Checkin’ In!

I’ve been on hiatus from the Blog to take some much needed time off.  I’ve missed you all!

First of all, welcome to my new followers!  Thank you so much.  You all rock.  It still means so much to have you on my path.

Today has been a very long day back to the “real” world, but things are definitely looking up.  My Cleo Kitty was very very sick almost a week and a half ago and we thought we might lose her BUT now she’s doing incredibly well and has recovered almost back to normal if not better than she was before she got sick.  I also have been struggling with some of my stuff and have started a new treatment for my digestive issues which just might be doing the trick.  It’s at least helping me feel better for now and I’ll take it.  I needed to be able to eat more than half a piece of toast without my stomach trying to burst out of my torso for goodness sakes.  So we will see.

More details to come.  Just wanted to let you know I haven’t completely disappeared.  Taking time to catch up with me has helped a lot.

Hope to be in more touch soon!!


TAKE CARE ALL!!!  Miss you!

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