All were welcome at the Culver City HS fireworks!

I had a great time at the fireworks on July 4th at the Culver City Highschool.  With live entertainment, a very clear sky for fireworks and the bright moon it was sure to be a good night.  Also, it was cold.  Yes, it was cold in LA on July 4th and that is unheard of.  As someone with MS with heat sensitivity symptoms, I can say that I was pleased.  I was also very very pleased to see such welcoming access to those of us with disabilities.  The Culver City Exchange must be known for this accessibility during fireworks because I couldn’t help but note so many people with walking aids and wheelchairs.  That clued me in instantly to the idea that this is the place to be for all.  As the night went on I noticed handicapped parking spaces, a lot of flat ground and handicap access port-a-potties!  Who knew those existed?  How cool is that?  You mean, those of us with wheelchairs even get to go to the bathroom in public like those of us who can get around on two feet?  Many many cheers to Culver City Exchange and Culver City Highschool for their welcoming of all types of American citizens and not just those who can get around easily.  It’s the “little” things that mean the most.  Thank you!  And Happy Birthday America!

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