It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 17!

Hi!  And we’re back with more ’80s!!


1. Glamorous Life  By: Sheila E.

Well now isn’t this already interesting.  Black and white and everyone’s in cool costumes!  Just jump right in!  I think it was a fantasy of mine as a young gal to live a glamorous life.  I thought, sure I don’t need a man BUT what about all those Prince Charmings we keep seeing in all the Disney Fairy Tales?  I was so confused.  Always loved the beat of this.  Fun to bebop to.  Wow, she has some big hair on top of her head there.  And is she playing the drums while singing?  Interesting.  Awesome shoulder pads.  I think they’re as tall as her hair.  Help!  She just winked at me.  Holy eye makeup!  Now that is a big bulky fur coat.  And that other woman looks like she’s gonna fall out of that dress.  Geezum!  Oh nice.  The whole band is stepping and moving to the same beat.  Of course they are.  What is with that fake fire behind those windows on the street?  Throw those drum sticks!  Awesome that her band is color coordinated.  I think I’m kinda stunned by her outfit actually.  Message: boys are trouble.  ARE THEY EVER!


2. Shattered Dreams  By: Johnny Hates Jazz

Another DEEP favorite of mine.  Sooooo melodramatic.  Those shattered dreams are devastating I tell you!  I think this is another one hit wonder.  First thing I see is a sign on a doorknob that says, “Do Not Disturb”.  Does that mean I can’t disturb the song?  I don’t get it.  Black and white. I’m sure they all thought they were cool to be retro and dramatic.  Nice shot of the drop of water falling from a finger.  Wonder how long they had to wait for that perfect drop.  Aaaaahhhh!  The big face is gonna attack the singer!  Who knew the singer was kinda cute?  Oh no!  Now he’s standing on her breasts!  Shouldn’t someone alert her?  Will someone please take that wisp of hair out of his eye?  It’s driving me crazy!  OK his outfit is just awesome.  Soooo ’80s.  Why do I feel like he really doesn’t care about what he’s singing?  I mean, fella, these are SHATTERED DREAMS!  This is SERIOUS.  And she’s not scared that he’s now in her hand?  This woman is so oblivious.  Alright alright.  We get that you’re a tiny stalker and so is your whole band.  Geez.  What is with all the dripping water references?  What am I missing?  Will someone please give her a napkin to wipe her chin?  OK.  Well at least she’s freaking out!  OK then.  This is a very serious and sad song and the video alludes to it.  Well, my mood’s been kinda squashed.  Don’t think the video really fit what the line, “You said you’d die for me” really meant…


3. Voices Carry  By: ‘Til Tuesday

Love the sound of this song.  Pretty funky.  And she rocks.  Love her hair.  Awkward actor talking in the beginning.  Glad he read his lines right then.  Yeah, what’s with the hair?  How dare she have cool hair?  And she’s supposed to be with that guy?  He is totally uncool.  Most boring set ever.  This is one of the songs I used to like to belt out as a teenager.  Best red outfit ever.  Nice hat.  And he’s with her?  Anyone believe that he’d ever be with her?  Seems like he thinks he’s too cool for her.  Nice frilly black gloves.  Neat silhouette of her against the window shade…or is that wax paper?  Would’ve been a good idea to at least get a flashback of what she looked like before she supposedly “redid” her look.  Look at her storm off down the road.  Deep thoughts by lame guy as he watches her.  Worst actor EVER!  So wait, is her obviously fake black wig supposed to be what she looked like before?  I’m confused.  Will someone please tell her he’s not that great?  Yep.  That’s a Carnegie Hall sign.  Thanks for sharing.  Soooo empowering as a young lady (hmm, was I ever a lady–but anyway) watching her sing really loud in the audience!!!  My favorite!  She finally told him!  Random snotty woman shot.  Next time I’m in a quite snooty audience I’m gonna stand up and belt out a song too.  Looks like so much fun!


4. I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)  By: The Proclaimers

I never saw Benny and Joon but I hear it was cute.  Come on let’s all sing along!  You know you wanna!  OK.  There they are singing with a green screen in the background and we see the movie playing.  This isn’t that well done.  Interesting that it was accepted as OK.  I forget.  Were these guys twins?  Gotta love the glasses and their accents.  Gee do you think the radio stations played this into the ground enough?  Of course now I’m not gonna be able to get this out of my head for the next week.  Johnny Depp’s so cute isn’t he?  They look so stiff standing there and singing.  Did anyone hear an echo?  Sing it!  Da da da da!  Da da da da!  So I’m just wondering, is this 500 miles all at one time or could we maybe take breaks?  I mean, that could get really tiring.  Just sayin’.  They have big lips.


5. I Feel For You  By: Chaka Kahn

Guy sounds like he has a hairball.  So who sings this?  I can’t seem to tell right away in the song.  Perhaps Chaka Kahn?  Who’s the guy singing in the beginning?  Random UnCredited Guy maybe?  Are those records?  I almost forgot what they looked like.  She’s always had Big Hair huh?  Seems like it even recently when I’ve seen her she does.  Look at that!  They all have awesome ’80s clothes on!  Oh the puffiness.  She’s a bad lip syncer too.  Is it me or does she sound like she’s singing in a tunnel or something?  I’ve always thought that.  Weird.  You know there’s nothing as sexy as singing in front of a fence in a studio.  Some pretty flexible dancers in this.  Pretty funny that the dancers were all shot separately from her.  Definitely don’t miss those shoulder pads.  Nice yellow cape-like jackets.  This song is really long and it doesn’t even have that many lyrics!  Where have all the checkered outfits gone?


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