It’s an ’80s Kind of Day Part 2

I need some zig in my zag, some zap in my zip.  I’m feeling kinda drained and I need a pick-me-up!  Who’s in for some more good ole ’80s music?  Nothing like a walk down memory lane to getcha goin’.

1. Get Into the Groove By: Madonna

I totally forgot this was a song from the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”!  Watching clips of it in the video reminds me how messed up that movie was and just how much I loved it!  I wanted to be cool like Madonna too!  This song holds a lot of memories for me because it was the first song on a cassette tape that I used to record the “cool” Boston radio station way back when (hmm–I was only 8 so you can do the math) and I can still very clearly remember the DJ saying “I’ll prove it.  I’ll prove it.” and now it is still a part of the song for me.  I always have to say it out loud or in my head.  Pretty funny.  And it also was the song my lovely cousin and I did a music video to at one of our old favorite haunts, Hampton Beach, NH.  Hey, New Hampshire peeps, do they still record music videos there?  And don’t tell anyone but I still have the VHS of it here.

2. Mr. Roboto By: Styx

So many memories with this one!  My sister and I would play this on the jukebox at our favorite pizza joint as kids and I don’t remember if we danced but I bet we did!  We still go back and forth with “Domo Domo” (is that even the right spelling?)  and “Secret secret I’ve got a secret.” sometimes.  And I hate to break it to you but he says he’s Kilroy!  Kilroy.  Kilroy.  Watching the video I’m impressed with the theatrical lighting and I didn’t know you actually saw him!  And look, there are a bunch of them!  Is the man he becomes/or actually IS wearing a full purple/pink body suit?  Too much!

3. Shout By: Tears for Fears

Another one with lots of fun memories attached to it.  My sister and I used to sing this in the backseat of the car, no actually I believe we would SHOUT it.  Go figure.  I mean, that was the name of the song after all.  So much fun!  And look at that mouth!  You know, these two brothers say they’re talking to me so do they want me to shout or talk?  I’m so confused!  Listening to the words and seeing the video I realize how deep the song really is.  Weird.  Guess I was too busy shouting before.

4. I Love Rock n’ Roll By: Joan Jett

I wanted to be as cool as Joan Jett!  A true ’80s classic if there ever was one.  Who doesn’t love rock n’ roll now because Joan Jett said she did?  Will you just put another dime in the jukebox baby?  Or would it be a dollar now?  Are there even jukeboxes?  And hey it’s a black and white video so it’s even cooler.  Look at her black hair and loads of black eyeliner!  She was so cool!  (Apparently this is not the original recording of the song but I’ll forgive her.)

5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go By: Wham!

Oh George Michael and that other guy Andrew.  It’s not a true ’80s list without adding you I tell ya.  How can you not love the white outfits?  The background peeps are wearing white shirts that say “Go-G0” (how cute) and he and that other guy are wearing a shirt that says, “Choose Life”.  Hmm.  Interesting.  Not sure what that has anything to do with the song.  I sure have missed the rolled-up sleeves style.  The next outfit kinda scares me with those shorts.  Just sayin’.  And what is with those yellow non-glove things???  He just startled me.  Seriously, will someone just take him dancin’ tonight?  He’s obsessed.  And one last word because it has tons of relevance, “Jitterbug”.

Alrighty!  Did you have fun?  I totally did!  I mean, it was so rad!  Join in the fun!  Share your favorites!

I think this is becoming a regular thing…

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2 thoughts on “It’s an ’80s Kind of Day Part 2

  1. Kappa Curran

    I’m going to add Debbie Gibson’s “Only in My Dreams” to this already fantastic list. I always tried to get my baby fine hair to do that bang-poof thing and never could get it to stay up. But I’m still loving the polka dot gloves!

    • Nahleen

      Hi Kappa!
      Yay! Thanks for commenting! Great addition to my list! Gotta love Debbie! I’m guessing love was only in her dreams. Awesome polka dot gloves and you know her hairstylists worked very hard on her hair. Aww the hair bang poof! Those were the days. I know my bed is on the beach too and kinda turned away from the ocean. Totally normal!

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