It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 8

And I’m back with more fun ’80s memories!!!!  I find this time of week to be the most fun for me.  Yay ’80s!

1. Stand By: R.E.M.

Oh this is a fun one!  Middle School dances come to mind.  I had to make sure to get this dance right.  I had no idea that there might be meaning to this song.  I just thought we had to stand and be-bop around and for some reason it was really easy to mess up one of the moves.  This was their first hit right?  Funny to think that this is their song since so many of their songs after this one were so much deeper.  OK watching this for the first time in forever I realize there are different groups of 4 people dancing.  What the??  I had no idea.  Shows you how observant I was.  Ha!


2. Jump (For My Love) By: Pointer Sisters

And the memories keep on comin’ today.  This song will probably forever be stuck in my head because we had to jump rope in elementary school Phys. Ed. class and the teacher was BIG BIG BIG into this song and she would BLAST it in the gym.  She thought it was just a perfect song to get us jumping–and she was really weird.  Holy moly she pushed jumping rope AND THIS SONG on us!  I may have to see a hypnotherapist if I ever want to forget this song.  Seriously.  Watching this I just gotta love the “sexy” looks these ladies think they’re giving the camera.  OK these ladies are cracking me up with their jigs.  I think the middle singer sister is gonna pull her dress all the way up for goodness sakes.


3. Summer of ’69 By: Bryan Adams

Gotta love Bryan Adams!  I know my sister did.  My first memory of this song is that I was really young when I first heard this song and I was able to do the math and figure out he couldn’t be having this memory of the Summer of ’69 because he wasn’t old enough–looking it up now, turns out he would’ve been 10.  I sure thought I was smart.  You know watching this makes me think it’s best for him not to act so I think it was a good idea to just keep singing.  He sure was a trouble maker back then huh?  I’m sure he’d like to think so.  Kinda reminds me of the bad boys in my life back in the day…And what is with the end scene?  THE “girl” picks the lamest jerk EVER to be with??


4. Mercedes Boy By: Pebbles

I know.  WHO?  She had maybe 2 hits and for a very brief time.  Don’t mind the first part of this video with the other voices introducing it.  It’s the only one I could find.  And the old memories just keep on coming for me today with this song.  I was a part of a group of gals in a 5th Grade Lip Sync.  I mean, I was cool.  And this was the song we sang.  We were so rad.  I think 5th Grade was my favorite year in school.  OK so from these images we see a woman stalker and a guy who likes to dance on his own in front of a camera and outside against a wall of a building BUT we never see them in the same shot until right at the end…Convincing…Sure…Hilarious!  The camera has to give her tons of head room just to fit her big hair!


5. Addicted To Love By: Robert Palmer

The first time I ever saw him sing I was like, “What the heck is with this guy?  He thinks he’s so cool and yet he’s wearing a business suit when he sings and the ladies in the background are SO BORING”…BUT he sure did make a style signature for himself and I admit, this song is one of the most catchy songs EVER!  Watching him now I’m struck by how much he has no personality on the stage.  Wow.  Somebody get that guy moving!  Oh and of course those pretty ladies are part of his band and actually really playing their instruments.  Riiiiight.  Ha!  Don’t think I even realized there was a woman playing drums in the background.  Poor thing.  She hardly got any face time.


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2 thoughts on “It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 8

  1. Jolene

    I was JUST going to post Mercedes Boy on FB last week! I love that song!

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