ME Day!

It’s Friday and it looks like a ME Day is in order.

Who is ME? Well I’m ME. Nahleen Blake is ME.

I’ve had quite a week and I am worn out. I’m thankful that I’m not feeling nearly as crappy as I did last Friday so I’m gonna go with that idea to inspire ME to “want” to take even more care of ME. I gotta catch up with ME. I also know my multiple sclerosis and lupus will be thrilled not to be pushed so hard by ME.

It’s time to rest and do what I wanna do. Gonna try not to overextend myself and do only what I gotta do to sustain life and health only. Not gonna push it. Not gonna write a long Blog. Just gonna do and be ME. (I guess that means I get lazy with my English and use words like “wanna”, “gotta” and “gonna” too.)

I’ve learned over the years that it is so very important to have a ME Day. If I don’t spend time with ME then I don’t know myself anymore and I get very drained, resentful and blah.

So ME what do you want to do today? Watch movies? Watch TV shows? Read a book? Listen to music? Love Cleo Kitty? Just be?

My world is free! Have fun ME!

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