It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 13

Bring on the ’80s!  I need some fun!

1. Hungry Like the Wolf  By: Duran Duran

I had no idea there was a giggling gal in the beginning of the song till just now!  Where have I been?!  Who doesn’t know this song?  I mean, seriously.  If you were alive in the ’80s you probably know this song even if you don’t want to.  To me, this is not their best song.  They have some really great ones.  But it’s fun right?  So first we see lots of what look like hungry people and then this really stark white guy running through the busy street with a white blazer and no shirt on.  Hmm.  Seems a bit awkward to me.  And nope, doesn’t stand out one bit in that restaurant while he wears a fedora hat, the blazer and those wacky sunglasses.  Flip that table over!  That’s right.  It’ll show them!  And yes we get it, it’s hot there.  Oh yeah.  There’s a big search going on.  Yep.  Oh my goodness.  Cracking up over the fake elephant that looks like the Jungle Ride at Disneyland.  Hysterical!  And somehow his hair is still pretty darn perfect.  You know, I’m finding this video pretty degrading.  Hmm.  What the heck?!  And now he’s wearing paint on his face and in some sort of mating dance????


2. Sledgehammer  By: Peter Gabriel

Hey, isn’t that sperm in the beginning?  Wait, who’s reading this?  Did I know that’s what that was when I was a kid?  I LOVE Peter Gabriel.  This is so not his best song, BUT this video is pretty darn cool.  And can we say catchy song?  Great crazy close up eye shot.  Move those ears.  Cool!  Look at that model train!  So much to look at.  Nice use of props in this.  How long do you think it took to make this?  Even his hair is in different styles.  Those bumper cars are so cute!  Awesome.  Don’t remember his head being beaten by the sledgehammer.  Oh funny.  Now the fruit’s talking!  Great claymation.  This video is so creative and brilliant!  OH no.  There’s the egg that grows into a headless chicken.  I remember that freaked me out as a kid.  Actually, I think the chicken is pretty much all I remember.


3. Take My Breath Away (Top Gun Soundtrack)  By: Berlin

I so love this song.  Haven’t heard it in awhile.  And “Top Gun”…well how could you not LOVE Tom Cruise in this.  Yummy!  Even way back when I thought so.  It’s cool to see all the shots from the movie again.  Who remembers this song playing at school dances?  I sure do and I don’t know that I ever danced with anyone during this song but I bet I sure longed to.  I wanted someone to say, “take my breath away” to me and sweep me off my feet but the funny thing is that I wouldn’t believe that person was sincere now…Hmm.  Who thought they were a weird couple together in this?  She always seemed like she didn’t really like him or something.  Perhaps I was supposed to be her instead.  She has a cool car.  Hee hee.  As a young gal I thought I was really getting away with watching something I wasn’t supposed to during that very sexy love scene.  SADDEST SCENE EVER when his best friend died.


4. Love Shack  By: B52’s

Now this is a fun song!  Those crazy B52’s I tell ya!  I remember singing this song with another group of gals in college at karaoke and scaring the rest of the audience away.  We were singing just wonderfully of course and the next thing we knew we were the only ones in the room.  I wanna ride in an old convertible and sit on top of the seats in the back and scream out songs down a dirt road in the middle of the woods!  That looks like fun!  Wow.  They’re awful lip syncers.  Oh how funny is it that we are looking up through just a steering wheel and there’s a green screen behind him and we’re supposed to think he’s driving in the car.  That doesn’t look like a funky ole shack to me.  And you know, that shack doesn’t look little to me either.  I’m starting to think these people knew how to party!  Come on, let’s all sing it, “Bang Bang Bang on the door baby!”.  Best shot: random goat shown during her singing, “Tin Roof, rusted”.


5. Rock Me Amadeus  By: Falco

I have not been able to get this song out of my head.  I know.  Quality.  So hopefully putting it on this list will help it go away.  What is with the corny stuff in the beginning?  And of course we’re going back in time.  It would be too predictable otherwise.  He sure does think he’s all that.  And what is he saying?????  Funny funny.  The only word I even know or understand in this song is of course, “Amadeus”.  Ha ha ha!  What’s with the wig he’s wearing???  Look at that rockin’ microphone!  And now we’re with a bunch of bikers???  So random!  This really is so funny!  Was he serious???  OK.  I can honestly say that I have no idea what just happened at all in this video and I can’t get those few minutes back…


Well now that I’ve rocked your ’80s world….till next time!

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