Well, turns out it’s Monday yet again.

Not sure how that happened except that time passes and here we are!

I had HOPED to be able to post a really creative and fun Blog read for today all about my adventures this weekend! Alas, it was not in the cards just yet. I’ve been stuck RECOVERING…EXTRA…

This past Saturday, 10/20/12, I had the privilege of going to The Huntington Gardens in San Marino, CA for a Special Night Show Festival of sorts called, “Drama After Dark: Night of the Macabre with Poe and Gorey”. At least I believe that’s what it was called. You get the gist. It was EXTRA SPECIAL because I was able to see my husband, Corey, perform at the Festival, doing what he does BEST! ACT and BE SILLY while reciting lines (along with many other talented actors–two other friends of mine were also performing) written by Edward Gorey.

It’s a lot of hard work I can tell you that much. He performs from 6:30pm until about 9pm back to back in half hour increments and two different shows (if that makes any sense), while acting and having memorized tons of lines, wearing uncomfortable shoes and being very physical. Lots of shenanigans ensue and thus he’s part of a great team of actors who are all pulling together to perform one of the MANY awesome shows that go on all night.

SO YAY! I was able to go! A week before I don’t think I would’ve been able to. I was just starting to feel better overall so I was able to be a spectator. It really is one of my favorite events to see all year. I get to take a drive, walk around in fresh air, look at the sky, see the sights (even if in low lighting), watch A LOT of talent while they perform works of Edgar Allen Poe and Edward Gorey, visit the best Gift Store I have ever been to, drink yummy hot apple cider, eat cookies, and just be a part of something really neat.

BUT along with that fun and excitement, it takes a lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of physical movement with all the walking and just BEING, a lot of mental stimulation, a long day, a late night, lots of driving which takes up stamina too and the list goes on. This was one of the biggest events I have done in a very long time. I was happy to do it but I figured it would take awhile to RECOVER afterwards.

AND IT IS TAKING AWHILE. Yesterday, (Sunday), I had to take it really slow because I was aching in my joints and muscles, had stiffness in my limbs from so much use, and was dealing with crazy fatigue. I commented at one point to Corey that my legs felt like they had nylons on inside them. I swear I could feel every fiber of my muscles and tendons stretching. Very strange and not comfortable and to be honest, a bit scary too. Soooo, needless to say I couldn’t do much. Plus, mentally I had hit my limit so I needed it more quiet than usual and really had no focus ability left.

AND now today, I’m definitely still feeling FATIGUE more than anything. I’m thankful to have less pain and stiffness and I’m guessing I’ll still need to take it a bit more easy than usual tomorrow even though I need to go to a doctor appointment in the afternoon.

NOW I must finish writing and continue to let me RECOVER. Every day I struggle with myself about what that means and how it needs to play out because life is still in session and there are still bills to be paid, deadlines to meet, etc. and sometimes it is beyond challenging to really find clarity about what is MOST important and the true PRIORITY.

Apparently this Blog had to be a priority today. I think I needed to write it and get it out. I hope to be able to write a Post about this wonderful and fun Adventure on Saturday sometime later this week. I truly had bunches of fun. Thank goodness it was something fun and fulfilling that kicked my butt. Even if I am still frustrated that it did in fact do so…

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