What Do You Do To De-Stress?

Feel free to share. I’m always looking for ways to relax, breathe and get rid of icky stress. Here’s what I’ve come up with in no special order:

1. Take a walk.
2. Love my kitty.
3. Be outside.–Now this gets really tricky because I have to be careful of sun exposure (lupus) and of getting too hot (multiple sclerosis).
4. Look at the sky.
5. Spend time with my plants.
6. Buy myself some flowers.
7. Guided imagery.
8. Meditate.
9. Acupuncture and acupressure.
10. Rock out to music.
11. Chill with music.
12. Dance.
13. Put my Hulk Hands on and punch walls.–Not recommended with unstable walls and with other living beings.
14. Laugh.
15. Do my special bath soak that includes quiet music and muscle soak bath salts.
16. Create with my hands.–bake, draw, write, color.
17. Explore.
18. Be in a really dark room.
19. Watch the right kind of movie at the right time.
20. Read the right kind of book at the right time.
21. Watch the right kind of TV show at the right time.
22. Bang drums on Beatles Rock Band.
23. Talk with others.
24. Get out.
25. Find a spiritual path and try to stay on it as long as I’m not trying too hard.
26. Spend time with loved ones.
27. Give myself nothing to do.
28. Exercise–sometimes.
29. Write Blogs–apparently.
30. Take care of me.
31. Watch live music.
32. Listento the right kind of music at the right time.
33. Theatre/Improv shows.
34. Going to Corey’s shows.
35. Corey and Cleo time.
36. Travel–if I’m feeling up to it.
37. Connections with others.
38. Play with Cleo Kitty.

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Do To De-Stress?

  1. You know, reading this, I get the idea you’re into cats. Or at least A cat. 😉

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