It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 12

OMG!  It has been over a week since my last Blog post.  I guess I needed that break.  And I’m jumpin’ back in with the ’80s because I need more fun in my life!


1. Heart of Rock n’ Roll  By: Huey Lewis and the News

He is one of my all time favorites!  I currently play his CD quite a bit.  He helps get me going to face my day.  He was one of my favorites as a kid and I learned all the words to his albums right away.  They’re fun and quirky!  And you gotta admit he’s a bit goofy.  For the longest time when I was little I didn’t realize the first drum beats are supposed to be heartbeats, hence the first name of the song being “Heart”.  Duh.  Hey, I was a kid.  Give me a break.  He and his guys were so funny.  Looks like they had lots of fun together.  And there were so many words in this song and locations that I always was messing them up.  Not even sure I know them all these days.  Cool!  The clubbers have the rockingest hair!  Too silly to see them all looking stunned and out of place.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this video before.  So does he think his music connects with the first rock and roll music like Elvis?  HMMM….  Not so sure about that.  OK they all have the same hair and it’s funny.  What the heck?  Old audience footage of crazy screaming girls.  Hmm.  Still not seeing the connection in regards to Huey and his group.  Just sayin’.  Love the hokey orangey/red blinking light inside his jacket.  Ha!  Scary eyes!


2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody  By: Whitney Houston

Such a sad story and may she rest in peace.  However, she sure did show some joy at least in the beginning of her career.  Her energy oozed out of her music and made me want to dance with somebody too.  I really liked her as a kid.  I had her first album and she looked so pretty on the cover.  Such a beautiful voice.  And this song sure does make me wanna dance with somebody too.  Got any ideas of who?  Hello shoulder pads!  Hello tons of makeup!  So could SHE dance?  Not seeing her do much of that in this video.  What’s with all the different guys dancing?  Is she auditioning them to see who she wants to dance with??  You know she’s not the best lip syncer in this video to her own song.  Kinda funny to watch.  Help!  There are dressing room legs dancing!  I remember I was so confused about how her hair kept changing.  How could that happen?  OK.  Excuse me while I start dancing with somebody.  Starting to bebop in my chair as I type this.


3. Separate Ways  By: Journey

YES!  Love this song.  So powerful.  I remember I thought it was so deep (still kinda do, ssshhhh, be nice).  LOVED Journey when I was younger.  So perfect for a confusing time as a teenager.  ROCK IT!  Such a great song to belt out.  You gotta try it sometime.  Look at those white heels walk fast.  “Two, two, two”–so two?  Such a weird camera angle.  Why are we looking up at them?  Anyone else with me here?  So we’re supposed to think they’re better than us?  Hmm.  Not such a great style idea in my opinion.  I’m sure they thought they were cool but still.  Doesn’t work out right.  And oh his hair.  Do you think he really means all this?  Should someone give him a hug?  The guys singing behind him are cracking me up.  The one on the right keeps singing off.  Too funny.  Such a big voice for such a little guy.  He sure does like to sing words three times in a row a lot.  And what is with the setting?  Who designed this??  Whoa.  She has big hair!  Can we say Aquanet?!


4. Bette Davis Eyes  By: Kim Carnes

So what else did she sing?  Good question.  BEST RASPY SINGING VOICE EVER!  My memory of this song as a kid was “Who the heck is Bette Davis and why do I care?”.  I chuckle to think about it.  Hooray for Bette Davis!  How many fans do you think it took to blow those curtains in that blank room?  She’s wearing sunglasses.  Ha!  Oh and look at that shadow on the wall.  Clever.  But so boring with the black, white and grey and yet I’m sure it’s obviously connecting us to the black and white movies right?  Didn’t we all go there right away?  Still boring if you ask me.  Horrible reflections of lights in her dark sunglasses.  Ooops.  Oh there are her eyes.  Is it me or does she look AWKWARD and uncomfortable?  Fling that blonde hair around!  Weird reenactments.  Can’t help it.  She makes me want to clear my throat.  What on earth is the drummer wearing?  Such a loooong song.  Goodness.


5. Still Standing  By: Elton John

OK.  I think we can all agree that this is so not his best song.  However, you have to admit it’s VERY catchy and you can’t help but sing it a little bit.  And I like to sing it and belt it out because hey, I’m still standing and it’s nice to note considering I have MS and lupus and it can be quite hard to stand.  So there’s a current personal connection to this that I wanted to share.  And of course he’s driving down the road in his flashy attire and there are groups of people dancing.  Isn’t that what we all see all the time?  It would be kinda cool if we did don’tcha think?  Now that’s a lot of body paint.  Cool human domino effect!  Well done!  Hey, that looks like Santa Monica!  I want to have a piano on the sand by the ocean!  Sure are lots of antics in this video.  Ha!  Love all the different sunglasses at the end!


Well that was tons of fun!  Any ’80s memories you’d like to share?  Would love to hear from ya!

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