I’m Not the Only One

Nope. I’m not the only one with multiple sclerosis and lupus. I’m not the only one who has a chronic illness. I’m not the only one struggling right now. I’m not the only one having a hard time with life in general. It is NOT all about me.

As much as I know this, it helps to get perspective and see OVER AND OVER AGAIN that the world is not all about me. Yes. I have an ego. This is a hard thing to admit. I kinda feel like a bad person and that you’re all gonna hate me for telling the truth but I know it’s not true.

A wise woman once pointed out to me that our own problems are personal and they are about us so of course WE WILL BE ON OUR OWN MINDS. Now that I’m writing this I can see that I am all I have. But then I have a choice. I can expand that and reach out to you and say WE ARE ALL WE HAVE. It is tricky for me to balance these two ideas because they are so profound to me and I’m confused about what my priority is. The lines get blurred and there are a lot of grays. I need to take care of me in order to reach out and help someone else. It is the whole idea that I have to put on my oxygen mask first before putting it on someone else. WHAT?! AAAAAAHHHH!!! Well now I’m overwhelmed just writing this. There really is a fine line isn’t there?

My whole point is, I know there are a lot of you out there who are going through really hard times right now and that I am not the only one. I also know that I’m not alone and neither are you. I’m sending you love, positivity, supports, cheers, silliness, laughter, hugs, and anything else I can muster up…that is, as long as I’m saving some of this for me.

On that note, please feel free to Share my Blog with others if you’d like, Follow my Blog yourself, and leave me any Comments you’d like to me. I’d really like to open up a dialogue about all of this. To me, connections are the key.

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