Detachable Limbs

I woke up this morning with heavy limbs and achy joints. Not a fun combination.

Wouldn’t it be so cool to have detachable limbs? I’m not talking about the prosthetic limbs although those are totally awesome! Thank goodness for those. But what if we had bodies with limbs that were able to detach? We really could be the only ones who could detach our own limbs as needed. The idea would be to let these limbs rest themselves and get rejuvenated.

That’s what I wanted this morning. I have found myself fantasizing about these things because I have learned over the years that I need to love my body no matter what is happening and not hate it for not being “perfect”. This is the body I have. That means I can’t run away from my body, be mean to it and beat it up for not feeling well. It’s just trying to be a body.

So what else could be done to help it? Well, the detachable limb idea comes to mind. I really wanted to be able to detach my arms and legs and put them aside to rest and recover for the day, this morning. Sure I’d be just a torso and that sounds creepy but the idea would also be that my torso would be incredibly capable on its own (okay, now I’m kinda freaking myself out with this idea) OR how about having prosthetic limbs for even these specific times when the actual human limbs really just need some down time?

So on that note, I’m glad I could write something tonight. I did rest my whole body today (having to cancel a date with a friend–dang it) and it did help. If it didn’t help then I wouldn’t be able to type this so easily.

Which then reminds me that I really need to learn the audio to text software a good friend (who is one of my followers–so sorry to reveal this to you right now) was so gracious to send me. BUT anyway, sounds like a project to do this weekend. Soon for sure. Then again, I also need to rest my mind when my body isn’t feeling well because if my mind is tired my body usually is too. So it was probably best I didn’t write a blog in any way today until this evening.

ANYWAY, about those Detachable Limbs…sure would be nice to have them. But since I don’t I will have to deal and rest my whole body when it asks me to. I am getting better at that.

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