Placards, Cars and Posts

OK so first of all, I was surprised to see that I had as many as 3 hits on Friday and 2 today and I wasn’t one of them.  I’ll ask my husband Corey if he just clicked a few times to show me that I’m liked.  You never know.  But how cool is that?  I haven’t said anything about it and I haven’t tagged anything yet.  (I’m slow when it comes to this and am just finding my footing).  A few things came to mind this week…

I have a Disabled Parking Placard (story about that in another post).  Every 3 or 4 months I’m supposed to go get a regular blood test to make sure that my liver is still good from all the meds I take and I was a good girl this time and actually went to the hospital and saw the vampire so that my doctor wouldn’t yell at me again for not going.  What struck me as I drove in the parking lot was that all of the handicapped parking spaces were already taken.  My first thought is to immediately say that there weren’t that many and to rant about that especially being that I was at a hospital where I might expect to see a lot of spots for those of us who are disabled.  What occurred to me is the number of people who do need to use these spots and I started thinking.  Is it that more people are just biting the bullet like I did and requesting a placard?  Is it that suddenly more people are unhealthy?  Is it that the hospital is just so big that there are so many patients and there REALLY should be more of these spaces made available?  Whatever the deal, I still couldn’t find a space.  Now I knew I’d be OK if I had to park in a regular space and that I am fortunate enough to be able to walk very well on my own.  I use it to save energy more than anything.  But what about people who really do need access to these spaces especially when they are going to a hospital?  What do they do then?  Do they keep driving around the parking lot in circles until just maybe someone might leave?  Do they give up and leave after taking a ticket (and do they still pay)?  These are just some thoughts that come to mind now when I’m trying to park, thoughts that might not have appeared had I not gotten the placard.

I got rear-ended this week while minding my own business (strange to think) and turning left at an intersection that’s very close to my work.  My car is definitely OK and probably just needs some body work done and the seat doesn’t seem to work right but otherwise, I’m physically OK.  In some ways I wanted to blame the car accident for the stiffness and aching caused by my MS.  Somehow that sounded better.  Instead I had to worry about whether the jolt would start up anything with my MS or not and that wasn’t fun.  I can definitely say now that that wasn’t the case and I’m gonna make it even if I am irritated that I still need to go to the garage and make sure that my car really is going to stay in one piece and drive me from Point A to Point B (only 3 miles in between might I add).

And back to the posts!  I hope to get myself together enough to share more of me soon and get the guts to promote myself!  First things first.  I need to be comfortable with sharing my voice with you…

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