walking.

How many more days in a row can I keep on walking?

I’ll letcha know. For now I’m thrilled that I’ve made it over 4 months–


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