Sicky Icky

Yep. I guess I don’t feel yucky enough and now I’m sick.

Not terrible sick. Been dealing with laryngitis since last Sunday and every time I think it’s cleared up it comes back. My Pulmonologist (yes I have one of those too) had told me awhile back to do a gargle with salt water and honey and it really helps a lot. BUT it wasn’t the answer to the issue. It just sorta soothed things.

So today I woke up and I felt OK. And then I started to feel really heavy and it felt like my body was crashing. It’s been a pretty intense week. I thought it was probably my body catching up with me. So I went back to bed to get some more sleep. When I woke up later I felt worse. You know, you go back to bed to try to get some more sleep to try to feel better right? Ha! This was one of those sucky times of waking up feeling worse.

This time I felt an overall feeling of yuck–I’ve since learned it’s malaise but what kind of word is that? It’s yuck. It’s bleh. Sick. My laryngitis had gotten lots worse and I felt heavy and gross. Then a bit of a cough started. I’ve learned a long time ago to address my cough immediately if I even get a slight hint of one starting. I can’t play the game and wait to see what happens. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS…

And NOW my doctors all agree that I need to not only address it on my own (go figure) BUT I need to call them right away so they can help me take care of things. Amazing really that I have doctors that pay attention to this and are proactive. They DON’T want me getting sick–so sick that I can’t function even more. I have a tendency to go from slightly sick to HORRIBLE.

Soooo, even though I kept thinking in my head I could tough it out and do it on my own (been working out really great since Sunday as the no voice nonsense started), I dialed my doctor and found myself talking to someone on the other end right away.

And after waiting for hours for a response I did get a call back and ANTIBIOTICS it is. Good times. These have messed up my digestive system in the past so we’ll see what happens. My doctor told the nurse to tell me (don’t remember the exact words of course), “This is the deal. I understand she has stomach issues and she has a concern but we need to take care of this infection now. She can’t afford to get worse with her immune system the way it is. Tell her to take the Z-Pack and then call us and tell us how she’s doing. Tell her to promise she will. We know she has a tendency toward infections and it’s been awhile and we don’t need to be on a cycle of never ending infection if we can help it. But she has to PROMISE she’ll call me.” And she made me promise and I did like a good girl.

I really don’t need to be more sick. I addressed this early I think so hopefully it nips it in the bud. I decided I didn’t need to be coughing up a lung this time and to be completely miserable. But I’m sicky icky. I’m so tired of not feeling good. I’m so tired of all of this.

Yet somehow living in the solution helps a lot.

So I should probably go start the meds. Here I go. Wish me luck!!!

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