It’s An ’80s Kind of Day Part 7

It’s that time of week again!  Bring on the ’80s!!


1. Girl You Know It’s True By: Milli Vanilli (NOT!)–or the REAL singers (Who were known as The Real Milli Vanilli?!): 3 OF THEM?–Charles Shaw, John Davis and Brad Howell:

OH THE CONTROVERSY!!!!!!!  Remember when we found out these two were not only lip syncing but THEY WEREN’T EVEN SINGING THESE SONGS AT ALL?!  Blasphemy I tell you!  And as I watch this I don’t understand what was so great about these two anyway.  Hilarious since they’re awful lip syncers too.  And what is with the horribly fake conversation in the beginning of the song in this video?  Honestly, the best thing these guys did was swing “their” hair around and around.  I’ll admit I kinda liked ’em a bit back then and the songs were very catchy (in the drive you crazy kinda way).  I still swear the voice we’re hearing is saying, “I’m in love with TWO girls” but what do I know?  Oh she is tellin’ him!!  Look at her go!  Oh and I’m just LOVING the leggings.  What the heck?  Holy huge shoulder pads.


2. Love Is a Battlefield By: Pat Benatar

Such a cool woman and so tough!  Love IS a battlefield isn’t it?  That’s what I remember when I was a youth.  Have you seen her lately?  She looks pretty darn good.  Awesome.  She just starts singing on a bus.  I hope they all join in.  Hmm.  Does she look young enough to be their daughter?  I think not.  Uh oh.  Looks like she’s gonna get in some trouble.  Look at those rad outfits she’s wearing.  That’s weird.  I remember this song had a rougher edgey sound to it than it sounds now.  Doesn’t have as much “mmph” as I remember.  I LOVE THE PART WHERE SHE DANCES with what seems like an army of women!  My favorite part big time!  Feels like she is telling him how it is!  Funny.  It reminds me of the dancing in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


3. Enjoy the Silence By: Depeche Mode

You know, I still love this song.  In fact, I think I like it more now.  However, not so sure about the video.  Is he supposed to be a king?  The scenery is so beautiful, though.  It’s really a powerful message.  Only since I’ve grown older have I understood what “silence” might mean to me.  OK now what is he carrying?  So tell me, would a king sit in a chair like that measly thing??  I DOUBT IT!  What’s with all the flashes on the group in black and white?  Kind of annoying and not needed.  I want to walk where he’s walking.  Looks amazing.  Wow he sure does cover a lot of ground in a short time as he sings the song.  Looks like a lot of sitting and walking to me.  Where’s the relaxing part?  Are they frowning at us enough in the band shots?  What I’ve learned from this video: he has got to be really tired from all that walking.  I’m just sayin’.


4. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You By: Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine

I had her album.  Yep I did.  I really enjoyed it too.  I cracked up when I saw the words they’re chanting in the beginning were something like, “Yah Yay Go”.  OK then.  Whatever that means.  What is with all that tinsel stuff on her?  I can’t help it.  That “sexy” look she’s giving the camera while she hits that big drum is kinda scaring me.  Somebody really needs to clean out her hair or something.  OK Phew.  Enter the big hair.  WHAT THE?!  What is with the weird tribal guy dude in the audience?  Just a bit out of place?  The band sure does look like they’re having fun!  I wonder if the rhythm is gonna get me?


5. My Prerogative By: Bobby Brown

Bobby Bobby Bobby.  I guess you sure did think everything was your prerogative huh?  I think I heard this as a teenager and really wanted to tell everyone everything was my prerogative and that that would mean everyone would leave me alone or something.  Ha!  Yeah right.  Wow.  He really did think he was ALL THAT didn’t he?  He broke away from New Edition and was telling everyone he was gonna be IT right?  Hmm.  Everybody get ready for the whopping grand entrance onto the stage…Love the flat top hair or whatever the heck that hairstyle was back then.  What is with all the pelvis gyrations?  My goodness.  OK.  Who thinks this song is too long?  Raise your hand.


Woo hoo!  I got it done!  I didn’t think I was going to finish today’s Blog because I’ve been sooooo busy all day.  This is one theme I really look forward to.

Have fun ’80s-ing it up!

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