It’s an ’80s Kind of Day Part 11

And another week has flown by!  It is so time for some ’80s silliness!

1. Beat It By: Michael Jackson

This week marks 3 years since the passing of this King of Pop.  He was something else back in the day wasn’t he?  He played a huge part in my childhood and his music just sticks with me.  I used to love to dance to his songs.  I bet I was really great!  Ha ha!  This one is such an MJ classic.  Yeah they’re cool.  Look at that ’80s wardrobe!  That white jacket with the big collar rocks!  Yeah man!  Nice piano shirt Michael.  I don’t think I had any idea he sang in his bed for so much of this video!  How strange.  “Just Beat It!” and then the manly groan afterwards.  Awesome!  Yay!  The classic red jacket, black short pants, white socks and black shoes!  Go Michael!  He’s gonna tell them how it really is!  He has really white teeth.  Alrighty.  Hey!  He changed his shirt!  Where’d the piano go?  Love his dancing!  I so wish I had even an inkling of his moves.  I had a friend who could impersonate him pretty well.  Uh oh!  Looks like there’s gonna be a rumble!  Why do these guys look like they’re doing some sort of mating dance?  Oh Michael was such a peacemaker.  Well that was easy.  I think we should all break into dance instead of fighting!

2. Walk Like an Egyptian By: The Bangles

You know, The Bangles were pretty cool.  I mean, who didn’t like “Manic Monday”…BUT what was this one all about?  Seriously.  They were cooler than this.  Yeah, big time catchy but come on now!  Love love love all their big hair!  And is one of them wearing a body suit?  I’ll admit, I fell for the whole idea of “walking like an Egyptian” but talk about silly.  And then to see them all in costume and doing a dance.  Help!  Are there hands in the audience doing the moves?  Oh dear!  Of course a favorite of the ’80s era music video, to catch “real people” on the street doing the “moves”.  Yeah, that’s real.  Uh huh!  What the heck?!  I forgot about Princess Diana!  That is messed up!  Wow, the lead singer is wearing a very short dress!   Goodness!  I mean, I know there’s more of a point to this but they could’ve done so much better with it.  So silly!

3. Faith By: George Michael

Who can go wrong with this song?  I love the point, “You just gotta have faith”!  I thought he was cute when I was younger but now as I get older, he’s pretty darn hot in this!  Can’t deny it!  And let’s all admit, he was so much better on his own and not with that Andrew guy in cheesy Wham! (don’t get me wrong, I love them but they’re cheese all the way–well mostly…)!  Ha!  I forgot the video starts with music from “I Want Your Sex”.  That’s kinda funny.  A jukebox…with records.  What are those again?  Can’t help but love how the blue/purple color stands out in the black and white.  I bet they thought they were cool.  Oh the sexy sunglasses and unshaven-ness.  OH and look at that hair-sprayed hair bouncing around with him!  Such a basic video.  No real theatrics.  Amazing.  “You gotta have faith-uh faith-uh faith-uh”…”dooo dooo doo doo doo”…Awesome.  Yep.  This woman has long bare legs and high-heeled shoes on.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of ’80s goodness!  Have fun!

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5 thoughts on “It’s an ’80s Kind of Day Part 11

  1. Lori (Big Sis)

    Heya!! Check out your Faith one….

    • Nahleen

      Oh yeah! That’s weird! I double checked that one before I posted it. I’ll try to make sure to fix that today. Oops! Thanks!

  2. Kappa Curran

    I remember thinking at the time that briefly seeing the woman’s crotch (ish) area on that sexy pan up was so scandalous, lmao!

  3. Nahleen

    OK. The George Michael “Faith” video has been corrected and updated. Phew! That was a close one.

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