It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 9

Yay!  Time for some ’80s Flashback Fun!  Gonna go short this week and post 2 that I’ve thought of…So let’s see:


1. Hello By: Lionel Richie

Oh Lionel…can we say stalker??????  Funny, when I was a young gal I didn’t realize how creepy he is in this as an acting teacher (what the?) and thought it was such a heartfelt sincere song.  He truly loved this blind gal.  How sweet.  Except…if you keep watching you’ll see he gets a little too into it and becomes quite the stalker.  Scary!  And what is with him starting to sing during their acting in the class?  Rude!  And is she the most artistic soul ever or what?  Acting, flute playing, sculptur(ist?), dancer, …And how is it that she can’t hear him singing right to her and at her?  WORST PART: When he calls her, pauses and then sings “HELLO” to her, continues singing and then hangs up.  Too much!  But then we find out she’s been kinda stalking him too with her sculpture of him???  WHAT’S HAPPENING??


2. Straight Up By: Paula Abdul

Who knew that Janet Jackson’s choreographer would become a singing sensation herself?!  Such a catchy song.  I think it was to the point.  Are you gonna love me forever or am I caught in a hit and run?  So now we’re in a car crash?  Actually, as a pre-teen I thought this was a pretty darn cool song and it helped me have a voice with these boys who were just trouble.  Wow, look at that tapping.  She’s quite the dancer.  No doubt about it.  And when you heard it over and over and over you really couldn’t get it out of your head even if you wanted to.  Kinda cool black and white design to the whole thing.  She did seem kinda tough at the time.  “Oh Oh Oh”…  Can’t help it.  I’m still beboppin’ to this song.


And there ya have it!  Hope you got a chance to get a little ’80s break today and had some fun!!


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