Motivation: PURPLE HAIR!

I’m frustrated. I’m getting caught up in long term disability red tape that is driving me crazy! This included a call to my lawyer’s office with a plea for HELP regarding money. Money always gets me stressed out. Today has also included other really fun things like paying other bills, pulling medical paperwork together, doing my Physical Therapy exercises, and trying to take care of me. Pretty soon I’ll be headed to a Physical Therapy Appointment. And this is what my daily life looks like most of the time. A few changes here and there to the schedule but it is a constant flow of medical stuff (I’d like to call many other times) that all leads back to me having multiple sclerosis and lupus and it wears me out.

So what’s my motivation to get through today? PURPLE HAIR! Yep. I have it. I gotta have something to keep me going when I look in the mirror. Otherwise, I see someone (me) who I’m frustrated with who has two chronic illnesses and is not doing what she wants to be doing for her career. But I tell ya, just one glance at myself and I get a smile on my face. It’s so cool.

So why PURPLE HAIR? Why not? I’ve loved the color PURPLE since I was ten. My love affair with PURPLE has gone on most of my life and it helps me feel better. And I’ve wanted to have PURPLE HAIR probably since I was a teenager and IT IS ABOUT TIME! Sure I’ve had magenta streaks in my dark blonde hair but they are not PURPLE! I’ll admit it. I didn’t have the guts to have PURPLE HAIR for a long time. Then I found out I’d have to re-PURPLE my hair frequently and that it was quite a mess to clean up and I didn’t want to bother. And when I had magenta streaks they washed out due to all the red dyes and I’d be stuck with boring dark blonde hair. Boooooo.

And it all changed about 2 months ago when I was looking at myself in the mirror and I just knew I needed PURPLE HAIR. This was it. I was gonna do it! The first attempt didn’t come out right at all. It was a nice coppery color but it was NOT PURPLE. The second attempt was really neato and it included lavender streaks throughout my hair with the base color like a chocolate brown. Yeah, I’d have to re-PURPLE my hair every week or so because it would wash out but who cares? IT’S PURPLE HAIR! And then the third attempt wasn’t intended to be an even different color PURPLE and it is so awesome. I had gone to four different beauty supply stores to look for the brand of PURPLE hair dye I had been using and I couldn’t find it anywhere. However, in an interesting turn of events one of the stores was selling a different brand PURPLE HAIR dye they said might work.

Well did it ever! My hair now has dark PURPLE streaks (sometimes an indigo blue in different lighting) and is a darkish color where the chocolatey brown was (not sure of exact color because there is a violet hue to it but it’s definitely not brown right now). And as Corey (my husband) says, it GLOWS!


I’m having fun. All it took was some color and some hair. That’s it. NOW I FINALLY HAVE MY PURPLE HAIR! Can you tell I’m excited?

I’ve found that in order to get up in the morning I need different types of motivations. PURPLE HAIR is one of my favorite motivations. What is your motivation? What is your PURPLE HAIR???

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2 thoughts on “Motivation: PURPLE HAIR!

  1. I absolutely love it. That’s how I felt when I had blue hair for a while. I’m back to blonde at the moment, but there are days where I just get an itch to order Raw Hair Color in True Blue and start the dance back up again… because, dammit, people who work full time in the “real world” can’t have these fabulous colors — and people like you and me have got to enjoy it because we can!

    I can’t wait to see a picture of your beautiful PURPLE HAIR!!!

    Keep kicking ass and taking names, and living life to the fullest in the ways that make YOU smile. That’s the way you gotta get it done.

    • nahleen

      EXACTLY!!!! I love my purple hair!!!! It has rocked my world. I wish I had purpled my hair a long long time ago and now I can. In fact, I can color it whatever color I want and there are a lot of choices out there!!!!!

      You know, it just adds that zing that I look for so desperately in my life and who knew coloring my hair purple would be the answer!!!

      I’m so glad I finally did it.

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