Wishin’ Y’all a Fantabulous Weekend!

It’s taken me a few hours today (Saturday) to be able to commit to the idea that I’m feeling a bit better than yesterday. I’m careful to say that. You know what? Maybe it’s better to commit to the idea that I’m feeling better at this moment than I did all day yesterday. OK then. I’ll go with that.

Here’s what I wish for y’all this weekend: fun, fabulous-ness, fantastic-ness, love, life, connections, nature, a breath here and there (good to sustain life), smiles, laughter, peace, relief, feelings, quiet times, loud times (if that’s what you’ve been looking for), simplicity, The Hunger Games (What? There aren’t other movies playing this weekend are there?), recreation, productivity, self care, kitties (and animals too–yes, I’m obsessed with my Cleo Kitty but she loves me anyway), less discomfort and much more comfort, a good hair day (Let’s all face it. Life is much easier when your hair behaves.), less stress, and most of all: may you feel satisfied with however life plays out. Yeah, this last one’s a hard one for me too. Gonna just try to go with it.

Disclaimer: All of these things are open for interpretation. And yes, of course I haven’t covered it all. If you’d like to include more things please feel free to leave a comment. Would love to know about your weekend.

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